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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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Some of the places L. Ron Hubbard found his "technology".

LRH PR 'tech' is exactly the same as Dale Carnegies 'How to win friends'. LRH reckons Dale Carnegie will "make you sick".

Ernest Holmes (to me) was LRH's main reference point for an organised religion (among others like Madame Blavatsky's Theosophy) that offered self improvement courses (cheap ones!) ernestholmes.wwwhubs.com/ : Look at a picture of Ernest and tell me you don't think he influenced LRH.

William Walker Atkinson (aka Theron Q.Dumont) was another. Used to teach procedures for focusing the mind. Like TR's. http://williamwalkeratkinson.wwwhubs.com

Thomas Troward was the main originator of contemporary metaphysics and influenced all these guys. http://thomastroward.wwwhubs.com Troward discussed the idea of an electronic thought detector 100 years ago.

Ralph Waldo Emerson was the American equivalent of Thomas Troward and a big influence on 'American Success Literature'. His prose is a bit harder to interpret given the time it was written. Brilliant man all the same.

In Hubbard's time there was a huge amount of these 'New Thought' writers who would give seminars and talks over a day or two in community halls etc. They were entertaining and brilliant men and women. My favorite is Neville Goddard http://nevillegoddard.wwwhubs.com/

Route To Infinity is a complete re-write (in the usual impenetrable LRH prose) of these teachings. ie. To create the life you want you must visualise/imagine it to be so already and forces come into play to bring the vision to actuality.

The Law Of Psychic phenomena by Thomson Jay Hudson (1893) seems to be the contemporary start point for all ideas about Subconscious/Conscious mind analogies. He called it Subjective/Objective mind. He was prior to Freud as far as I can work out. Bit of a tome but fascinating. Reading this book furthered my understanding of what exactly has happened to the mind of a Scio on the OT levels and how the run up the bridge programs the subconscious for a smorgasbord of silliness.

If you read Thomson Jay Hudson, you may just come to the very scary and liberating realisation that even LRH's 'Reactive' and 'Analytical' mind premise is completely wrong and that a very big house has been built on sand.

Don't believe me though. Find out for yourself. Deconstuct the lie and rebuild your big beautiful new life.

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