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Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Commander Birdsong, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. nice of you to say so but the tactics are pure textbook. it can sort of look like i've worked out some intricate strategy that sets devious traps but they're all tripping over their own untied shoe laces and i just make the correct and proper move. same thing can be done by anyone willing and able to follow the instructions on the side of the package...

    of course it is my conceit i to be a fair country wordsmith but most of that is from doing a bit of reading. they seem to have ponied up a few pages of projectile vomiting since board was adjourned. it's a shame they don't refer to their own reading. i'm sure very many of them have read the phrase "a grand slam redoubled in bastards" as it is found in a short story by a popular novelist many of them read who created one of the most popular and enduring characters of the silver screen. if they'd check out the allusion and take note of whom the phrase is said they would be charmed by the irony, sadly irony is one of so many things wasted on idiots
  2. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

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  3. pitsy's draggin' his heels on the hearing so i'll drag ass over here...

    i suppose many of the hundreds who stooped in on sunday must have puzzled out the short story, many on sight i hope, and some must have taken mirth from the image of the spiked fish gagging the throat

    if you to post clues for the tardy your welcome on the thread...

    relax here on the porch in the shade...


    that is the herd of longhorn that were run by drovers waving stetsons... chaps and silver spurs past the the board room windows last night...

    would you like some iced tea? it's a bit early for wine here but if it suits your time zone ther's red, white and rose

    perhaps a mulled claret?
  4. gawd! what a scene it was!

    a crowd of dudes and some fine women firing colt sixshooters and glocks in the air; pump shotguns, an old buntliner special police specials, antique winchesters, lugers and manlicher-carcanos their granddaddies brought home while young lovers danced the san antonio stroll to willie nelson's band...

    i couldn't believe it... it wasn't real...

    well if you'll excuse me all i've had to eat today has been a croissant and some jelly beans and i'm avid for a snack
  5. ya see pitsy, what happened was you stopped in here and got a couple lungfuls of the sweet air and honor bequeathed when anonnie, you, and all them walked off singing a victory tune leaving the honor of the field to grow wildflowers for birdsong and friends

    you breathed the fresh air we breathe here when the longhorns are downwind

    so then you forgot to be stupid long enough to sensibly engage our texas tough board of inquiry

    quickly recalling how to be stupid it was by then too late...




    recommend you watch reruns of tom landry's shotgun offense and doomsday defense dallas cowboys games from the mid-sixties and comeback STRONG!!!
  6. take a look at my posts on grey wolf's "mea culpa" thread
  7. and of course The Dean is not wearing duncecap nor mortar board but a wig left backstage at the palladium in london more than one hundred years ago by julian eltinge