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    Scientology is mentioned in the Glossary on this page. It uses a medical (viral) framework to discus memetics, which I had previously considered from a simplistic definition of "memes," and fleshes out the operational aspects of thought viruses. References Richard Dawkins among various sources.

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    A person whose entire life has become subordinated to the propagation of a meme, robotically and at any opportunity. (Such as many Jehovah's Witnesses, Krishnas, and Scientologists.) Due to internal competition, the most vocal and extreme membots tend to rise to top of their sociotype's hierarchy. A self-destructive membot is a memeoid. (GMG)

    Looks pretty spot-on to me, especially for SO/staff members

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    Or, from the movie the Longest Yard - Meme Machine.

    Unless you saw the movie you won't get it.