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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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Changes to Nerve Assist HCOB

There was this one issue, got compiled and issued around 1987 about the Nerve Assist. OK, the FIRST (prior to 1987) Nerve Assist reference that I had seen had a different direction on the nerve channels. The PDC lecture I listened to about flows around the body confirmed the ORIGINAL Nerve Assist reference. When I was on the RPF earlier, I had the opportunity to talk to Rich Gilbert, who was X CST staff and an OT8, Class 9.

He told me that the DETERMINING FACTOR back when the new reference was made, was a VIDEO set tape from the Gold Film Crew's fist attempt at the TR-10 Assists Film. This VHS tape showed someone getting a nerve assist. I think it was Felix Hackenburg as the PC/Actor. Apparently "LRH HAD SEEN AND APPROVED" this video tape. So... the Nerve Assist HCOB was changed in 1987 to conform.

Also, on the RPF, I had the opportunity to get nerve assists daily from Jean D., an older Scientologist, and she had drilled and practised the FIRST ISSUE. I was able to tell the difference. That the way Jean did it actually worked on my chronic back pain and that was what was in the ORIGINAL issue. Imagine me discovering that nerve assists could actually help with my back pain. It had given me some hope... except that later, I wasn't allowed to get this kind of nerve assist because it was "squirrel" and "not per the HCOB". End of hope.

So, I wrote a letter, while on the RPF, to the Snr CS INt office and I told them this: That IF the original Nerve Assist bulletin was indeed changed to match the video tape (apparently approved by LRH), that it needed to get CHANGED BACK TO THE ORIGINAL WAY. Because LRH DID NOT SEE THAT SET TAPE! Someone VERBALLY said LRH had seen that tape, but there was nothing in writing about it. There was no LRH submission file with his VWD on it.

I knew that from having done a whole project myself of viewing old video tapes to find out which ones needed to get sent to CST/ARchives for preservation. Any tapes with his voice on them, evidence he was on the set that day, anything LRH, were considered "LRH Originals", Also any VHS tapes THAT HAD A SUBMISSION Folder and a resultant despatch back from LRH about it. I had never seen an LRH despatch about that one TR 10 shot of a nerve assist. It was just a set tape and they did it wrong! Someone even revised the script. The original TR 10 Script had the Orignally issued way of doing Nerve Assists.

In my letter to the Snr CS Int Office, I suggested verifying everything I had just said and getting that HCOB Corrected because it dramatcially lessened the effectiveness of Nerve Assists to follow the flows around the body incorrectly. Done correctly, it handled "standing waves" amazingly well. I also cited the PDC lecture about the flows around the body and some pages out of Grey's Anatomy about nerve channels. NO ONE ANSWERED MY LETTER. NO ONE DID ANYTHING. Here was some bit of "tech" that "worked" for me and I could do nothing to keep it that Way!

Another reference that wasn't used properly was the HCOB Physically Ill PCs and PreOTs. There is a mandate for a full physical, plus head to toe exrays for PCs who are having trouble , or are failed cases. But NO, it didn't every get fully used because medical care was too expensive. Better to make someone think that all their aches and pains ARE their case only.

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