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Anne Archer is doing a play in Santa Monica

Discussion in 'Scientology Celebrities' started by c-orgy, Aug 22, 2011.

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  1. c-orgy

    c-orgy Patron with Honors

    Written and directed by husband Terry Jastrow, "Jane Fonda in the Court of Public Opinion" deals with Jane Fonda confronting military veterans and protesters in Connecticut while filming a movie in the '80's. The show is reportedly opening at a 99-seat theatre in Santa Monica. Written by sports show producer and fellow kool-aid drinker Jastrow, one can't help but wonder if this piece will somehow be an thinly disguised allegory for the CofS promoting or justifying its agenda in some way. She really was a talented actress. So sad she and the family are still victims of the cult. Anyway, tix should soon be available if this is actually going to happen. No mention of the piece on the Edgemar Centre for the Arts website, but attached is the casting notice, sent out to actors via Actor's Access, a well-known actor resource. Think we can get group discount rate? Or perhaps a parking lot protest is brewing?

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  2. Smurf

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    "Not only is Jane Fonda back in the spotlight with her "Prime Time" memoir -- with its 50 pages devoted to sex for people over 70 -- she's also about to be portrayed by Anne Archer on stage.

    Archer and her husband, Terry Jastrow, are collaborating on "Jane Fonda and the Court of Public Opinion," which Jastrow wrote and will direct. It takes place in 1988, when Jane met with a group of Vietnam veterans and others still outraged over her extreme anti-war activities (including posing admiringly with enemy troops, sitting on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun, and broadcasting her views from Hanoi) in one of her few attempts to tell her story and defend herself.

    The show is planned for an Oct. 7 opening at the Edgemar Center for the Arts in Santa Monica, Calif.

    Casting notices describe "Jane Fonda and the Court of Public Opinion" as "an attempt by an impartial storyteller to set the record straight." Parts include several Vietnam War veterans, Jane's long-time rep, the late Stephen Rivers, and a TV news reporter.

    Both Archer and Jastrow are well-known as devoted Scientologists, by the way, and Archer's son from her first marriage, Tommy Davis, heads the organization's Celebrity Centre in L.A. So at least they can probably count on the Scientology crowd to turn out in support."