A short video by an Ex-Scientologist

Discussion in 'Scientology-related Videos' started by guRl, May 5, 2016.

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  1. guRl

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    Apologies if this was already posted (was uploaded 3 weeks ago)

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  3. WildKat

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    Very Interesting. And recent too.
  4. RandomCat

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    I watched the video and read the comments on youtube... And the one glaring question I'm still left with is why the CoS did this. I know $cientology has a big history of doing this sort of stuff for f*ck-up reasons, but wouldn't it be unusual for this to go on for years and not having any idea WHY they are doing this?

    I wouldn't be surprised if the "why" ended up being something pretty insane, but after all this time wouldn't they at least give you an inkling of the reasons they started this?
  5. WildKat

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    I'd like to know more about what post(s) she was on, what she did or saw. Why were they so interested in her?
  6. I told you I was trouble

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    Yet another generational scientologist who has had her life screwed over and lost her family along the way ... luckily she's very bright and is still young enough to start over and re-establish trust with some decent people when she feels ready.

    I'd like to help her ... and I certainly wish her well.
  7. JustSheila

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    Yeh, she speaks similarly to the other generational scns that have come out.

    It will be great when she's able to slow it down and provide more details. Meanwhile, bravo to this young lady for coming out publicly and disclosing the church abuses and for her courage in coming forward. :clap: :clap: :clap:
  8. JustSheila

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    Rily? I thought that was clear. She was in the Sea Org. Sea Org are always exposed to security stuff and it's not easy to leave, either, no matter where you are. Those who had an easy time are the exception rather than the rule, no matter what the time period.

    2nd gen, too. Parents probably VIP public. Brother also SO, sounds like OSA. So heavy pressure for her, poor thing.

    She was supposed to get promoted, then the bottom falls out for some reason and she ends up isolated and under watch 24/7 and it all falls apart. Could have been anything. Could have been a report by someone jealous, could have been literally anything, because if she was getting promoted, they'd be combing through every which little thing to find something wrong with her and apparently something didn't please management.

    Poor girl, she went through a lot. Glad she's out. :thumbsup:
  9. Ted

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    Paranoia runs deep in the organization. All it would take is someone or a few people writing reports, loading your ethics file with false reporting that you never knew existed. If you have a senior in the organization with a perceived need to Cover His/Her Ass (CYA), those reports can be highly biased and will carry more weight against you. You go about your business while your file gets thicker and thicker. When it gets to be the fattest folder around and they need a head on a pike, you are it. And if the stats are unsatisfactory, there will be a head rolling. Hubbard so decreed.

    Too much auditor "think" on auditor-generated session C/S's can likewise get you in trouble if you have a target hovering around your back.

    Scientologists pride themselves on their analytical abilities, largely because Hubbard made a big deal out of this human trait right from the beginning in DMSMH. Then He came out with the Data Series, Evals, Who/What's, etc. Man, oh, man. We sure are the authorities on observations, data collection, stat analysis, and thinking about stuff, particularly, important stuff like Hill 10's, upstats and downstats (mostly downstats), SP detection, programs, battle plans, and more SP detection. (!)

    One of the undesirable features of auditing is that is can solidify (validate) a person's own weird ideas and/or distorted observations. In session an auditor accepts the pc's data, always. If your pc is happily F/N'ing on a weird conclusion, well, so be it. Hopefully more auditing will help sort it out. Good luck with that.

    Policy won't help you much once the hounds of scientology ethics and justice have been set upon you. You can't depend on Truth as a defense as long as you remain in the scientology bubble. I am not saying Truth won't work. I am saying you can't depend on it while you are working with a pack of scared shitless people afraid of losing their eternity unless they produce as ordered. Your Committee of Evidence outcome has been determined before you ever knew you were getting hit. Honor, Truth, Integrity, these are your friends. But the scientology bubble is like kryptonite. It will drain and kill you if you let it.

    As the church goes down its paranoia will intensify. There is only one safe action: Leave. The Truth, your Truth, will go with you, and that's all you need.
  10. Ted

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