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Saturday, 22 December 2012
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My Experiences in Scientology
(MPES) Part 13.

This is the final posting in this series of "My Story" from a new Scientologist to New OT8 and the out of Scientology, and more. Thanks to all of you who were sufficiently interested to learn about it all. It was "hell" on earth to submit to the cult's indoctrination, Fair Game tactics and heartlessness. It has certainly taught me to avoid the "cult" mentality and form of organization in the future.

I still have a strong desire to be of service, in my own way now, though, and I want to help mankind do better and better, but in my own way and using my own inspirations and talents. I am now closer to God than ever before, and Life is my true friend. I have gained a lot of love, insight, depth of soul and freedom from reading and practicing non-cult spiritual or "New Age" Inspirational books and got more from them, by FAR than anything I ever got from Scientology.
For people who decide to finally leave Scientology...bravo!

In 1998 I was living in Long Beach and reading a.r.s. (newsgroup alt.religion.scientology) and seeing how many more than just myself had been harmed, killed, scammed and betrayed by Scientology's core management and founder. I made inquiries about a possible court case against them for what I had been put through. Frank Oliver put me in touch with Graham Berry, a lawyer from Santa Monica, of New Zealand origin.

I had barely even MET Graham before friends of mine, in Paris were already being called in to "disconnect" from me! Helena Hamer and Michel Cambray were just two examples; fascinating that the mere approach to litigation with Graham Berry drove OSA wild. I consulted with him and we agreed to file a lawsuit. I had a good job creating art for a major gallery chain in Tokyo, Beverly Hills, Paris and London. My income was sufficient to finance the lawsuit, so we thought. I wanted to get full, reasonable and merited compensation for all the abuses and frauds I wrote about in (MPES) 1-12.

I left all details and strategies to Graham, as I knew virtually nothing of litigation or such matters. He did his filing of the case in May 1998 in Los Angeles. Far from following normal litigation procedures and trying to win the case as defendants the OSA litigation mob and its clients used many Hubbard war tactics instead while pretending to follow the due process of the Courts.

To summarize, as I understand it from hindsight; (more may be added later)+1. In 1998 all 3 of Graham's partners in his law firm left precipitously (in a hurry) and had, apparently, been contacted by OSA beforehand. They left on bad terms. and lied to me, their client, about matters of some importance before doing so. It was very suspicious as a way of "doing business". It seemed to me that they had either been threatened or blackmailed from the manner in which they left so hurriedly.

2. The cult's lawyers then used the overwhelm of working alone to bury Graham under avalanches of litigation overload. This was a very heavy flow of demands for huge numbers of items, all of which would use up enormous amounts of time and money. This was used as a continuing tactic all the way through.

3. The lawyers for the cult defendants were constantly using personal character assassination attacks against Graham in very many filings.

4. The litigation cult lawyers did many other things (that have been included in requests for criminal complaints against Scientology sent to John Ashcroft) that were simply "Fair Game" personal attacks in both my, and Graham's, personal life and contacts. This involved, but was not limited to, some phone tapping, surveillance, private investigators, neighborhood disinformation tactics, alienation of staff and support or friends, cutting off of credit, income, assistance and counter-lawsuits which were frivolous. It also involved terror tactics (to scare her away from being my friend and supporter) and lies about the reality of my case in the Court) against a dear friend of mine, done by Eugene Ingram, a fired L.A. bad cop who does dirty work for Scientology.

5. By some tactic I do not know about, the cult lawyers got the judge to instruct that our "discovery" (giving of all my personal documents, depositions, financial records, personal letters, reports etc..) should be 100% complete before the cult defendants should give us anything at all! I gave all I had, they gave zero! I was not the one on trial, but they reversed the process. It seemed like a travesty of justice to me, but I am not trained in that field.

6. Graham Berry was also targeted, attacked personally over and over again and bankrupted by OSA. They then vehemently OPPOSED his bankruptcy proceedings to stick him in it for years. His efforts to represent me were destroyed. He had other issues than mine with OSA, from past litigation, but when he represented me he was crushed till he could go no further.

As far as I was concerned, the cult's litigation gang filed a lawsuit against me for non-repayment of a loan I had received from a public Scientologist (Michel Reveillere). Michael had lent me about $26,000 back in 1990-91. I had paid him back about $6,000 before OSA smashed all my income sources in France by 1992-93. I could no longer pay Michel back, but it was no "refusal". So, they accused me of defaulting on the loan. I had to give 2 days deposition, and had to give my employer's name and address as part of the proceedings.

Suddenly, less than 10 days later I was "fired" by the gallery! I had a 100% sales record with them just prior, so the chances of that being "Fair Game " was very high indeed. In the Reveillere lawsuit scientology asked for a summary judgement, and it was granted by the judge. I didn't even have a chance to defend myself properly. Michel Reveillere was "awarded" $64,000.00 as loan plus compound interest. I could not pay it as I had lost my job, so was forced to declare bankruptcy.

By 2000 I had to dismiss the case against Scientology, not because it had no merit, as it had tons of merit and the cult knew it. I had to dismiss it because I had no more funding. By that time I had lost my home, my bank account, credit, job, career as an artist, clients and case, pretty much all due to "Fair Game" tactics. Not only was the playing field not level, it was like a cliff face with Scientology's lawyers standing on a mountain of defrauded monies throwing heavy objects down on us below. They did not want to litigate the case as they knew they would lose it heavily; so they decided to destroy the plaintiff and his lawyer's personal lives to "win".

This is an interesting aspect; When I accepted the loan from Michel Reveillere he was a "public" scientologist in Paris. Later in the 1990s he joined staff in.....OSA! Scientology used this fact of him being a staff member of theirs to get him to file a lawsuit against me in the USA to get a huge money judgement and bankrupt me.

The matter of personal debts in Scientology is very widespread. With weekly demands for monies from members it is a frequent practice to borrow from all over, and many go beyond what they can truly pay back. There were probably thousands of Scientologists who had personal debts outstanding, and many who were probably refusing to repay them. The cult's litigation mob was not taking up all those thousands of outstanding loans and filing lawsuits there. No, just mine, and were paying all Michel's legal costs from church funds, even though it was a PERSONAL loan. In addition, it was Michel's very own department (OSA) that had crashed my businesses in France! They were the ones who had PREVENTED Michel from getting paid back! I was already doing so at the time.

I had to go through about 9 days of deposition in the case I filed, all on video, with a battery of highly paid cult lawyers and assistants, some of whom bull-baited during the proceedings till I shut them up. It was a tough but interesting experience as I saw first hand how lawyers have gotten such an awful reputation for being dishonest, shifty, sly, cruel, devious and unjust.

I could observe also, first hand, how the US Justice system only allows the wealthy to get justice in fact. If you don't have enough money you can not fund the proceedings and, like in American elections, the one with the most money wins. This may seem delicious and rewarding to the greedy soul-less lawyers who have sold their integrity for a bucket of bucks, but it is a recipe for social disaster in the long run. even the smartest lawyer can not change the laws of karma. As they have sown so shall they reap, and this applies equally to the cult's lawyers as well as their criminal cult fraudster clients. SO BE IT.

Michael Pattinson

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