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Featured A small piece of the story-me as an OOT

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by Sky, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Lulu Belle

    Lulu Belle Moonbat

    I believe there were a lot of changes made in Clearwater in particular in the last 10 years because of the "image" of public and staff there. The staff uniforms were changed from the Sea Org naval type things or the catholic school bow ties to more of a normal business street clothes look. Getting rid of the smocks of the trainees was probably done for the same reason.

    In general, you don't see as many staff walking around outside the Fort Harrison as you used to years ago. The front doors don't even seem to exist any more. When staff are bussed in they apparently are let off the bus in a hidden "alley" and walk into the org from a back or side entrance. I guess letting all these uniformed staff off of a bus on Fort Harrison Street was a negative image for the church.

    I have wondered about the overhead enclosed walkway that connects the FH with the Superpower building. I bet the idea is to turn the FH into nothing but berthing, staff included. That way, staff will never be allowed to go outside and leave the base. Wouldn't surprise me.
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  2. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    When the picketing was going on while I was in training, all staff and Sea Org, everyone was wearing civies. Not a sinlge uniformed person. That was in case of photos, I guess so they wouldnt know the staff from tourists and WOGs. But you can tell if someone is vacationing by how they dress, walk, smile, etc. Those smiles were certainly missing.

    I remember dodging the protesters on a few occasions. Pretty stupid now. Whats the big deal of a couple of people having a different idea than your own? I mean, it's really childish when you think about it, how the church reacts to protesters.

    That was the first time in the church I had ever heard of Lisa McPherson. When they were holding up signs, and even a coffin. I read some of the signs from the bus we were on (mainly curious about if they really do have confidential stuff on them) and started wondering who Lisa was and what was that story. I didnt know until I was out. :no:
  3. Lulu Belle

    Lulu Belle Moonbat

    Tillman Hausher has a website where he has pictures of staff in CW from a few years ago doing some kind of renoes. All of them are in jeans and t-shirts. But I suspect it was actually the RPF, dressed that way so as to appear "normal".

    Does anyone have any info on this? If the RPF are anywhere these days where outsiders might be able to see them, do they not wear black?
  4. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    Lulu, Post the link and I will see if I know.

    TW: no more black for RPF. That was out a while ago. They wear black pants and shoes, but the shirts are medium light grey, last time I knew. And yes, sometimes, for PR reasons, they will go in regular clothes.


    Can you imagine: I was 16/17 in a black boiler suit busting up concrete with a sledge hammer (I am female) right on Ivar, 1/10th a block up from Hollywood Blvd. Yep, true story. I wonder what kind of impression that kind of thing makes?:eek:
  5. I wondered at one point if RPF running around in black had started a trend in Hollywood until someone told me it was just the goth style that had been around for a while. I do remember being at the HGB in the new dark blue boiler suits and someone yelling out "Ghostbusters!" at us. I guess that is what we looked like. The HGB move exposed another area of Hollwood as well as the world to our "unique" way of life, like Amish living in NYC!:)
  6. Lulu Belle

    Lulu Belle Moonbat

  7. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    WEll, yes. Some of them are familiar to me. Jenny DeVocht, when I left, was the CO CMO Int. In 98, when the photos were taken, I think she was WDC FSO.

    The one labelled Jason Bennick is him for sure. Same with Jenny Cruzen/Ramsauer.

    The guy on the right side, just above "more group shots" (wearing sunglasses) is the guy that was in the events unit. Funnily enough, he is found to be exactly the same height as COB and so they would use him to adjust the lighting for events. He went to the RPF and was twinned with Senior C/S FSO's son (who was RPFed from RTC), in PAC. I suck with names. If someone mentioned the name, I could confirm or deny. :melodramatic:
  8. Lulu Belle

    Lulu Belle Moonbat

    Yeah, if you know the names of any of these guys that there are no names for, I'm sure Tilman would like to know.

    So, do you think these are RPFers? (With the exception of a few who are running them, maybe?)
  9. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    The guy in sunglasses first name is Stephan. I tried really hard to remember his last name. It starts with an F I think. My memory isnt great. His RPF twins name is/was Jesse Reiss. Anyways, while Stephan was on the RPF (he is not on the RPF at the date of those pics, he was in the RPF in 2000 - 2001 or so), he did a Repair of Past Ethics Conditions and decided to change his last name. He went to the courthouse and got it legally changed to some really long, unpronouncable name. He's kind of an oddball if you ask me.
  10. Royal Prince Xenu

    Royal Prince Xenu Trust the Psi Corps.

    This is one informative thread!

    I refuse to wear a tie. My neck it too thick. Even at my absolute thinnest, to get a collar that fits, the shoulders are down around my elbows. Even when I worked for a tie manufacturing company, I still didn't wear one!

    Bleached hair: Do it all the time, just to annoy people: :p

    I have one of these zappers too. I also have a Mark IV meter (the last of the wooden box ones). Instead of using daggy tin cans, I spent some money and cut lengths of 2" copper water pipe, not shiny and silver, but they don't get that worn out look either, and they polish up nicely. I use the same "cans" on the meter or the zapper. My father loves the zapper, but I find it makes me feel all dopey.

    If found the short/sharp communication description very computer. To me that wasn't a bad thing. When computers communicate they swap Clear to Send/Ready to Send signals, then the data, then an "ACK" signal. All very tight and efficient. To make sure that "the particle has been properly duplicated" starts to get more complicated, but the same principles apply. I didn't have a problem with it.
  11. Sky

    Sky Patron with Honors

    I actually made quite a few friends while I was at Flag... which was summer 2001 to summer 2002. I was trying to keep it a bit more vague, but now that I've officially been declared I don't feel like I need to be quite so cautious. Was anyone else here around Flag during that time?
  12. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    You got declared?

    I'm jealous.

    They seem to refuse to declare me. What did you do?
  13. Sky

    Sky Patron with Honors

    Well, I left staff for one. Without getting through the routing form. Although I really tried at first, it just got to be too much for me. (You can read about that here.)

    The other reason listed on my declare is "Engaging in Malicious Rumor Mongering..." Right after I had gotten on the internet and found out the truth about LRH and the Church, I spoke with a couple of people who were connected with Scientology, and told them about it. Actually, one of the people contacted ME and wanted to talk about it, so I did. (He wasn't even a Scientologist, his girlfriend was.) Apparently I was supposed to have told him :hand: that I couldn't talk to him about it. :eyeroll:

    The other person I spoke to about it was his girlfriend, who was a good friend of mine. I had gotten the idea that she was having the same kind of trouble I was, and I was hoping that she would open her eyes enough to start to see what a crock the church was. But she was in a lot deeper than I was, and I guess she must have gone and reported everything to the Ethics Officer.

    It was funny, when I first got my declare it said that after I blew, I contacted Suppressive Persons. At first I thought, "What the hell? I don't know any Suppressive Persons." In fact, I think I'm the first person in my area to be declared in almost ten years. I think that makes me kind of special.

    Anyway, I finally figured out that it was referring to getting on and all the other sites that give you the cold hard facts on the Church. And talking to all you other SPs out there.

    So, yeah. I'm a blown, rumormongering SP. Right on! :D
  14. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    Sky wrote:

    I did all that, too.

    I had a non-scio friend who was the boyfriend of a Scientologist. He and I were talking and one day he said something about "intellectual honesty". I started thinking about that concept and then realized that, in order to be intellectually honest, I need to duplicate, understand and acknowledge both the pros and the cons of Scientology.

    Then I heard myself making knee-jerk responses to critical ideas about Scientology and I realized that I wasn't being totally intellectually honest.

    Then I realized that Scientology was the central fascination of my life, and I was not allowing myself to really look at all the information available to me about it.

    Then I started looking on the internet.

    Then I told my friend's girlfriend about it.

    Little did I know that my friend's girlfriend had actually been sent in on me to pump me for info by her mother, an OT 8, very staunch Scio and sometimes OSA snake. My friend's girlfriend reported everything back to her mom.

    That's when the following by PIs and the spying and the other stuff began for me. I was a Vice President at a Scio owned marketing company, and they needed to make sure I was an SP before they fired me for reasons other than being an SP.

    Man, I was terrified during that period of my life.

    Me too.

    Yet you get your declare and I don't have mine.

    Some people around me who are still in say that since they haven't seen anything in writing about me, it isn't true. They have all been verbally told about me - the typical 1.1 covert whispering campaigns that OSA and the Church run on people all the time.

    But if it isn't written, it isn't true. They say.

    So I still am in contact with them.

    I tell them all about the stuff I've found on the Internet. Well, not ALL about it - just the stuff they can have - on a gradient, you know.

    I sure wish the Church would go ahead and declare me. Then maybe they can stop all the destructive damage I'm doing to their local membership through concepts such as "intellectual Honesty", the free exchange of ideas, the freedom of speech and religion, critical thinking skills and others.

    So congratulations, Sky.

    You are totally free.
  15. Sky

    Sky Patron with Honors

    Thanks Alanzo! It's very nice to be free.

    Alanzo wrote:
    I think the reason that I did end up getting declared was that I'd had a Comm Ev at our CLO during the time that I was trying to route off staff. They'd found me guilty of all kinds of high crimes (Does everyone out there realize that failing to uphold KSW is a high crime? That includes "Knowing it is correct", so if you don't know that the technology is correct, you're committing a high crime. Or at least, you can be found guilty of committing a high crime.) and the Comm Ev Findings and Recommendations stated that I had to do amends and a bunch of other crap.

    Since I refused to do that, I believe pressure was put on my org from the CLO to officially put an end to me.

    Otherwise, I would probably be floating around declareless like yourself. Don't feel bad. Just keep up the rumormongering and maybe one day you'll get your very own goldenrod!
  16. Royal Prince Xenu

    Royal Prince Xenu Trust the Psi Corps.

    Goldenrod??? My org was so tight they couldn't even afford colored ink for the "mimeo" machine so everything was printed black on white.

    It was really funny to be handed a bulletin in black on white with "RED ON WHITE" as a banner across the top of the page. :ohmy:
  17. Lulu Belle

    Lulu Belle Moonbat

    It seems like who gets a declare and who doesn't is kind of "random". For instance, I know of a husband and wife who blew together. They were from different orgs. One of them received a declare for blowing and the other didn't.

    It may be that there was more pressure to declare one of them than the other because he/she was more "important". It may also be that the one org of the person who didn't get declared just doesn't have enough people in HCO or whatever to go through the trouble of doing everything that needs to be done to get a declare done, so it just gets "overlooked".

    So many things that happen in Scientology and the orgs come down to not enough staff, not enough time and not enough training to get things done.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they don't even bother these days to get half the declares done of people who blow or leave or are disaffected in the field or whatever. They probably just have some master list at IJC or something of everyone who is now considered "suppressive". If they can't even let the issues out of the ethics office, then why bother?

    It's a lot of work to get these done and approved and there is obviously a big staffing problem these days...
  18. Royal Prince Xenu

    Royal Prince Xenu Trust the Psi Corps.

    I'm inclined to agree that there is a "motive" based on a declare. I think I was NOT declared, because they reasonably believed that I MAY pay my "freeloader's" bill, and until the indoctrination wore off, I did make an effort to pay it.

    I also think SP declares are based on who's likely to cause more trouble in the future. I'm not worth the effort to declare, because I simply couldn't be bothered (oh, apathy) to attack them.
  19. Lulu Belle

    Lulu Belle Moonbat

    I agree.

    In the case I mentioned, the staff member who got declared had been on staff longer and was more "high profile" than their mate.

    So, it was more important, in the church's eyes, to get a declare on him/her.
  20. tarbaby

    tarbaby Patron with Honors

    The quest for those things cannot be permanently thwarted, Al. Only temporarily submerged.