Saturday, 22 December 2012

Welcome to Ex Scientologist

This website was created for people who are involved in Scientology and are questioning that involvement, for people who are considering getting involved with Scientology and who are researching it and for those who are seeking more information about the church, perhaps for personal reasons or because they have family members or friends who are involved.

This website was created by people who have spent many years involved with the church - by people who knew L. Ron Hubbard personally, by Ex Sea Org members, ex Class V staff and by the public who spent years and many thousands of dollars going "up the Bridge". This site is mainly their stories, their experiences, their reflections of their time spent in Scientology. There are also other sections devoted to the many books and essays that have been written about the church over the last 50 years, informative videos and documented evidence regarding L. Ron Hubbard and his true life story.

The majority of personal stories on this site come from the attached message board - the Ex Scientologist Message Board. Feel free to take a look at the board for more chat and discussion threads regarding people's experiences in Scientology.

This website is not an "anti - Scientology" site, but more a site that tells the other side of the Scientology story - the side that the church doesn't want you to know about. Scientology's PR machine portrays the Church as a humanitarian organisation which wants to "save the world". Those who have been involved with the Church have had many experiences that are counter to that PR and it is important that the other side of the story be told.

We hope to give people enough information to make an informed decision regarding their involvement in Scientology. Many, many people admit to feeling that "something isn't quite right" while in the church, but could never really put their finger on what it was. We hope that this site enables a person to find out for themselves why they feel that way, and to gain an understanding that it is not "just them". Many thousands of people have left Scientology over the years for very similar reasons. Read on to find out why.

Scientology heavily discourages its members from reading anything other than the standard church PR. If you are questioning your involvement in Scientology, one question you could ask yourself is "why is the church are so afraid of its members reading 'entheta'?" The standard line from the church is that "it messes up your case". Is this true or are they just afraid of people learning the truth?

You decide.




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