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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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Mary Sue Hubbard, third wife of L. Ron Hubbard, died on November 25th, 2002, at 5:25PM. She was born in Milam County, Texas, on June 17th, 1931, to Ms. Mary Cathrine Hill and Mr. Harry Whipp. She died from metastatic breast carcinoma with pulmonary complications. She died in her place of residence on Chislehurst Drive, Los Angeles, California. Her death was not reported to the coroner. The body was cremated.

Mary Sue Hubbard is best known as the director of the Scientology corporation's Guardians Office: the department within the Scientology business that committed crimes and human rights abuses, and that is now called the Office of Special Affairs.

In 1979 Ms. Hubbard and ten other top Scientology management officials were tried in a court of law (Criminal Case No. 78-401 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA v. MARY SUE HUBBARD, et al.) and convicted by uncontested stipulation of brazen, systematic and persistent burglaries of United States Government offices in Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, California, over an extended period of at least some two years.

Crimes included the harboring of a fugitive; the forceful kidnapping of a federal witness; submitting false evidence to the Grand Jury; destroying other evidence which might have been of valuable aid to the Grand Jury's investigation; preparing a cover-up story; and encouraging and drilling a crucial witness to give false testimony under oath to that Grand Jury.

Crimes also stipulated and uncontested were: infiltration and theft of documents from a number of prominent private national and world organizations, law firms and newspapers; the execution of smear campaigns and baseless law suits to destroy private individuals who had attempted to exercise their First Amendment rights to freedom of expression; the framing of private citizens who had been critical of Scientology, including the forging of documents which led to the indictment of at least one innocent person (Paulette Cooper); violation of the civil rights of prominent private figures and public officials.

Other defendants found guilty via uncontested stipulation were Henning Heldt; Duke Snider; Richard Weigand; Gregory Willardson; Mitchell Hermann a/k/a Mike Cooper; Cindy Raymond; Gerald Bennett Wolfe; Sharon Thomas; Morris "Mo" Budlong; and Jane Kember.

According to the second-in-command of Scientology, Jesse Prince, Ms. Hubbard was forced by from twelve to seventeen men to sign away all of her rights to Scientology copyrights, trademarks, and bank accounts for the sum of $100,000; the estimated value of the Scientology corporation was estimated to be worth from $400,000,000 to $700,000,000.

Mary Sue Hubbard's spouse, Lafayette Ronald "Ron" Hubbard, Senior, died at the age of 74 years allegedly on January 24, 1986, in his mobile home near San Luis Obispo. Mr. Hubbard, a convicted felon, spent the last dozen years of his life a fugitive from justice and died in hiding. He left behind a pseudo-religious commercial empire worth nearly one billion dollars.

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