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Featured A small piece of the story-me as an OOT

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by Sky, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Sky

    Sky Patron with Honors

    You know, I just though of something else that happened while I was at Flag that was kind of weird.

    The outer org trainees used to be commandeered by Gold to use as "props" when they would shoot different promo pieces. Sometimes they would take only a few people, and sometimes they would make all the trainees do it. Since we didn't exactly have a lot of free time, they would often do it during our cleaning time, and usually it would run into our lunch or dinner time.

    That used to piss me off no end.

    They would make us pose for photos, everyone of course plastering on fake smiles and looking especially enthusiastic. (Look at us, how exhilarated we are to be at Flag! We're not going to have any time to eat, and our Metering Course Supervisors are all going to be really upset at us, but yay! We're at Flag! We haven't seen our families for months or years but it's so wonderful to just be here in the mecca of perfection! No really, we're happy. Honest!)

    Sometimes we would do films and pretend we were public, blissfully hanging out in the lobby of the Sandcastle (where the OT levels are delivered) or we would be at the Fort Harrison, purposefully striding our way to somewhere through the lobby/HGC waiting area/LRH display area. It was completely choreographed and fake. When they were taking a large group shot, they would pick out the more attractive people and ask them to stand at the front. This was one time that I was grateful that I wasn't considered especially attractive. I remember one time sneaking out the back over to the CB where lunch was served. I was a little afraid that I would get caught and be in trouble, but no one noticed. Whew! I really hated missing meals.

    Anyway, just something I was thinking about and thought I'd share.

  2. Sky

    Sky Patron with Honors

    I just keep remembering different moments about Flag...

    Here's my great blow story:

    After having my training line-up changed against my will, and then finishing it and then being told it was being changed again and I would have to stay even longer, I decided I was out of there.

    When I blew I had purchased a plane ticket the day before, my biggest worry was getting away without anyone seeing me. I knew a guy who had tried to blow but they'd figured out he was missing and found him at the airport and stopped him. It was after 9/11 so I knew that once I got past security no one would be able to follow me unless they had a boarding pass, but I was a little paranoid about them having a contact at the airport who could stop me.

    So I had also been scoping out the public transportation buses and their schedules. There was a bus stop in front of a little restaurant next to the motel that some of the SO staff stayed at. There was also a payphone about 2 yards from the stop that OOTs sometimes called home on. So that morning I packed my work study duffel bag as full as I dared, and took the OOT shuttlebus to the CB. I walked down to the payphone, trying to look innocent. I pretended to talk on the phone until just as I saw the bus pulling up, then hung up, walked over to the stop, and jumped on. I checked over my shoulder and didn't see anyone watching. Yay! I took the bus as far as I could, then got out and called a cab to take me to the airport.

    I got there about four hours early, which had made me nervous but I knew it would have been harder to get off the base later in the day. Luckily they had an earlier flight that had some open seats and asked if I'd like to take that one instead. I was so relieved that I wouldn't have to be on the look out for four hours. Of course, my layover in New York was then about four hours longer, but I didn't care. I was just happy to have escaped!

    That was one of the most terrifying yet exhilarating days of my life...
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  3. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    Excellent blow story, Sky.

    Looking back, isn't it weird how terrifying it was?
  4. Sky

    Sky Patron with Honors

    It really is strange, Alanzo.

    It wasn't as though they had some kind of legal hold on me, they couldn't force me to stay even if they had found me leaving. But I remember feeling like if they caught me, I wouldn't make it out. I would imagine that people affiliated with the mob feel similarly. I honestly can't explain it.

    I do have to admit, once I got to JFK airport I called Flag to let the MAA know not to look for me. I knew that other people would be getting in trouble for me blowing and I didn't want to add insult to injury by making them have to search for me.
  5. Royal Prince Xenu

    Royal Prince Xenu Trust the Psi Corps.

    Sky, I know they don't have a legal hold over you, and the org from which I blew would have found it hard to physically restrain a person, but having read about people being locked away against the law, I think all of us who have escaped are lucky to have done so.

    I blew on a Friday, so I had the weekend to get my shit together, and by the Monday morning when I was first noted as not having turned up, I had reframed my thoughts and begun looking for a job that paid real money.

    The guy they sent out to where I lived to "recover" me, passed within two feet of me at the city rail station and never even noticed!

    They really are two different worlds!!!
  6. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    Since I was not on staff when I left Scientology, there was no physical space I had to leave.

    I was a Vice President at a Scientologist-owned company, and was surrounded by them. All my money, all my contacts, and what I thought was all my future was tied up in them.

    I knew that if they found out I was no longer a Scientologist, I would be fired and disconnected from, and I had no idea what I was going to do.

    I walked among them for months, observing the mindset, not one of them. I was fascinated and terrified that I would be found out. One day, one of the other Vice Presidents, who they had been working on hard to become a Scientologist, asked me about God and Scientology.

    I told him the truth. I told him that in the beginning, you are allowed to believe whatever you wish about God. But later, you find out that Hubbard said there was no such thing, and that you are all that exists.

    Somehow, I got a call a few days later while at work from a local OT8, saying that she heard that I wasn't doing well as a Scientologist. Somehow we got on to the subject of dissemination and I told her that I had decided that I was no longer going to lie when disseminating to people.

    Then I told her about God. She told me that Scientologists can believe anything they want about God. I told her that was not true, and she knew it.

    After the call, I saw that she had called my boss, and the two of them had talked for over an hour.

    I knew they were closing in at that point. The president and the other partner both smiled at me when they saw me in the hall for the next few days, but I knew that they were arranging for my demise at the company.

    I had a non-Scientology friend at the company, who was living in a relationship with a Scientologist - the OT8's daughter. And he was not cooperating with their coercive attempts to get him to change his thoughts and attitudes. He was a writer, and he really didn't hang with having people not let him question things. He was unaware that debate was not allowed, and that he was simply being targeted as a PTS terminal, and that his demise was being arranged, as well.

    It was a terrifying time.

    I didn't believe any more. I wouldn't lie.

    In the end of course, I caused my own demise. I was terrified. But I did it anyway.

    It takes courage to get out of Scientology.

    Congratulations, Sky.

    You had the courage to make it.
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  7. Sky

    Sky Patron with Honors

    Congratulations to you too, Alanzo--for seeing the truth and not denying it.

    I think there are many people out there who suspect that Scientology is not all it's cracked up to be, but are so afraid of the consequences of leaving that they just lie to themselves and others. And it seems that if you lie to yourself enough you start believing it. And then you're just nuts.

    So we're among those who refused to believe the lie and thus kept our sanity.

  8. The Oracle

    The Oracle Gold Meritorious Patron

    Geeeze Alanzo, What a stress that must have been.

    The minute I decided to leave I announced it to the whole world.

    It somehow put me at cause, everyone was the effect of me then.

    But I know stories about other people who were put under similar stresses:

    After I left the Sea Org a lot of the local Scientologists got in touch with me to see if I needed any help. Over the next year I was shocked at the things people said to me after I left the Sea Org that they never said to me before. The entire field was arc broken. I couldn't believe my ears!

    Two OT8's I knew that were basically Scientology celebrities had a Sea Org recruiter hit on their son and they packed him up with all of their belongings and relocated to a very remote place. They actually left everything and fled the scene to save their son from being pulled into the Sea Org.

    Another guy I knew was in a very bad situation, his WIFE started writing KR's on him for being critical and sending them to Flag. And he had been ordered to the Base for sec checks. All of his partners and whole family was in Scientology. He DESPISED his wife, and she didn't care one hoot. They had two boys and he was in the marriage because he didn't want to loose his children and his whole family and business partners. They had only been married about seven years and after she had the children she had been full time, more or less, on service from the botton of the bridge all the way through ot8 while he stayed at home with the nanny, his mother in law! It had run him approx 250,000 a year to keep her on service and she was considered an upstat and an O.L.. If he complained in any way she wrote KR's and sent them to the MAA. I felt really bad for that guy. The last time I was at their house she was there and showing me the new kitchen she had put in. While her husband sat there obviously caved in, enturbulated, and B.I.'s. When his wife left the room he looked at me, stood up shouting in a whisper with so much force that some of his spit landed on me, and said, "SHE IS MY WORST ENEMY"!

    Another guy sent his wife to do OT8. They had a very young daughter. Their marriage according to him was "A Dream" when she left to do OT8.
    Upon her return she had no ARC for him whatsoever, refused to touch him and filed for divorce. He was really spun in on this as a bad indication. He couldn't get any help from anyone in the Church to explain what had happened to her or why she did not want to be with him. It turned out she had decided to disconnect because of some critical remarks he had made about the Int execs and the church's out PR. Some thanks for three week vacation on the Carribean huh?

    A girl was living with a guy for four years and caring for his two children when it becamme apparent he was sexually molesting his youngest son. She caught him in the act masturbating his six year old son. Not once, but three times after they had blow up fights about it after each incident. She wanted to call the child protective services and was told by some local Scientologists how out PR it would be as the guy was an ot4. She went to Flag and had him called before the chaplain. The chaplian decided he would be ordered to do 3L's. Yes! He was routed to the HGC and paid too for the three L's. He stayed there and she returned home to look after the kids. When their father returned from doing the L's he complained he had a constant headache from his service at the church and contacted other locals who had done the L's too and they all nattered about the Church and their results with the L's, and he reported all of this to the girl. He also said what he had done with the son didn't amount to a hill of beans and that it was natural. The girl ended the relationship and moved out, had a loss on the kids and felt guilty for not contacting the audthorites. Six months later the guy had become a patron of the IAS and had moved up the bridge and was auditing on OT7! She said she thought, he thought, she might make a scene after she left with authorities or the church, and that he went back to Flag and spent money and did some more service to look good and avoid legal hassels and church hassels, as the children's real mother was a Scientology staff member. I guess the stress for people in that story was on those children.

    There was a woman on OT7 who's son was recruited into the Sea Org. About four months later the stats in his Org crashed and the MAA was doing "roll backs" or something and in his ethics handleing that came up the citisisms his mother had made, just comments here and there, about the church. She was published as the why for the Org Stats crashing! The son was mortified that he had gotten his mother in trouble and routed out of the Sea Org. His mom paid off his 20,000.00 "freeloader" debt and they went under the radar. But their friends stopped calling and distanced themselves and they could not walk back into the lobby of that Org anymore.

    This girl and her husband went from Texas to Clearwater with their young daughter to do OT6 and get started on OT7. While they were there, her husband was seduced very overtly by another woman on OT7. Nobody wanted to get involved as the "other woman" had signed a Sea Org contract and was on a program to go into the Sea Org as an exec for the Freewinds. She was also recruiting the guy to leave his wife and child and come into the Sea Org too. The girl didn't want to come in the Sea Org or put her child there so she was black sheep in all of this see? So, she was kicked to the curb as her husband filed for divorce and signed a Sea Org contract and went straight in the Freewinds Org. The "other woman" had to pay off debts and she lived in the Sandcastle and went from table to table regging public to pay off her credit cards since SHE was committing to the Sea Org and THEY were not, all the while wife number one is there getting going on OT7 as a single mom left with all of her husbands debts. The "other woman" apparently got the public to pay off all of her credit cards / her bridge.
    That's not the worst part. The husband follows this other woman into the Sea Org and they are married as fast as the ink is the dry on the divorce papers in Flarida, six weeks. The girl ends up staying in Clearwater, getting a job, and supporting herself and her daughter and she still has not made any noise whatsoever. She get's through OT8. The "other woman" starts calling her from the Freewinds office saying she wants to wear the hat of the step mom and demanding the girl drop off her daughter at the Freewinds Relay Office for visits whenever she calls to say she is available! NOW the woman makes some noise! The "other woman" who was the CO of the Freewinds Relay Office, writes KR's on her and has her recalled to the ship for "ethics handleings". She said she cried non stop all the way from Florida to the ship.
    It cost her a fortune which she couldn't afford too well paying off all the husband's bridge debts, supporting the child as a single mom too. She says she managed to escape from the suppression when she returned to Florida, and met a man from L.A. she married quickly, packed up her kid and belongings, and escaped to the west coast. STILL, every time there was an event or something new to be sold from the Freewinds, the "other woman" called her from a Freewinds office and made her buy it or confirm through HER! She never said "No" because she didn't want trouble.

    I guess there are more stories too, but I have to run.

    Other's have been put under stresses too, with work and especially the family.
  9. Tanstaafl

    Tanstaafl Crusader

    With respect, that sounds a little misleading, Alanzo. Do you have a reference for that? It may be a little misleading taken out of context. (I'm not implying that you were trying to mislead)

    Firstly, in the early days, LRH stressed the difference between his ideas/opinions and "the tech". You don't need to "believe" anything to be a Scn, all that is required is that you are trying to improve conditions across the dynamics.

    Secondly, LRH stressed that you must look for yourself. "What is true is what's true for you", etc.

    On the Channel 4 (UK) programme that covered the Ron's Orgs last year, the guy looking into Scn asked several members about their belief in God. I was astounded when a couple of them said that they didn't believe in God.

    Now, this might come down to semantics (English wasn't their first language). They may have been saying that they didn't agree with the conventional idea of some old guy with a beard who lives in heaven.

    I'll try and explain my viewpoint on God but it is probably impossible to relate such concepts in words; like The Matrix, no-one can tell you what it is, you have to experience it for yourself.

    God is static. Since static has no space then it is not possible, by definition, that you ever left static. And yet you are also here. I believe we have "projected" ourselves from static into universes. We never "left" static. We are all still God/Static but have beingnesses in universes as well.
    "Looking" for God is unlikely to yield results as you are already "there".

    BTW, I am not a hippy! :no:

    Just my two cents.


  10. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    On a BC tape somwehere on Level D E or F, is where Ron said, flatly, "There is no such thing as God". He didn't say there is no man with a beard up in the sky.

    He said there was no such thing as God.

    He didn;t even say that statc was God.

    L Ron Hubbard said, in or around the early 1960's, that there was no such thing as God.

    All these other things are your own opinions, your own thoughts. But Scientology? The technology of?

    There is no such thing as God.

    So when someone asks me what SCIENTOLOGY says about God, I tell them what Ron concluded and taught me on the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course.

    What do you tell them that Scientology teaches? Not what you think or believe as a Scientologist, as an Ex-Scio, as a Freezoner etc. or not - but what do you say that Scientology teaches about God?
  11. The Oracle

    The Oracle Gold Meritorious Patron

    There is such a thing as GODS.

    I think the idea that there can only be ONE is the cause of many troubles. Also the notion that Gods must be worshipped is another false datumn. Also the notion that Gods are perfect is another false datumn. Actually is you wrote down every idea you have had about a god and looked at the paper you would roar in laughter.

    There are many Gods amoungst us.

    The starting point is having a clear defintion of what a god is:

    god (SPIRIT) Show phonetics
    noun [C]
    1 a spirit or being believed to control some part of the universe or life and often worshipped for doing so, or a representation of this spirit or being:
    the ancient Greek gods and goddesses
    See also the gods.

    2 someone who is very important to you, whom you admire very much, and who greatly influences you:
    His most devoted fans think of Elvis Presley as a sort of god.

    (from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

    Main Entry: 1god
    Pronunciation: 'gäd also 'god
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Middle English, from Old English; akin to Old High German got god
    1 capitalized : the supreme or ultimate reality: as a : the Being perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness who is worshipped as creator and ruler of the universe b Christian Science : the incorporeal divine Principle ruling over all as eternal Spirit : infinite Mind
    2 : a being or object believed to have more than natural attributes and powers and to require human worship; specifically : one controlling a particular aspect or part of reality
    3 : a person or thing of supreme value
    4 : a powerful ruler

    1. God a. A being conceived as the perfect, omnipotent, omniscient originator and ruler of the universe, the principal object of faith and worship in monotheistic religions. b. The force, effect, or a manifestation or aspect of this being. 2. A being of supernatural powers or attributes, believed in and worshiped by a people, especially a male deity thought to control some part of nature or reality. 3. An image of a supernatural being; an idol. 4. One that is worshiped, idealized, or followed: Money was their god. 5. A very handsome man. 6. A powerful ruler or despot.

    1. the one Supreme Being, the creator and ruler of the universe.
    2. the Supreme Being considered with reference to a particular attribute: the God of Islam.
    3. (lowercase) one of several deities, esp. a male deity, presiding over some portion of worldly affairs.
    4. (often lowercase) a supreme being according to some particular conception: the god of mercy.
    5. Christian Science. the Supreme Being, understood as Life, Truth, Love, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Principle.
    6. (lowercase) an image of a deity; an idol.
    7. (lowercase) any deified person or object.
    8. (often lowercase) Gods, Theater. a. the upper balcony in a theater.
    b. the spectators in this part of the balcony.

    –verb (used with object) 9. (lowercase) to regard or treat as a god; deify; idolize.
    –interjection 10. (used to express disappointment, disbelief, weariness, frustration, annoyance, or the like): God, do we have to listen to this nonsense?

    god was found in the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary at the entries listed below.

    god (SPIRIT)
    God (MAKER)
    house of God
    man of God
    tin god
  12. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    The point here is what SCIENTOLOGY believes, or teaches Scientologists to think and believe about God.

    When a person asks you what Scientology teaches about God, it is, ultimately, that God does not exist.

    Only you, as a "thetan", do.

    So if someone who is getting into Scientology asks you what Scientology teaches about God, what are you going to tell them and be totally truthful about it?

    Are you going to show them a reference from outside of Scientology? Are you going to tell them what you think or believe?

    In order to answer their question truthfully, you must say that Scientology ultimately teaches that there is no such thing as God.

    And really, Scientology, for a religion, spends very little time on God. What time it does spend is confused, fragmentary and contradictory.

    Sure, I told him all about the "8th Dynamic" and "the main body of theta". But in the end, I told him that Scientology teaches that there is no such thing as God. It ultimately teaches that there is only your self, as a thetan, that exists.

    That's what I told my friend who was being disseminated to, and jostled into becoming a Scientologist.

    Did I lie?
  13. Sky

    Sky Patron with Honors

    I don't think you lied, Alanzo. Although I have never heard the BC tape you are referring to, I can believe that Hubbard said that.

    In the materials stating that there is an eighth dynamic, it states that it is the God dynamic, or infinity. I don't know about you, but it seems to me that by giving infinity as an option for the eighth dynamic, that means that there is the potential to have a non-god eighth dynamic.

    As far as "what's true is what's true for you," I'm sorry, but that's just PR. Maybe it was like that in the beginning, but it's not like that now. How else can you explain why in the Course Supervisor materials, if the student has a conflicting opinion with the materials, or a disagreement with the materials, he has a misunderstood word? It's not he might have a misunderstood word, it's--you'd better find his misunderstood word, and even suggesting that it could be anything else would be out-tech.

    And how doesn't point three of KSW, "Knowing it (the Scientology Tech) is correct", require belief? Sure, you can say there's a difference between knowing and believing, but if you don't believe something is correct, how are you supposed to know it is correct?

    Scientology lies about not having a dogma. It's full of covert dogma.
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  14. The Oracle

    The Oracle Gold Meritorious Patron

    I thought David Miscavige wore the hat of God in Scientology?
  15. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Speaking as an ex-Course Sup, the Study Tapes allow the student to disagree with the materials under study. So does the False Data Stripping HCOB. There are many other (early) Hubbard references--not in the course sup packs--where one is allowed to disagree with Hubbard.

    I agree that these course sup materials do not specify disagreeing with Hubbard, though.

    The bulletin on Method 4 Word Clearing insists there is a prior mu. Generally, the Study Tapes are valuable, and the M4 procedure might have some value but overall I think its negative effects are worse than its possible positive ones. I have several archived posts with comments on different word-clearing methods. One is here.

  16. Lulu Belle

    Lulu Belle Moonbat

    When they had the Grand Opening of Celebrity Centre Int after the renoes, they made all the PAC staff dress up in "upstat civvies" and bussed them to CC Int. They were made to act like a big crowd of public going through the front of the manor.

    It took hours, because the shoot team shot it several times.

    Meanwhile, the celebs and public with money were inside with the senior execs eating shrimp. While the hungry and tired staff were made to stand outside and act enthusiastic.

    That was one of my "what's wrong with this picture" times that helped facilitate my final departure.
  17. Mick Wenlock

    Mick Wenlock Admin Emeritus (retired)

    ah yes - Scientology raising the Potemkin Village to a whole new level...
  18. Kerry

    Kerry Patron with Honors

    If this is the tape I'm thinking of, my born into it, ex-Sea Org friend has played that to me. She was born into the cult, Sea Org parents, and as I've said before, is Still too afraid to tell her story, but had an escape similar to some folks here. Successfully smuggled out "comm" to a trusted non-Scientologist relative, therefore ticket waiting at the airport for her. She was trusted enough at a young age to do an errand "in the real world" outside the "base." Ended up at the airport - absolutely terrified even when she landed in her home country. She was looking over her shoulder until her non-Scientologist relative picked her up, and even then made sure they weren't followed. They weren't.

    Unfortunately, due to her die-hard wealthy publics relatives - her mother had married and divorced and remarried in the Sea Org to Sea Org members several times, and then finally to a very wealthy, well-known public Scientologist. With this man my friend's mother had her 5th child, mentioned above; the one who killed himself . 3 different fathers, only one, the first, my friend's biological father, had nothing to do with Scientology.

    The step-father of my friend's half brother who killed himself and his then relatively new CoS wife, married within less than a year of my friend's mother's death - in a Scientology dive in Clearwater - remain wealthy publics - sipping champagne in 5-star spa resorts talking about their overts and withholds excitedly with my friend when she visits them, according to my friend, like I might talk about Bush's latest...etc., (angrily). In happy happy land, they are "comming" about the latest 'levels' and how fantastic they feel exquisitely privileged, Scientology being one of them, despite supporting the "evils" in a multi-civil war-torn country.

    When my friend visits them, and to her amazing grace, and despite everything she has sufferred in that cult from birth, she hasn't lost her innate capacity to love, and those opportunistic hopefuls of getting her back in the cult want to make sure she doesn't cause trouble for them, so they condescend to see her, rather than disconnect, but never advise her of any family news.
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  19. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    There's a difference between believing in the Infinite and in "God".
  20. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    You're missing the point, Fluffy.

    What does Scientology teach about God?