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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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Discovering Scientology’s Greatest Secrets & Why I Was Silenced

Part One by Creed J. Pearson
(Also Issued as Creed Pearson’s Doubt Formula And Suppressive Person Declare)

I have lost three children that I have loved and nurtured for two decades, as a result of the church’s policy of "disconnection". I am hopeful that this report is passed along and one day reaches them, so that they will learn the truth of why I have been silenced.

I began Scientology in 1979 and formally left the organization in February 2005. For brevity, let’s start with where I began to look and move forward to how I arrived at the truth.

I arrived at Flag (the main technical delivery center in Clearwater, Florida) as a grade IV completion (one step away from Clear – a being without his own reactive mind). I was given the message right before my first Dianetics session that, “the case supervisor just wants to check a few things on your grades first before you can begin.”

This turned out to be a falsehood. I wound up burning up $60,000 of unnecessary auditing (counseling) and was only getting ready to finish the second lowest of the five levels that I had already completed. Frustrated, I walked out. The actions had clearly been out-tech (nonstandard procedure).

Two weeks later Inspector General Network Bulletin Number 39, entitled “Your Progress to OT (Arbitraries Cancelled)” Dated 6 June 99 came out and stated what I had been saying all along. "Moving one down the bridge instead of up is wrong."

Flag was inundated at the time with auditors coming in to do their “golden age of tech” training. I had lots of money on account and there were auditors (counselors) who needed people for the grades. It was an effort to procure new public to audit. Why bother with it when there were people like me that had money on account already? In my mind, that was why there were arbitraries. Once all the auditors were trained, Religious Technology Center (RTC) could stop cannibalizing pre-existing Flag public and move on, hence “Arbitraries Cancelled.”

Needless to say, I was a bit upset at being programmed almost all the way down the bridge, especially when I had previously obtained all the end phenomenon (desired results) of the grade levels in Tampa and had worked damn hard at it. I had wasted nearly $60,000 at Flag (the main technical center, also called “The Mecca of Technical Perfection”); the money was spent on needless actions, protests, and on in-session cramming. I was to waste another $50,000 or more on unnecessary actions in the years to come.

The bulletin “Arbitraries Cancelled” was to me an incomplete liability formula on RTC’s part. Recognition of not doing one’s job or being guilty of betrayal after trust is only the first step of taking responsibility. There was never any second step taken. This step is “amends” (making up the damage). Thus, it was rip-off exchange. This is the exchange of con men and criminals.
Of course, per L Ron Hubbard, all upsets stem from missed withholds {hidden transgression}. So I was “the who,” not anyone else.

Eventually I returned only to have more out-tech and arbitrary sec checks a few years later. In between this I managed to actually do what I came to do. I completed the false purpose rundown for the third time, went “Clear”, and finished L-11, a high level costing between $8,000 and $10,000 an intensive (a 12 ½ hour block of time). Finally, I took a break. I was away for a while.

One day, I decided to come in for a briefing by my C/S (case supervisor, the guy who looks over the counseling reports). The briefing was only two minutes long. It was really just a means to get me back in session. After the briefing, I had a Director of Processing (D of P) interview on the e-meter (a device where one holds a soup can in each hand and a small electric current is passed through one’s body. The meter’s needle shows electrical resistance. There are various needle reactions that occur when one is interviewed). Anyway, I had my wedding ring on at the time. Rings can cause false undesirable needle reactions called “rock slams” (slashing wild uncontrolled needle reactions). Whether this happened or not, I do not know. Rock Slams are supposed to indicate evil intentions.

The Director of Processing had not checked my hands, as per standard procedure. I didn’t notice the ring on my finger until I was driving home. My ring is tight and requires a tremendous effort to take off. I always put it in my wallet during sessions. Anyway, I called straight away to let him know.

I was called in the next day for an interview and again I told them that he had forgotten to check my ring finger. For some reason he may not have relayed this information - or perhaps the C/S didn’t care. So, I began a round of security checks. Scientology's 'security check' is done using an E-meter. This procedure is not confidential. They can pass it on to whomever. There is no priest pentient confidentiality...Hubbard used such data for control,

It is possible that someone in the church wanted data on my brother Jimmy, who had concurrently left the Sea Org. He had been on the Rehabilitation Force program for three years.

The auditor and C/S were never satisfied that I was clean and kept on with endless auditing. These sec checks were supposed to handle the “black PR.” resulting from me being upset with RTC. The only problem was, at that time, I wasn’t spreading any black PR.

I eventually withdrew from my last session and told my auditor that I had enough out-tech and arbitraries and advised her to put a red tag {meaning session did not end well} on my folder. I stated that the last month of auditing was totally unnecessary and out-tech. All that would have been needed is to have gone over any concerns in a D of P interview. I started to get up to leave and my auditor insisted that we finish the session. So, we did.

The next day I was given a statement from the C/S “We understand that you do not agree with this programming and that you find it unnecessary. We are therefore going to audit you on a different program.” I said, “listen, I have been telling you for weeks that I only came in to hear the C/S. It was never my intention to come here for auditing. That I had a wedding ring on my finger during my D of P interview, was never acknowledged.”

I later returned to Flag and was put on an ethics program. I had to listen to "The State of Man Congress" for the fourth time. While listening, I noticed significant out-points. One in particular can be found on page 70 of the 1992 transcript, copywriter by L Ron Hubbard Library. In the tape entitled "Zones of Control and Responsibility of Governments" Ron lectures the following:
"I remember vividly when I charged up Bunker Hill - just - what's this all about? I was going to withold that."
"No, my overt act (crime, contra-survival action) against the American Government comes about with killing your favorite general, fellow by the name of Prescott, in the Battle of Breeds Hill, 1775. I wasn't even a combatant. The rebels made a mistake of killing a friend of mine who was part of the British troops."

Now here is the problem. The glossary of that same issue on page 153 states, "Prescott: William Prescott (1726-1795) American soldier in the Revolutionary War (1775-1783). He was commander of a body of men that were ordered to fortify Bunker Hill. Prescott, however, decided to fortify Breeds Hill since it commanded the town more effectively. As soon as the British saw the Americans in position on the morning of June 17, 1775, they opened fire, especially training their muskets on Prescott himself. Several bullets pierced his clothing but he paid no attention to them. His extraordinary coolness under fire inspired his men, and he is remembered as the major hero of the battle. See also Bunker Hill in this glossary. No, my overt act against the American government comes about with the killing of your favorite general, fellow by the name of Prescott, in the battle of Breeds Hill, 1775 - Zones of Control and Responsibility of Governments 3 Jan. 60).

As you can see, Prescott did not die at the Battle of Breeds Hill. He didn't die until 1795, some twenty years later. In fact, he served in the Massachusetts State legislature for two terms after the war. See http://theamericanrevolution.org/people/wpscott.asp for more details. So, Hubbard’s remark was a fabrication.

When I found this out I told the Flag Ethics Officer. He looked at this for himself and jotted down a few notes. I began to get curious. I knew just where to go to find the answers to my questions - Wilhite Collectibles. It had the most esoteric of Hubbard’s works.

The Wilhites owed a favor to me. A few years ago, Colleen Wilhite had cancer and was only supposed to last two months. Her husband, Virgil approached me and begged me to give him twelve thousand dollars to save his wife's life. There was a treatment in Mexico that he wanted her to try. I gave him the twelve thousand dollars and asked nothing in return. The treatment worked. She is still alive today. Virgil, however, ironically developed cancer after his wife was cured. He died last year. Insert accommodation from Colleen.

Virgil's son Luke let me have pretty much what I wanted in exchange for helping his mother earlier. I think Virgil may have actually hidden some of these records in hopes that someday someone would find them. He was himself aware of the Church's purge of certain documents and I am sure it troubled him. In chapter 21 of the book "L. Ron Hubbard Messiah or Madman" Virgil's name is mentioned on three occasions.

He sold $65,000 worth of rare LRH artifacts to the church. Included in this was the original "Scientology 8-80” manuscript edition of 1952 where LRH claims in his own handwriting to have been a nuclear physicist. I obtained from Virgil's collection an old "All About Radiation" book where it says on the dust cover "by a Nuclear Physicist and a Medical Doctor." In truth, LRH actually failed his only physics class at George Washington University and dropped out of college after only two years. His doctorate was from a now defunct diploma mill and isn't worth the paper that it is written on. So, Virgil knew about these lies. The treasures that I managed to collect before OSA ordered Luke Wilhite not to let me look are incriminating.

The cover of the old edition of “All About Radiation” said “Written by a Nuclear Physicist and a Medical Doctor.” I knew this was untrue as LRH had actually failed his only physics class at George Washington University and had dropped out of school after only two years.
Among the archives was the “TRS Remodernized” Bulletin HCOB 16 August 1971RA Re-revised 4 September 1980 (TRs means training drills or training regimens). This 14 page HCOB (Hubbard Communication Office Bulletin) was included on all Professional TRs Courses as well as the Survival Rundown TRs and Co-Audit Course until 8 August 1983 when it was cancelled and the previous issue was reinstated. The issue of 4 September 1980 appears nowhere today. The issue that removed it is called HCOB of 8 August 1983 Cancellation of Issues on TRs. It stated:

"The following issues on TRs, not written by myself, are hereby cancelled:
3. HCOB 16 August 71RA Training Drills Remodernized …”

The major outpoint is that the “TRs Remodernized Bulletin of 16 August 1971RA clearly indicates that it was written by LRH. Back in the old days the author of origin’s initials always appeared at the bottom left hand corner along with who assisted in capital letters and who typed it (or the stenographer) in small capital letters. Now that is pretty interesting because the initials appearing at the bottom was LRH: dr (probably Donna Rice). So, LRH wrote it and Donna Rice typed it. Nobody assisted.

I wondered, what the hell is going on? Will the real LRH please stand up?

This question led to an extensive review. I got my hands on as much old material as I could find. I got books, bulletins, and tapes, charts, etc. I was not alone. Two other Scientologists were at Wilhite’s house looking for out-tech. We began to piece together some closely guarded secrets.

My wife was in India at the time helping with the Tsunami victims. As a result of a comment that I made to Luke Wilhite about Philadelphia Doctorate Course tape number 20 being altered in 1992, and him overhearing a discussion about out-tech he wrote it all up and sent a copy to Alphonso (the Senior Flag Ethics Officer). This report is called a KR (Knowledge Report).

The report is pretty much accurate with the exception of the last paragraph. I never worked with L Ron Hubbard. I was on the TRs Course Pilot that led to the writing of the 1980 bulletin. Supposedly LRH was reviewing videos of people on the course at that time.

I was called into Flag and was shown a copy of Luke’s report. Alphonso the main ethics officer and Heather Hoff (Senior Director of Inspection and Reports) questioned me about my motives and asked if I had been on the Internet. Alphonso specifically asked if I had read anything by Robert Vaughn Young or by Virginia McClaughry. I said no, but that I appreciated the tip and would be sure to check them out. Alphonso didn’t care for this comment and said, “Why didn’t you just come to us.” I said, “I don’t work that way. I have more hospitals under contract than anyone in my field. I audit the auditors. It’s what I do. If there is something there I want to look for myself and I’ll find it too.”

They then told me that my daughter in LA wrote me up after she had spoken to my other daughter. They did not let me see that report. My youngest daughter, my youngest daughter was contemplating joining staff in New York as opposed to going to college. I talked to her about what I was finding out in hopes that she would not join staff. She told her sister, my oldest daughter about it and my oldest daughter wrote the report.

I protested and said, "What is this, Nazi Germany?" I can’t even talk to my own children these days about their future. Come on. We were discussing college and joining staff. I told my youngest daughter that she should wait until after I had found out more before making a decision”. What right do you have to dictate what I speak of in my own home?”

They were silent, got up, handed a non-interbulation order to me, and showed me the door. This means I was thereafter forbidden to talk to anyone about what I had found out, including my family. L Ron Hubbard’s marvelous technology was about to ruin my life.

This was the case despite the fact that all such comments were true. Getting to the truth was not their concern. Thier intent was to procure my silence. Some of this information I imparted to Drew Sweet and to Steve Honke when they came over to my house to find out what was going on. I also talked to one of my daughters about it. I didn’t present it very well as I was still sorting it all out. I have heard that they all wrote reports on me.

My wife got wind of what I was up to when she landed in New York. She refused to come home. She went directly from the airport to the Church in Clearwater. She hasn’t been home since, except to gather some things, and has filed for divorce. That is a story in and of itself. It is too long to tell here.

I later returned to Wilhite’s house and had Luke listen to the 1980 PDC tape Number 20 that I owned and had him compare it to his 1992 version. Sure enough, he saw for himself the deletions. I also showed him the rest of the out-tech that he had overheard me speak of and I convinced him that I was right. Nevertheless, he told me that he could not withdraw his KR. He also told me that OSA (Office of Special Affairs) had instructed him not to let me look at any more of his father’s archives. At that time, my primary goal was to find out-tech. I was simply applying the policy “Keeping Scientology Working.” Strange that OSA wasn’t supporting this review, nor was HCO. Were they afraid to look or worse, were they hiding something?

PDC tape Number 20 says:
"This universe has long been looking for new ways to make slaves. Well, we’ve got some new ways to make slaves here. Let’s see that none are made.” “Therefore, we really do have the remedy before the assault weapon is produced. Did you ever read poor old George Orwell's 1984? Yes, yes, that's wonderful. That would be --- could be the palest imagined shadow of what a world would be like under the rule of the secret use of Scientology with no remedy in existence.”

“It's a very simple remedy. And that's - just make sure that the remedy is passed along. That's all. Don't horde it, don't hold it; and if you ever do use any Black Dianetics, use it on the guy who pulled Scientology out of sight and made it so it wasn't available. Because he's the boy who would be electing himself "The New Order". And we don't need any more new orders. All those orders, as far as I am concerned, have been filled.”

Anyway, my wife moved out, filed for divorce, and changed the phone numbers of my children so that I could not talk to them. Shortly after moving out she attended the new "Golden Age of Knowledge" event at Flag. A few days later, five boxes arrived at my house from Golden Era Productions. Contained therein were the new "Congress Lectures." I took the liberty of opening the transcript for this new version of the “State of Man Congress.” I looked at the glossary. Sure enough, the entire reference to Prescott had been removed.
How's that for the "Golden Age of Knowledge”?

I continued my research and proceeded to write up my findings, which I have not included here. These findings are lengthy and have numerous attachments. It is actually an expose’ on out-tech and reason enough for any sane person to leave the church. I also began researching other outpoints. I have saved this information and given some to others for safe-keeping in case the church ever decides to attack me as “fair game.”

Here is the fair game policy from the website “Operation Clambake. “ I have an original amongst my Scientology materials. The name “fair game” was cancelled by HCOPL 21 October 68, but the “tech” of handling enemies of the church remains unchanged to this day. Fair game means, anyone declared a suppressive person by the church may be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. He may be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed”. How’s that for religious “scripture?”

A class XII auditor that left the church recently informed me that “unauthorized expenditure” is the name of the “crime” of a pregnant Sea Org. member. Girls are encouraged to have abortions. Per LRH’s “Affirmations” written by him about 1947, which you have hopefully read at the beginning of this doubt formula, he imparted this about his first wife,

” She was always terrified of childbirth but conceived despite all precautions seven times in five years resulting in five abortions and two children.”
This assertion and others in the affirmations give credence to many of the alarming claims of Ron Jr. made in Chapter 3 of the book “Messiah or Madman.” This is quite a contrast to Ron’s views on abortion expressed in the Dianetics book.

I had been absorbed, perhaps beyond reason, in my quest to unravel whether Miscaviage acted alone after 1982 or if he had the blessings and/or direction of LRH. Norman Starkey claimed that LRH was not in the know after 1981. The ANDRE TABAYOYON AFFIDAVIT and the Robert Vaughn Young Affidavit show that Starkey was lying or at least was incorrect.

To some it may not matter if LRH had control, as he is dead anyway. To me it is vital to know this. It is key. It had to be resolved in order to answer the questions that I had. Was any tech after 1981 reliable? For that matter, was any tech prior to 1981 reliable?

I wanted to believe in the tech regardless of what L Ron Hubbard may have done in his past. I felt this way despite realizing that LRH promoted how successful the tech is on nearly every bulletin and book that he had written. I had grown weary of reading this self-promotion. Despite this, I wanted to know if the positive aspects of Scientology out-weighed the bad or vice versa.
I found many of my answers through reading LRH’s Brainwashing manual, written by him in 1955.

If one substitutes the word Scientology for Psychopolitics when reading the Brainwashing manual one can clearly see another agenda that L Ron Hubbard had. If you accept the fact that he had another agenda, namely total acceptance of his ideas, knocking out all counter-intention, and taking over the planet, then the events of the early 1980’s and beyond make sense. Per LRH the purpose of ethics is to remove counter-intention from the environment and the purpose of the Sea Org is to put ethics in on the planet. This would translate to planetary removal of counter-intention - a cleared planet.

This explains why previously abolished sec checking and disconnection policies were reinstated. These are actually control mechanisms and are harmful practices. To enable this to happen, the references as to why sec checking doesn't work were removed from the level 2 tape “What is a withhold” and the previous bulletins showing why these technologies are harmful were removed from the red and green volumes.

False purpose rundown technology was also introduced and later changed allowing a new form of security checking. Some of us had to do this rundown both ways. The definition of a floating needle was “clarified” in the year 2000 with the additive “back and forth, back and forth.” This resulted in more red-tagged sessions (sessions with poor results). The pain and sex bulletin was introduced in 1982, resulting in masturbation as a new missed withhold for those received counseling.

Also in 1982, the mission holders were hammered. Nearly half the class XII auditors left the church. Most of us thought there was a management mutiny. Few suspected that LRH could have been behind the entire process. I needed to find out if it these changes were planned by LRH or by someone else.

If planned by LRH and if successful, Bill Franks (the Executive Director and leader of the Church in 1981) and David Miscaviage (the new leader) would split the church in two. Splinter groups would form outside of the church structure to “save the tech.” These groups would battle back and forth with the mother church and as a result Scientology would grow even more. Ron’s contribution as man’s greatest friend would remain intact. Both sides, those that remained in the Church and those that left it, would immortalize his tech. As an added bonus he would stay out of jail and not face the court in the Operation Snow White scandal. All this would be done while he secretly guided the church. Brilliant. It is pure Machiavellian

On the other hand, perhaps Ron was left out of it and Miscavige only let him know what he wanted him to know, thus allowing Miscaviage to take control. Perhaps it was a blend of both.
Regardless, the use of Black Scientology can indeed make George Orwell’s 1984 World look like a pale shadow.

The Church under corrupt management poses the greatest threat to the freedom of man since the Nazi regime of 1933 to 1945. It is essentially the same threat. In the beginning, Hitler was able to free his people and give them hope and purpose. To be German was to be superior, not unlike a Scientologist being more able than the wog (non-Scientologist). Yet, in the end, his paranoia and cravings to eliminate his enemies resulted in the very destruction of those he purportedly tried to serve.

I am a little upset at LRH playing God with his policies, especially as it relates to my ability to communicate with my children. He would no doubt say it is my overts and withholds making me upset. Could love have something to do with it Ron? Did the thought ever cross your mind?

Here is your proof of how much importance he placed on “our future.” Even today in the Sea Org, parents and children are often separated from each other. Sometimes even husbands and wives are separated as well. According to my brother, he was told when he joined the Sea Org, that he would be eating his meals with his children and would see them every weekend. This was not the case. In fact, he lived apart from his children in a separate location, and rarely saw them. His daughter, Leah, was married and he could not attend because he was in the "RPF". He never even knew she got married until I told him a year later.

Per L Ron Hubbard, a Suppressive Person has 14 undesirable characteristics. He and his organizations have demonstrated all of them. Every Suppressive Person Declare that I have ever read is written just like a suppressive person had written it. A Suppressive Person declare only concentrates on the bad things that one has done, ignoring all good. It is a broad attack without specifics and so on.

The church has issued an SP declare on me but refuses to provide a copy. I have not seen it.

Creed Pearson

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