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6-year-old Sea Org staff member - dox from long ago

Discussion in 'Legal and Government Actions Involving Scientology' started by OTBT, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. OTBT

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    I haven't logged in here for ages, but finally remembered my password by chance. I can't figure out how to search this new revised forum. This should probably be added to an existing thread somewhere, but sorry I really don't know where to put it.

    Anyway, due to Katie Holmes concerns about Suri getting "drafted" into the Sea Org at 6 years of age, I'll repost this old stuff here that I posted on WWP ages ago. I've been re-posting stuff anonymously over on WWP, hope that's not a concern here.

    My brain's a bit fuzzy these days, but I have posted this information so many times, I hope that FINALLY main stream media will pay attention to these underage justification dox. Hope the formatting works...

    Scientology insider details 'nightmare' childhood

    He says children have not been allowed to join the Sea Org for more than 20 years, however the ABC's Four Corners investigation found members have been recruited and separated from their families from the age of 14 since then.

    Cyrus Brooks is lying. Here is documented proof of children joining the Sea Org less than 20 years ago.

    US Government documents:

    Rev. Carnahan, in the above letter, does not offer any details about the
    beneficiary's job title, duties, or work hours (although he repeatedly adds the
    title "Reverend" to the beneficiary's name). He does, however, offer
    more information in a sworn affidavit:

    [The beneficiary] . . . has been a staff member of the [petitioning church] since
    March 2000.
    . . .
    In 1993, [the beneficiary] joined the fraternity of the [Sea Org] and began
    working full time for the Church in Canada. He took on a position as the
    Community Relations Director responsible for creating a favorable public
    relations atmosphere in the neighborhoods surrounding the Church premises.

    We interject, here, the observation that the beneficiary was ten years old in
    1993. [Redacted] does not offer any details about the duties of the Community
    Relations Director, the credentials required for the such a position would be
    consistent with the educational schedule of a ten-year-old child.


    Regarding the beneficiary's age, [Redacted] states that the beneficiary "wanted
    to join staff from the time he was seven years old and signed a contract on April
    16, 1989 in order to do that." April 16, 1989, was the day after the beneficiary's
    sixth birthday. Therefore, his motivation for signing the billion-year [Sea Org]
    contract of Employment" (Contract) cannot be that he "wanted to join staff from
    the time he was seven years old." [Redacted] states that, despite having
    signed the Contract, the beneficiary "was unable to join the Sea Org until he
    was ten due to legal restrictions."


    The petitioner has submitted documentation showing that it allows children
    of kindergarten age to sign a billion-year Contract with the Sea Org; we are
    not obliged to ignore this information merely because the beneficiary signed his
    Contract more than two years before the filing date. Whether the beneficiary
    had been a member for a week or for fifty years, the circumstances under which
    he first signed the Contract are relevant when considering the nature of the
    organization. The two-year requirement does not, in any way, restrict
    reasonable inquiry into the underlying nature of the organization.

    Counsel maintains that the beneficiary's joining the Sea Org at such a young
    age "is excellent evidence of the calling to religious life contemplated by 8
    C.F.R. § 204.5(m)(2)." This argument would be persuasive only if six-year-old
    children routinely made reliable predictions about their ultimate careers. There
    is no evidence that very young children (who are especially impressionable,
    particularly when a parent is a church official) sign the Sea Org Contract under
    different circumstances than adults, who have given mature reflection to the
    nature of a permanent commitment.


    The beneficiary, born in 1978, was only fifteen years old when she
    signed a "Contract of Employment" (Contract) with the Sea Org in 1993.

    The Contract reads, in its entirety:

    I, ______________________DO HEREBY AGREE to enter into employment with
    the SEA ORGANIZATION and, being of sound mind, do fully realize and agree to
    abide by its purpose which is to get ETHICS IN this PLANET AND UNIVERSE and,
    fully and without reservation, subscribe to the discipline, mores and conditions
    of this group and pledge to abide by them.

    (As per Flag Order 232)


    This US Government document is from 2005:

    In SRC [redacted] the alien signed the contract at the age of fifteen, and
    the petitioner submitted a publication entitled "The [Sea Org]: The Religious
    Order of the Church of Scientology," which states: "There is no age limit for
    joining the [Sea Org] . . . But there are restrictions for signing a declaration or
    contract with the local churches. If a person is under the legal age limit of the
    country he must get full parental agreement and meet any employment laws of
    the land."


    We note that the beneficiary was fifteen years old when she joined
    the Sea Org in 1994. By the date of filing in 1999, however, the beneficiary
    was twenty years old, an age that does not raise concerns about compliance
    with federal, state, and local laws governing child labor (such as the Fair Labor
    Standards Act). Such questions would likely arise in instances where the
    beneficiary is, as of the filing date, too young to work legally.


    The record contains copies of several certificates, including a "Sea
    Organization Contract of Employment," which reads, in part, "I contract myself
    to the Sea Organization for the next billion years," signed by the beneficiary
    and dated December 15, 1996, when the beneficiary was thirteen years of
    age. The beneficiary's "Welcome to the Sea Org" certificate is dated August 9,
    1997. Another certificate, "Basic Sea Org Member Hat," is dated November 18,


    In a supplement to the appeal, the petitioner submits copies of various
    church documents. One document, dated February 23, 1994, indicates that the
    beneficiary passed the Fitness Board. Another document, dated August 2,
    1998, reaffirms this finding of fitness. This indicates that the beneficiary was a
    full member of the Sea Org for more than nine years prior to the petition's March
    2003 filing date.

    The beneficiary was ten years old when he became a full Sea Org member.
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    PS, link in my Sig is NOT mine, I'm just a lowly contributor.
  3. OTBT

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    Feels like old times, I'm replying to my own thread again.
    Good times.

    6 still seems to be the magic age for abuse in the Sea Org.

    Although Scientologists deny there is any wrongdoing in relation to the group, there have been numerous reports stating that conditions for children within the organization — who, according to the Scientology website, are made to sign "a one-billion-year pledge to symbolize their eternal commitment to the religion" — are less than optimal. "Crash" screenwriter/director Haggis, who was a member of the church, has said that allegations of abuse of the children were partially behind the reason he left Scientology after 34 years. In a 26-page article in The New Yorker, he said he heard about horror stories from men and women who joined Sea Org before turning 18. “They were 10 years old, 12 years old, signing billion-year contracts — and their parents go along with this?” Haggis said. “Scrubbing pots, manual labor — that so deeply touched me. My God, it horrified me!” In the same article, a former employee claimed to have worked 15-hour days as a teenager, seeing her parents only two times between the ages of 12 and 18. Another said he earned $17 a week for his work, and resided in living quarters that were so lacking that his room didn't even have a door knob.

    Outside of that, the website Ex-Scientology Kids, which was started by three women who had grown up in the church but later left, has a forum where many people share stories of mistreatment. Additionally, in 2010, a former Scientologist named Keryn (she didn't disclose her last name) went public with her story, claiming she was a "child slave" for Sea Org in the 1960s. Her mother was a high-ranking Scientologist and at the age of 12 Keryn started working on one of the church's ships, where the church's elite followers stay and study, before her grandmother helped her escape at the age of 13. "When we were on the ship, we had people working 20 hours a day, seven days a week," she told Australia's ABC News. "A lot of the children hadn't seen their parents for months, and their parents were on the same ship." She also alleges that she saw a 6-year-old boy chained up by the leg in a ship's hold for days. "He was fed, but he was chained," she said.
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    Thanx and welcome back - media will be given links to this.:yes:
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    I love the internetz! :biggrin:

    A BIG THANK YOU, OTBT!!! :thumbsup:
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    Lol I'm a limp dick. Been posting this crap online for too many years. No results so far. Roughly 10k posts online via umpteen socks. RUN KATIE RUN and FUCK THE CULT
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    Good to have you back, Thank you so much for starting this thread, I have linked it to my blog, that's how impressed I am with it.

    It covers many aspects of what is highly topical at the moment.

    Good on you.
  8. OTBT

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    Uh, holy shit, I can't hold a candle to your dox.

    Just trying to help out.
  9. olska

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    Thank you for posting all this stuff. It must be frustrating to have posted it so many times, for so long, with what appears to be no results, but... sometimes things just have to reach a "critical mass" before the explosion begins, and that time could be now.

    Thanks for your patience and persistence!
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    BUMP. Must read docs here
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    Nothing better in the world than listening to the oldies!
    Thank you for resurfacing OTBT :yes:
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    Good bump, Mary. I will read the links over the weekend during my grandma down time. This brings immediately to mind the recent video I saw (recent to me, at least) of the young adults who took the undercover camera into an org and one young lady stated she was audited by an 11 year old. I have no idea if the 11 year old was SO but just the fact that an 11 year old was in the org auditing is enough to push my buttons on abusive child tactics.