Adidas won't sponsor a Scientologist.

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by FlunkYou, Mar 15, 2015.

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    How could such things keep happening to the most ethical people on the planet?
    Perhaps we'll never know.
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    I'm sure Adidas was part of the Nazi regime and is bankrolled by the Psychs.
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    Another group of reptilians!
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    Well, I own five pairs of Adidas because they're great hiking shoes for me. I'm feel like I need to double the size of my collection on principle now.
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    I like shoes.
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    Today, someone posted this on my YOUTUBE Channel.
    All comments are public for Global audience.
    It is enlightening in terms of the German government's view of the cult.

    Trillian Weatherwax • 5 hours ago
    I am a social worker in Germany and in my work contract is a part where I had to sign that I am not a part of Scientology and that I don't believe in them.

    +++++ This is enlightening to view what your qualifications much be to be hired as a Social Worker in Germany. You must disavow and disclaim the cult and sign the above

    How bad does a little dying cult have to be to rise to the level of Governments who have Gross National Product and National security as priorities ?

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