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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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The Rhodesia Story

This was told to me by the brother of the guy who was in Rhodesia with Hubbard in 1966. As to whether it is totally true or not, I will never know, but the two brothers were very dour, humourless management consultants from Manchester. I cannot think of any reason to doubt their story.

As you know, Hubbard was usually very down on anyone who thought they had been a famous person in a past life. Except him, of course.

Hubbard firmly believed he was Cecil Rhodes in his previous life. In fact, one of the main reasons he went to Rhodesia was to try and discover where Rhodes had hidden his treasure. (This treasure hunting was a theme through Hubbard's later life).

Cecil Rhodes was an outrageous homosexual in his day. In order to get into the "mindset" of Rhodes, Hubbard had to take on his attributes. this is rather ironic, considering Hubbard's intolerance of gay men and women.

He got a house out in the bush, very near the Rhodesian side of the Victoria Falls. The brother in Rhodesia (We shall call him JOE) was conscripted as Hubbard's gofor. There was no telephone and one job Joe did was to arrange a land line to be installed across 40 miles of open bush.

Hubbard was networking very closely with the Rhodesian Government, led by Ian Smith, Hubbard was looking to create a safe territory for Scn.

In order to get into the part of Rhodes, Hubbard apparently used to dress up in a kaftan, turban, embroidered slippers and used a long art-deco cigarette holder. He also apparently used face rouge.:  

Joe drove down to the house one day and Hubbard opened the door. 

Joe was gobsmacked. He suddenly remembered something in the car and was around the side of the house doubled over with hysterical laughter. Christ, what the hell is going on here!!

Anyway, Joe composes himself and tries to go back in again. It took three attempts to control the laughter.

In the house Hubbard is mincing about the place and Joe is ramming his nails into his hand to stop bursting out laughing. Hubbard is talking about his plans to find the treasure and also how his networking is going.

After a while Joe has to leave and quickly drives away, only to stop about one mile up the road, convulsed in laughter and now becoming rather worried about what he has become involved in.
A few days later Hubbard is in Bulawayo meeting with top officials and meets up with Joe. Everything is normal. Nothing is said about the incident.

This goes on for a few months, Joe down at the house, Hubbard all dressed up, still no idea about where the treasure is buried. Interestingly enough, nothing was ever mentioned to me about any drugs or stuff. There was plenty of drinks, also no reference to any upper level research.Hubbard invited dignatories down to the house on several occasions, where he entertained them well.

However, one day one of Ian Smith's men called by unannounced. Hubbard, decked out in all his finery, opened the door.! The look on the man's face must have been priceless!!  

Within a couple of days Hubbard's visa was revoked and he was out of the country. He arrived back at London Airport to an organised welcoming crowd.

It was not long after this that the troubles started with Scientologists coming into the country.

Ian Smith had been in secret talks with the British Government over the resolution of Rhodesia's breakaway independence action. I personally have no doubt that Hubbards escapades in Rhodesia were fully mentioned at that time and that they may well have triggered the govermnent clampdown on Scn activities in the UK.

Hubbard gave a talk on Rhodesia. Obviously he said nothing about what really went on. Instead he went on about OT's needing to work together, how they could not succeed alone. For Hubbard, the Rhodesia incident became a closed book.

I asked Joe one day about Rhodesia and all he would say was "Don't get me started on that" (said laughingly).

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