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‘Aftermath’ fan gets into party at Scientology’s ‘Int Base,’ brings Karen Pressley’s book along

Discussion in 'Tony Ortega' started by RSS Feed, Sep 28, 2017.

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    There is a new post up at the Underground Bunker

    ‘Aftermath’ fan gets into party at Scientology’s ‘Int Base,’ brings Karen Pressley’s book along

    [Tropical Scientology fun on a ship in the desert]

    With Leah Remini’s A&E series Scientology and the Aftermath well into its second season, we expected the Church of Scientology to increase its attacks on the show. But what we didn’t expect was a sudden charm offensive.

    Is David Miscavige finally starting to learn that playing [...]


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  2. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    This is an amazing story! A fan of Leah's Scientology Aftermath series got into a party at the Int Base in Hemet. She brought a copy of Karen Pressley's book that was just published and placed it on the keyboard of Karen's EX, Peter Schless while in a conversation with him. If he had previously been unaware that Karen had written a critical book about Scientology he knows about it now. :D
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  3. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    My takeaway from this is how brittle and non-resilient Scientologists have become. They invite all these wogginses to a party and get all ridgy when they offend their completely bizarre sensibilities. Maybe they should have all these people sign some kind of disclaimer and disclosure in order to attend indicating that they understand this was a former internment camp and proper etiquette entails not reminding this to the gaunt hunted looking staff.

    Instead of training and drilling these people on how to laugh the awkwardness off, handle any disagreement like they should have learned ages ago in the Dissemination Drill, and then segue into a Scientologically politically correct conversation - these people seem more motivated to visibly demonstrate their discomfort in the situation lest someone perceives them as being too comfortable when being confronted by something anti-Scientology which would then require them to undergo the thought reform regimen.

    Remember - "If it isn't fun, it isn't Scientology"
  4. IWantOffThisTrain

    IWantOffThisTrain Eternal Optimist

    I'm scared for her, DM is going to go ballistic that someone dared to do this on COS turf. He isn't going to ignore it, he simply doesnt have the capacity to ignore a bomb like this. I commend her and wish her the best and if COS does fair game her maybe her case could pick up where Monique's left off...
  5. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    Linda's expression is priceless...

  6. clamicide

    clamicide Gold Meritorious Patron

    Yeah--I kind of flashed back to being a staff member and the utter fucking panic and praying someone didn't see it happen because I would next be hauled in to find out how the fuck I pulled in that type of entheta and brought it into the space. Fuck. Plus, probably C/Sed for Suppressed Person RD at my own cost and pulled in for rollback and Sec-Checks and fuck me.... yeah. Wow. I literally just went to that space sitting here at the keyboard.

    We had a public from our org who while at Flag, freaking overheard Miscavige ask where something was or happening or something and the public, trying to be helpful told him; and that guy was hauled immediately into ethics and got zero auditing because bringing that onto the little kings lines... so, yeah. This was a public and he spent his time there doing amends and stuff and his $ went to BS shite like donos (not like auditing isn't BS, but, you get my drift).

    When a local newspaper leaked the Xenu info in a headline--folks were hauled into ethics to find out how they pulled in getting that stuff on their lines (I kept my mouth shut).

    OH, and how I saved THIS for last I have no clue-- I had been ousted from the cult. My SO son who I had not seen in a couple years would get hauled in when his stats were down and I WAS THE "WHY" more than once... so, somebody drops a book down? OMFG.

    I get it, but gotta tell ya... I literally flashed back to being in that position. And folks who get that sort of treatment don't necessarily 'wake up' from the brainwashing because they get hit harder. Whenever stuff filtered it, it was usually brutal in the exacerbation of treatment you received for managing to pull that shit in. Wow... yeah.
  7. Damn, clamicide.... Glad you're out of the fire. I hope there's healing in progress.
  8. clamicide

    clamicide Gold Meritorious Patron

    Oh yeah... I've been out about 15 years or so. Life is actually super awesome at the moment! It was just THAT much of a reaction reading where I just flipped immediately in the person's place, because that kind of thing would aiyee!!!!! PTSD from my cult days is mostly not much of a factor, but wow--it's almost amusing. Kind of like the Ex-Scio LIfetime Original Movie 'trigger moment' they always show in slow motion where the person reels in front of other folks and they show the slow-motion flashbacks... I'm laughing about it right now and haven't spent enough time with the new forum or awake enough yet to find a proper emoticon.

    Some day, maybe there will be a point where I NEVER suddenly look up startled to see if dudes and dudettes in full dress navy uniform are lurking over me after something goes wrong, but it doesn't happen very often anymore. And for any lurkers who never had the joy of experiencing this... when SO folks would descend upon an org in full dress the first order of business for us was to get word whether they had their hats off or wore them when they arrived. If they wore them, it meant they were there on mission and you were FUCKED. Depending on what uplines org they were from determined just how fucked you were. Uh, but, it's not a cult. Every business has terror tactics where they lock you in a room for hours and make you write up every possible terrible thing that you did while accusing you of the utmost evil when.... wait for it..... STATS ARE DOWN!

    I still have a son in which is always painful, and haven't lost hope there, but day to day life is awesome. Took years, but love my job, and even wake up happy most days. I'm listening to LOTR while lazing around the house right now and going to listen to the Sox game later and put some pork belly on the stove to prepare some broth for udon. Beats the hell out of waking up on Sunday sick to my stomach after leaving the org after whothefuckknows what hour the night before and wondering how the hell I'm going to procure a pc that day AND wishing there was some way to blow while kicking myself for actually believing them when I was told I would get Sundays off.
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