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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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Ethics Conditions - The full story

In October 1965 (or thereabouts) Hubbard gave a lecture entitled The Five Conditions. Actually it was a very good lecture and the date he imparted is as valuable today as it was then.

However, in Las Palmas in 1967 we began to develop and apply the lower conditions, this was something NONE of you would ever want to experience.

I should say that with the extreme savagery of the lower conditions applied, the proportionate amount of rewards were bestowed if you hit the upper conditions (trouble is, no one ever did).

This was exactly as the term implies. You did not exist. You had no rights at all. You could not have a right to a bunk or bedding, you had no right to any of the food, you had no right to any liberty, you had no right to ANYTHING on the ship. This included water.

If the cook felt compassionate, she might round up some plate scrapings (literally) after the rest of the crew had been fed. You worked your normal shift hours, 08;30 to 22;00 hours, after which, in your own time you had to perform an amends project. This usually meant chipping and repainting a small room, a task that would take 6-8 days. You did this in your own time, so you could expect to go without sleep and any proper food for that period.

I am not joking or exaggerating any of this. This is the way it was.

However, Hubbard did not take into account the number of ways intuition and neccessity came in so that we could survive. Usually there were only one or two people in Non Existence, the rest of the crew sometimes sliding into emergency or Danger.

Roger Buckeridge and myself were assigned to chip and repaint the aft "head" (toilet). Well after an allnight session of work and another full day of toil (115 degrees at noon), we decided to give some payback. So we waited until the officers had gone to bed and the ship settled down (we were up on a slipway)
and we got some chipping hammers. The head was right above the officers ward room. BANG BANG BANG we started. After qbout 30 seconds someone screamed up "Go to bed"! So we got some sleep. The next night we did the same. Again same result.

Yvonne Gillham had been assigned Non Existence and was in a fairly distressed state. Her partner Haskell had been the one who had assigned her that condition. Her job was to chip and repaing an old rib-style radiator. All she had was a file and it was going to take weeks to do. So, we got her to sit at the top of the gangway leading to the officer's quarters and take the file and rattle it back and forth along the ribs until she was told to go to bed.

I remember one night sitting there in the early hours in all the dirt, dust and heat, working with Roger. All of a sudden, out of the gloom came Virginia Downsborough, the cook, with a covered tray. On it were a cold roast chicken and 4 cans of TAB, nicked from Hubbard's private stores. It was an iconic moment.


Only one person ever got assigned this condition. That was Anton James. He was thrown off the ship. along with all his possessions and had to build a shelter on the dock, just like the homeless. He lived under a makeshift tent cover made from old canvas scraps. When it rained he had to shelter in the toilet block. He was ostracised, denied any and all contact with the ship and given a monumental amends prioject that took him several weeks. He had no money and had to beg from the local dock workers for food and water.

Hubbard soon realised that this sort of treatment could not be handed out to the org staff or public, so he decided to water it right down to where it was in the 1970's.


If a person was assigned affluence, then they were promised a brand new uniform, pay bonuses, lots of liberty etc.

Power was never really discussed, but I think some of the crew thought a new car might be the reward.

Why did all this happen to those on the Sea Project?

We all worked and lived at a very high action level. We were turning all sorts of abilities. I Peyer moving his hand across the table and making a paseta coin move. Others could drop a ping-pong ball and make it veer off, just by intending it.

Hubbard, of course, addled by his chemical ingestion could not do these things and seeing people exhibit abilities far beyond his, he went absolutely nuts.

We had nothing to do with organisations, having left them behind to be run by a management staff.

As the frist reports came in from the first mission sent out (to St Hill), Hubbard burst into tears. He realised that his long time confidente, Reg Sharpe had refused to put up with Hubbard's ionsanities any more and had spoken out against him.

Hubbard then had to destroy the Sea Project, so he created the Sea Org which let in all and anyone who wanted to join. The Sea Project was an elite group. all were Briefing Course grads, all were clear (except one), all had worked on staff and had a proven record of success on post. Membership was by invitation only snd all details were kept secret.

Another thing that came out of this was Hubbard's decision that the orgs should no longer accept any responsibility for their product. Up until then, before a person could complete an action, it had to be checked out on Qual.

After this, with the advent of the OT3 - OT6 courses, the attestation line came in. That is where the whole show, that was already on the slide, really came off the rails.

The lower conditions were dished out like confetti. Dealing with them was an easy process and one sure way of ensuring a quick lifting of a condition was a trip to the registrar.

To say that that period was a harrowing time would be an understatement. However, we survived and won at it. We defeated the insanity and made huge personal case gains from prevailing.

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