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Featured A small piece of the story-me as an OOT

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by Sky, Jan 11, 2007.


    OHTEEATE Silver Meritorious Patron

    OOts and RTC

    My niece, Aubrey Schlaich, was doing well in CMO CW, and was recruited into RTC as an in/training prospect. She didn't make it, thank goodness. I saw her shred a course supervisor in metering, a well liked Italian lady, and thought how unusual it was for Aubrey to be in such a tough, angry valence. When she was not okayed of RTC, of course there was no announcement, she just wasn't in that uniform one day. Later she finished up her auditing training and is now auditing execs on FPRD, or at least that was the project she was on in 2005. My , how time flies! She is probably in the HGC anyway, a great place for her. It's kind of amazing how the thugs and bully types gravitate to Security and RTC. MIke
  2. marty

    marty Patron with Honors

    Hi ski

    My most vivid recall of being on the OOT program was the smocks. It didnt matter how well you dressed it was a mandatory requirement to wear this blue smock over the top. They were a sleeveless arrangement that came down below your buttocks pretty much covering everything and making you indistiguishable from all the others. They buttoned at the front with three big buttons and had two very handy big pockets at the waste. The idea was born out of the older tech films where the staff all wore smocks - at least thats where I seem to remember the idea coming from. But those pockets were neat, the loose nature of the whole arrangement meant you could store all manner fo things on your person without bulging. You could fit everything in them, smokes, pens, paper, student points, checksheets, tissues, meter cans, you name it we had it in there. In truth though we looked and felt like abunch of dehumanised penguins but you wouldnt dare say that. Must have been a real comic site to the locals when we would all make a mad clustered shuffle (running not ok) from the Fort Harrison to the CB for dinner - dinner was always truncated by the staff muster that occured just before where we would endlessly chinese school some policy or technical datum over and over. I never really got off on that chinese schooling, I just mimed it and learned nothing. Never did get those KSW points down, maybe thats where I went wrong.

    Eventualy after about two years some one saw (what we already knew) that it was ridiculous and the smocks were abandoned. Did miss those pockets though.

    I remember the "scary lady", worked under her for many years. I think though under that tough no nonsense exterior was a nice person. There just wasnt any room for niceness (reasonableness) on a post like that but I did some times see in unguarded moments a nice person.
  3. Colleen K. Peltomaa

    Colleen K. Peltomaa Silver Meritorious Patron

    Hello Chuck!

    I got in and out of the SO very quickly without any harm to myself. I worked with Lester Bland until he was sent to the RPF. Do you recall him?
    Is Ken Shapiro (he was my original recruit contact) still there? I recall how "nice" Bill Bertino was to me during the recruit phase. It's all (the recruit cycle) a little 1.1, don't you think?

    It is okay to play hard at a game at a level of insouciance. It is also every thetans' right to leave a game especially the Cof$ game. I have expanded so much since I completed my Doubt Formula and I even know a fella who was never in the Church and is on his OT2 level and he is getting better delivery of auditing (for less $$) than he would have in the Church.

    Great auditing, low prices, no overbearing SO terminals, give me the Freezone anytime.
  4. Div6

    Div6 Crusader

    Hear Hear!

    My OT 1-3 rocked, as did my OT 4......getting set up for Nots. I can hardly wait...
  5. everfree

    everfree Patron Meritorious

    >Eventualy after about two years some one saw (what we already knew) that it was ridiculous and the smocks were abandoned. Did miss those pockets though.

    This is why they were abandoned. An OOT refused to wear his. He got in trouble. Still refused to wear it, as I recall he said it looked like a nightgown. He got a court. Refused to wear it. Finally he was Comm Eved and sent home. He eventually left the church and joined the Lisa McPherson Trust.

    But his point was across, they stopped forcing OOTs to wear smocks and replaced them with blue vests. I think I was told a couple years ago that now the OOTs aren't required to wear any specific identifying clothing, it's too "out-PR, out-ethnic". Luckily it only took years and years to figure out what was plainly obvious.
  6. Lulu Belle

    Lulu Belle Moonbat

    I've also seen very "theta" people totally change when they went uplines and became staff in orgs like that.

    Lana Mitchell, for one.

    Does anyone else remember her?
  7. Sky

    Sky Patron with Honors

    Luckily, by the time I was there they had done away with the smocks and vests. We were just expected to wear professional type clothing.

    We would have dress inspections every so often too. Ties were required for males and make-up for females. I remember a couple of trainees getting in big trouble because they had decided one Saturday to bleach their hair. The Deputy Captain had a fit and made them stand in front of everyone and told them off about how unprofessional they looked. The next day they had dyed their hair back to a plain brown color. I personally didn't see what the big deal was, but I guess having some personal style was not something that would help strengthen the "group agreement".

    Lulu Belle--I never knew Lana Mitchell but I remember that happening to a couple of people I did know. It was like they were trained to be assholes once they went uplines. Weird.

  8. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    I remember Lana. She arrived in CMOIXU and didn't have a uniform yet. I supervised her briefly, and we got on fine. She went uplines fairly soon after.

    It's really thanks to her that I left the SO. I got taken off post and comm-eved (in that order, of course!) for using a Hulda Clark zapper, and promoting its use to my SO friends. I had found it amazing, and introduced about a dozen to it. About a third found it great, a third beneficial, and a third didn't notice any difference. The comm-ev found me guilty of things like using an e-meter suppressively (I had used the CANS as electrodes for the zapper) and very nearly declared me. This was the third time I had been taken off my post as course sup for something other than bad supervision and I finally decided I had had enough and was routing out. But I changed my mind and routed onto the PAC RPF instead.

    At the 1995/6 New Year's Event preps at the Shrine, I was with the rest of the RPF, and Lana--in RTC now for a while--approached me and asked me if I was "handled on that zapper thing"? We had a brief conversation, and she was relatively friendly and in valence. She told me she had found that in a dozen orgs around the planet people were using Hulda Clark's methods to address physical problems instead of LRH tools like PTS handlings and assists, and so she had to put a stop to it. I pointed out that Hulda Clark's methods were medical handlings, and LRH's tools were spiritual handlings, but that didn't seem to make any impact on her. I wasn't about to discuss Clark protocol with her--I assumed she hadn't read any of her books and wasn't about to.

    I still use the zapper. And I don't hold that piece of stupidity against Lana. I haven't heard much about her, good or bad, but my small personal interactions with her were not unpleasant at all.

  9. Lulu Belle

    Lulu Belle Moonbat

    I remember the Zapper flap. It was a big flap in PAC.

    The CMO were running around making all the staff fill out interrogatories on it. (Remember "interrogatories"? I hated those.)

    I think George from George's General Store got in a lot of trouble because he had some book in his store that talked about it.
  10. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Yeah. That's where I first read about it. :)

  11. Refiner

    Refiner Patron

    Makes me dizzy just reading the experiences recounted in this thread.
  12. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    Paul - we've got dizziness here!
  13. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

  14. Refiner

    Refiner Patron

    Hows about one of you two guys just giving me a short list of key abreviations and what they stand for?:D

    SP, I know is "Supressive Person" (Not good)

    DM, I gather is short for David Miscavige (Or however its spelt)....

  15. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Sure. Try this. This one is written by Scientologists.

    This one is from the Church of Scientology.

    This one is from a critic.

  16. Zinjifar

    Zinjifar Silver Meritorious Sponsor

    Heh. I got a chuckle out of:


    Used to end a cycle of communication in Hubbard's rather stilted communication theory. Usually a "good", "ok", "I got that", or "thank you." "Give me an Ack, or I'll ramble on and on until I ARC break."

    Why isn't *that* in the Tech Dictionary?

  17. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Because the Tech Dictionary only contains quotes from Hubbard's works. I don't agree with the "stilted" designation, although some would. Otherwise, apart from the implied criticism, it's not bad for a short, glossary definition.

  18. chuckbeatty

    chuckbeatty Patron with Honors

    Can you email me who this D/Captain was?

    I could take this sometimes, like you did.

    Other times I lost it mentally, when I saw this happening, and I was RPFed in the nick of time once, when Jeff Walker was rampaging through the offices I worked at in the Snr C/S Int office, in 1989 one time. I almost committed felony level violence against Jeff Walker, but luckily Jon Horwich sec checked me by chance just in the nick of time, and I admitted I was preparing to bash in Jeff Walker's skull were Jeff to ever scream at me again like Jeff was screaming at people during late 1988 and early 1989.

    It is truly mind rattling to have to receive or observe this wrathful screaming by arrogant Sea Org executives.

    That type of disgraceful behavior is what makes Scientology a hideous human activity.

    It still burns me, these disgraceful predicaments.

    I have vowed to help undo this behavior, whatever way I can.
  19. The Oracle

    The Oracle Gold Meritorious Patron

    There are some sadistic people in the Sea Org.

    I saw them.

    I could never understand what was more important than having a friend, because they were really despised most of them. Who wants to walk around being despised by your group members?

    The worst one, in terms of being sadistic, I heard recently had a psycotic break.

    Another, I am always SO GLAD to hear she is still in the Sea Org and confined within those walls! She put herself in prison and she is keeping herself there. She was SO VAIN too, for an ordinary looking woman. But SADISTIC!

    When she used to stand in front of the staff at a staff meeting to send someone to the RPF, she would pounce on the unsuspecting staff member and call him to the front of the room. She would then began to scream his ethics order/ rpf assignment and have security guards on hand to drag him away. Her hands were clutching the desk and you could tell she was having an orgasm.
  20. everfree

    everfree Patron Meritorious

    >Can you email me who this D/Captain was?

    I sent you a personal message via this board, you should see it a link to it at the top right of your browser.

    >I have vowed to help undo this behavior, whatever way I can.

    Ya know, that's one main reason why I still post about these things. I wish that I had done more at the time, but failing that I can at least do something about it now, even if it's as little as describing it on a message board. At least it brings some light to it.