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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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Hello, fellow Ex's. I am a new addition to this board, itching to tell you my story, which is not a harrowing one, (thank goodness) but rather a story that seems to reflect that I was in for "good Karma" when I found Dianetics in 1968. I am well aware of the fact that LRH, Scn and the SO managed to produce a heck of a lot of casualties and continue to do so, judging by the stories (many of them fairly recent under the new "leader"), and although I feel outraged by what Scn and the new SO have become, my personal story is different in that I did not have to endure the kind of abuse and suppression I keep hearing about.
I will say that I did end up in the RPF at the Fort Harrison garage, but my trip was nothing compared to what other fellows had to go through. However, here is my story, a story of someone who joined Dn, Scn and the SO with the benefit of Mankind in mind, and never motivated by "case handling".
1968, my mother's job was to translate technical materials in 6 different languages, mostly from English, French and German to Spanish. Anyway one day one of her customers, who was also a close friend of hers had just returned from a business trip in the US and brought back a book he had read while in the US and he was so taken by its content, that he wanted everyone in Mexico to read. The book was DMSMH, a book that no one had ever heard of in Mexico. His name was Hector Calderon, he was a Civil Engineer and owned a big, successfull company which was mainly a laboratory that analyzed the quality of the materials used in contruction, from houses to bridges, and eventually the Mexico City Metro, Lines One and Two. I worked for him in the quality control department.
Hector was also a Mason Grade 33 (I think that's the top of their "bridge") and possesed some serious abilities, had his own belief system but still, he thought Dianetics was something everyone should have. And Hector, amiga Bernie, was the true beginner of the Scientology movement in Mexico. So he asked my mother (her name was Issa del Campo) to tranlate the book into Spanish (a paid job), by the time my mum finished the translation, she was a changed person. Soon enough she asked me to read it which I flat out refused for a while. You know the drill, do the exact opposite to what your mother or father tell you to do! .
However I couldn't help noticing that our relationship had greatly improved, so one day, I took one of the mimeographed copies and, on the bus to work I opened it on the chapter refering to the Reactive Mind and by the time I got to work (an hour's bus ride), my world had been turned upside down, and my purpose to pass on such unbelievably wonderful knowledge to all people, was born after I had read the whole book.
Hector, having the financial resources, imported e-meters from the US and started his own little group of people, who came to his house and did Book One co-auditing. My mother got her own meter and we audited each other for a while. Soon Hector had his group going and he brought more LRH books from the US, such as Science of Survival, the Scientology Axioms,E-Meter Essentials, the Abridge Dictionary, etc, all of which my mother translated into Spanish. All of this was happening without Flag awareness or control.
By the time Hector asked us to join his group in 1969, me and Issa had already decided we wanted to disseminate outside of Hector's group, so we declined the invitation and went around the country disseminating by way of lectures and excersises deviced by Issa, lecturing on concepts such as ARC, KRC, the Comm formula etc. and then asking people to go home, practice what they had learned and come back and report the results. Many of them were illeterate campesinos and yet, sometimes they would return with their family in tow, and wanted more!! Some times we charged some token money to help our expenses, sometimes we did it for free. But our best ever payment was: we were helping people change their lives for the better!! We lived high on HELP for some considerable time. Here and there we did a bit of auditing, but we soon ran into C/Sing problems.
Hector, our source of C/Sing had decided to use hi Mason Pendulum to determine the areas the PC should be audited on by reading the worksheets, passing his pendulum over it and then telling us what to do!!! When I ran into my first R/S, that was the end of auditing for me!! We had already read something about "not mixing practices and we respected the idea. So we stuck to lecturing from there on. I was terrified of messing up someone's mind or spirit. I remember we would run out money to sustain the effort and we would go back to Mexico City, Issa would work on translations while I did some kind of work or the other, and when we had enough funds, we would go out again. It was just the two of us (my father had died years before and I was an only child) so we had no problem in that respect.
By 1970 we heard that someone had just come back to Mexico after completing OTVII and Class VIII at the Flag Ship and we thought he was as close as we could get to LRH, so we contacted him. His name was (is) Craig Defan and he lived in Guadalajara. We met him and we were in awe of his person and his knowledge of Scientology (which was not regarded as a religion at that time). Eventually we moved to Guadalajara where we rented a house and I started a business as an Electronic Technician (TV and radio repair and all that) to live off while we studied with Craig, using materials he had brough from Flag. I think he started us with the study course.
If I remember correctly, in 1972 we received a telegram from Mexico City which I think read: "Ron needs you and wants you to join the Sea Organization, Lyn and Bob Visk, Flag Mission". And an address in Mexico City. As you can imagine, we jumped at the invitation and travelled to the DF to meet them. They had, along with a GO guy named Bob Waters, rented a very nice big house in San Angel Inn (outskirts of Mexico City) and had brought two CCLA staff members (Ivonne's contribution) to be the ED and HAS. They were Val Garcia (ED) and Cathy Garcia (HAS). There were no other staff at the time we went to meet the Flag missionaires the first time. After we learned what the Sea Org was all about, we were even more convinced we wanted to be part of LRH's purpose and the 2 billion year contract seemed unimportant.
While we had been in Guadalajara we had done a lot of effective dissemination and so, after selling all of my electronic equipment and our furniture, we set off to join the SO taking with us 6 other people who were ready to follow LRH. An entire family, father, 2 daughters, one of the daughters boyfriend, a teenage son and another young man not related to the family. They were the Islas family, one boyfriend who's name I can't remember and Jean Pierre Beaumont (a Mexican French great, intelligent young man). Arturo Islas was a very spiritual man who was divorced and was left with his 3 kids. We arrived at the San Angel Inn, all in all, 8 new Sea Org members to start the SO Org in Mexico city. Me, my mother, the Islas family and the boyfriend and Jean pierre. Shortly after, the Levy family joined in we were now 10.
Instantly my mum was given the task of translating the comm course, HQS, Study Course (Suoerlit) and I can't remember what other materials required to start delivering to public. While Issa was working day and night traslating and typing, I was reproducing the packs using an old mimeo machine. At one time my mother was so exhausted she got ill and had to spend a few days in bed, recovering. At another time, when Opening Procedure By Duplication had been translated and needed to be delivered, we didn's have a proper wall, so I spent a whole night (true, not bulshit) building a six foot by six foot brick wall that could be used the next day!!! At the time, I felt there was nothing I could not do to get our Org going.
The Flag missionaires eventually left leaving Val and cathy Garcia and his wife as ED and HAS. By then I had been posted as EO, and I soon became VERY unpopular!! I'm not sure if it was before or after this that I was posted as course supervisor, but I do remember the stat pushes had already begun, making me convince students to stay sometimes all night to complete their courses (mainly HQS and Comm Course) so our stats would be up for the week (ugh). But we all loved it, staff and students (weird?)
By 1973 we had effectively touched the Mexico City population and people were reaching us. Dr. Campos, the Lan family (Sergio, Bernardo, his wife and Isaac the younger brother), a wealthy Jewish family, plus the Levy family and others were seriously in, not as staff but as public with a serious interest in seeing Scientology expand in Mexico. More and more public were coming in.
Somewhere around that time, Alberto Villada came into the scene, he had been around for some time and eventually declared. The name might be familiar to you. He was a friend of mine until he went weird. That same year I was sent to the Excalibur to do Prod 0 and other training at CCLA and there was Ricardo Garcia getting auditing at AOLA. I saw him a few times during my stay and I could always sense he was, shall we say, "not one of us" That's when he discovered he was Simon Bolivar, the Saviour. He was, at the same time, putting together his own group, aiming to take over the whole of Mexico.
Meantime, aboard the Apollo, an evaluator, who had been LRH's personal photographer was doing an evaluation on the scene in Mexico and she found me as a resource to be the CO of Organizacion de Dianetica. When I finished all my training, Grades and prod 0 and was ready to return to mexico, I was called to FOLO WUS and told of my new mission: I was to go go to back to mexico City as CO and was to "handle the hell out of Mexico" (yikes!!). I didn't know who had decided such a thing and I didn't know the Eval was faulty because the evaluator had failed to find out that I WAS NOT POPULAR with the staff. As a green but "on Source", tough EO, I had missed a lot of W/Hs on people and they plain didn't like me. Of course I didn't know this until I arrived in full uniform with whoever it was that went with with me to put me on post as CO.
By this time a few members of the Lan family had joined staff (not as SO members). Soon after i took over as CO, the entire Lan family blew! Absolutely wrong Eval!! After a few months we moved to new premises more centrally located and using the PR series I did a very big survey which, after completed and the "button" was advertised, brought in hundreds of people into the Org. It was such a wonderful thing to see someone completing the Comm Course and then come back with the whole family (sound familiar?) Here is what came out of a 2000 people survey, all properly narrowed down:" La felicidad y el futuro de tu familia dependen en tu inteligencia y tu abilidad de comunicar" ( The future and happiness of your family depends on your intelligence and ability to communicate). My God, that really did it. We were actually flooded with public.
Meantime Ricardo had come back from LA and quickly started IFA, our worst nightmare because he wanted to be be the sole source of Scientology in Mexico, had lots of money to train auditors and wanted to make lots of money. Eventually, because we did not have yet the auditing resources he had (we were a SO unit with limited financial resources to send people for training) he started his campaign of advertising better services and we started to decline. At the end of 1974 i became unable to communicate with my seniors at FOLO WUS, could not report starts or get advice. At that time our AG (Kit Teele) told me confidentially that LRH and Flag had moved ashore to Clearwater and maybe I should take a trip over there to re-establish the comm lines. And so I did.
When I arirved at the Flag Lan Base in CW, Cathy Rinder was in charge of running Mexico. They didn't know what to do with me to begin with. They were bewildered that I had just showed up at the then still "secret" location of Flag LOL. I was berthed at the Fort Harrison in the meantime, I guess they hadnt figured out if I should be shipped back to Mexico or not. Me, the first thing I did was to go around asking questions to find out who was the idiot Evaluator who had sent me on a mission to hell!! While on FEBC course one day someone told me the name of the Flag evaluator who had done the eval that chose me as CO Mexico. That was a thrill, to say the least. I intended to blast that person out of the universe for what he/she had put me through. I was fucking furious and I wanted to tell that person how incompetent and stupid his/her action had been.
I eventually found this person one night at the Lemon Tree in the Fort Harrison. I asked around for the name to someone and I was directed to a table where she was sitting having a cofee. I was a complete stranger to this Flag Ship old timer. I approached her table and said: I'm blank and you sent me to mexico city to be the CO She looked blank and said, hello. She said she was Maude. Maude had previously been LRH's personal photographer on board the Apollo, previous to becoming and evaluator Then I sat down and proceeded to harass her about how she had sent me to hell, etc, and we talked about it into the night. We met again a few times, trying to post-mortem the whole issue.
Later on, they moved me to one of the cabanas around the Fort Harison Poo and one night I had this dream: an incredible bright light was shining upon me, then someone having a shower (??) and the next day I walked to Maude and asked her to marry me. We were married for ten years after that. Ricardo's visit to Flag, where he convinced Cathy Rinder I should not be put in charge of Mexico because I was a" low class Mexican and would not be accepted as a leader" clinched it all out for me, so over the next 7 years as org manager, Evaluator, Missionaire, till 1981 when we blew Clearwater I never had anything to do with Mexico (thank goodness). That's my Mexico time track.
My track at the FLB was to be Org manager and evaluator between 1974 and 1981. I was org manager for WUS, EUS and at one time I was manager to to all the "Forming Orgs" around the world. Sometime in the late 70's I was appointed Flag Land Base programmes manager reporting directly to LRH (monitored by the CMO CW, of course), got a few bonuses for getting the FSO's GI up to one million a week, went on rice and beans when the GI dropped bellow the million, etc, and eventually hit the RPF while my stats were in affluence, because Vicky Aznaran and Jeannie Williamson REALLY didn't like me!!. While I was in the RPF, there was an international amnesty called for by the old man (I think) and I just walked out of the RPF and reported to duty at the IMO HCO.
Sometime in 1981, while I was back being an Evaluator and my wife (now ex but still my best friend), Mike Rinder (on mission from Int) approached me and said I was very valuable and would I like to join LRH over at the "rainbow". All I have to do was to give up my wife Maude because she was needed at a high Tech area and if I wanted to join LRH I would have to stop being "2D oriented". It was 1 o'clock in the morning when he said that to me at the old Bank building where the IMO was. I then went to our room, I was tottally disgusted at the way Mike had tried to bribe me, told maude about it and within an hour we had packed our stuff in our car and we were off for good.
I blew Flag in 1981 with my wife. We went to Washington DC and lived with my inlaws for a while. We felt we were in some kind of limbo. The SO had been our life, for Maude many years alongside the "Commodore" on the ship, for me 13 years of commitment to the Human Race. It was not easy to face being out of the "fold".
While we were in DC, someone from SMI tracked us down and wanted us back. We said no, we were going to Mexico to spend time with my mother, the she said would we be willing to salvage a mission while we werre in Mexico and then come back to the SO (we had not been declared by then). We said yes, went to mexico, did a hell of a job salvaging the mission, then came back to LA (Cedars) and went in to handle the paperwork to re join the SO. While were were in the middle of it, a Goldenrod was handed to us, an SP delaclare by the the CW CMO. We promptly left and completely abandoned any idea of being back to the SO.
If there is any interest, there are two more episodes of this very common and probably uninteresting story. The answer to the silent question: Are in or out is......No, we are free birds, and we have nothing to do with anything connected to the CofS, SO or any spinoffs.
Furthermore, here is my real name: Alex castillo.
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