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Anonymous Letter to Co$

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Jbrazel, Feb 2, 2008.

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  1. Jbrazel

    Jbrazel Patron

    Saw this elsewhere from a blogger named "Gaspar Lewis" thought it deserved a reprint. My apologies if this was posted previously.--JB

    There are three orders of Scientologists.

    The third order is the believer. They are the followers, the quiet believers, the ones on whom the Church relies on for its income. While they are indeed susceptible to trickery, they are not to be hated. They are to be pitied, and to be saved. Our mission is to free them from the shackles of their blindness. They are but the lambs gone astray; in the promises of Scientology, they have sought a new and improved life. They are being lured over the dark precipice, and we must rescue them from that brink before they cross it and fall into darkness forever.

    The second order is the zealot. They are the spokespeople, the loud, abrasive megaphones through which the siren song of this cult blares. This is both the celebrity figureheads of the group, and its middle-lower management. They are to be fought, but with measured restraint. While active agents of this monstrous mockery of faith, they too are believers at heart. They must be defeated, but shown the light as well. For most in this category, there is hope, and we must not forsake them; there is still a chance they may see truth through unclouded eyes once more.

    The first order is the overseer. They are the masterminds, the silent power structure through which their second order acts. These are the madmen on ocean yacht, the proud financiers of mercenary legal teams, and the shrewd conspirators whose pockets are lined with the spoils of the Church’s lies. While the zealots shall be the ones we face upon the battlefield, they are but pawns of this highest division of vile swine. We must defeat their front ranks of brainwashed pawns, but when at least reach these foes; we must cut them down without mercy.

    It is to the first order I address the second part of this short treatise.


    You are scum. You are the lowest of the low. Whether or not you believe an inkling of the impossible nonsense you trot out to masquerade as a religion, you are still guilty of the willing and knowing destruction of countless lives. You are charlatans of the highest order, and must be stopped in the name of reason, justice, honesty, and every other basic human virtue. You have committed innumerable treacheries against your fellow man; in the following text, I shall list the themes of your deplorable actions. Some shall seem similar, and many shall overlap, but each is an independent crime I directly and openly levy against you.

    One. You charge exorbitant sums of money for what you claim is enlightenment. All texts and practices associated with gaining a greater understanding of your belief system require ludicrous sums of cash. Your entire Church’s structure is designed to ensnare those who invest in attempting to progress in the faith you promise them, and continue to drain them of money. Your greed is clearly evidenced in the carrot-and-stick methodology of cementing the faith of your constituency. The further ones gets, the more one has been coerced into spending, and will go on spending so as not to lose face. What you claim is a hierarchy of faith is but a thinly veiled pyramid scheme to those who are not clouded in judgment by your lies.

    Two. You attempt to dominate the lives of your followers at all costs. You denounce accepted medicine, psychology, and common sense as basic tenets of your Church. While you claim openness to other faiths, your dogma not only is starkly in contrast to that of other common faiths, but directly denounces them as fabrications meant only to distract and deter people from your twisted version of “the truth”. Mainstream religions act as a support system for its followers, not a guiding life force. While guidelines for living life are set forth and you may be judged for your actions, people are free to live life as they pleased. They are not egged on to rise in meaning “levels” of faith for a false sense of satisfaction for going so deep into your sick maze.

    Three. You prey incessantly on your every opponent and have openly declared your desire for their total destruction. A true faith would attempt simply to attract followers; what you have chosen is an onslaught on so-called “heretics” reserved for, in mainstream religions, militant radicals and past atrocities. The ferocity of your hatred for non-believers, or even your conscientious and peaceful dissenters, finds parallel only in gun-toting fundamentalists and the Spanish Inquisition. Where commonly accepted religions just shun their detractors, you openly attempt to silence them. The upkeep of your illusions requires the constant limiting of free speech, which is counter to the aims of a rational and progressive world. There are both livelihood and lives undone by your work, and you must be punished for your errant destruction.

    Four. You refuse to disclose the direct beliefs of your Church. Be it motivated by either greed or shame, you intentionally repress what you claim are the keys to happiness. There are numerous divisions and departments in your organization devoted to handling funds, acting more like the part of a corporation than a part of a religious institution. This fact alone is enough illustrates your inherent depravity. Any person who is truly aiming for the advancement of mankind would never dare demand a fee, as you do. Even those who you connive into throwing their money and their lives away in your name are not privy to much of your core information.

    Five. You preach and exert a level of hubris that is repulsive to any person who truly knows your ways. You promise your faithful the power to become like gods, and to gain unachievable degrees of control over their lives. On the backs of your deceived masses, you craft your iron-clad walls and slowly lose sight of the sun of reality; you begin to acclimate to the darkness of your own mania. You flaunt the laws of countries across the globe, strong-arming your way through court systems with your ill-gotten gains, trying to infiltrate the world of the rational day by day. And your head figure, the corpse of a science fiction huckster, which you have made to dance like some macabre puppet, has become the ultimate idol for the ultimate coven of idolaters.

    Six. You tried to hide your guilt on all these pre-existing counts behind a mantle of faith. Your spineless self-defense knows no bounds of decency or morality; you seek every refuge you can, like a bubonic rat desperate not to drown in the brig of a transatlantic ship. The use of faith as a catch-all, combined with your calculated skulking in the world’s system of laws, has led you to assume your total protection from the judgment of the common man. As such, you have grown more diabolical with every passing minute, ever devolving into a more base caricature of the world as it is. But you are wrong, and the voice of the public can still make even your fortifications crumble.

    This is it. These are the final days of your sham. The people you have enslaved shall be freed, your attack dogs shall be silenced, and your entire establishment shall be unraveled. You cannot prevent this; you cannot deter this. Money or luxuries will not sway us. We are not motivated by a personal or secondary goal. Our aim is your destruction, in the name of the good of all people on this earth. Our assault has only begun, and shall not cease until your Church is no more. Our efforts will ebb and flow, but our persistence will be as reliable as the tides.

    Your time is up.

    Welcome to your end.
  2. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    Awesome power.

    Looks like the first order has pissed off the wrong Gasper Lewis!

  3. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Hey Alanzo,

    Look on the bottom left of the screen, where it says "Post Reply". Practise clicking on it a few times.

    Then, when responding to a post, you can make a free choice as to whether it is preferable to use that button, which gives you an empty edit box, or use the "Quote" button which might repeat a whole screenful of text which is immediately above your post anyway.

    It's Dev-t dood.

    The Armadoodle Dildo. Destroying worlds with Dev-T. :)

  4. Tanstaafl

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  5. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    Paul, I'm surprised that you seem to have forgotten your comm formula.

    My use of the quote button is called a COMPLETE ACKNOWLEDGMENT.

    When I do this, the poster feels fully acknowledged for their contribution to ESMB.

    As you do now.
  6. Dulloldfart

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    And there are some who simply beg. Ask Nightie. :)

    Still, the Christmas one is more friendly than the Monty Python one.

  7. Tanstaafl

    Tanstaafl Crusader

    Find a chocolate one and you're luck may change! :)
  8. Dulloldfart

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    Tut, tut, Alanzo. Per HCOB 17 Oct 1962 AUDITOR FAILURE TO UNDERSTAND you're not supposed to repeat back to a pc what he just said.

    Off to cramming. :)

  9. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    Doh! :duh::duh:


    Foiled again!
  10. Tanstaafl

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    What a mug - he walked right into that one! :dieslaughing:
  11. TheSneakster

    TheSneakster Guest

    not important
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  12. Tanstaafl

    Tanstaafl Crusader


    And these are the guys who think the idea of people dramatising whole-track religious implants is nuts! :ohmy:
  13. Zinjifar

    Zinjifar Silver Meritorious Sponsor

    Keith went to jail (not prison; there's a difference) for 'Interfering with a religion', a misdemeanor, not for 'terrorist threat', although the 'Church' did try to get him convicted for that too.

    Also, he never 'made' the 'joke' about the Tom Cruise missle, he merely commented on someone else's post.

  14. I obtained what I believe is a very credible email address for none other than John Travolta himself. Below is a copy of the letter sent to him:



    Dear John,

    I understand it is very unlikely that this message will ever actually pass in front of your eyes. To be honest, I'm not even sure why I'm bothering, but for whatever it may be worth, I'll take a shot in the dark.

    Recently as I am sure you have heard Tom Cruise had a Scientology video leaked which was spread across the internet like wildfire. Immediately CoS demanded that YouTube pulled off the video, and they obliged. This caught the attention of our extremely large group, whom you may have already heard about at this point called Anonymous.

    Initially, we started out just as a joke to poke fun at these obviously sensitive people whom we thought would give us an entertaining chuckle. Yet, the more we all researched the religion, the more appalled and shocked we became. To learn about all of these purely evil things your religion does is absolutely shocking to this enormously large audience of highly intellectual and educated group of computer savvy 20-somethings.

    The information has been spread about the internet, including most (if not all) of the highly secret internal documents which clearly outline the true motivation of Scientology. Sure, you may immediately want to say to yourself "Oh they were doctored". This is rubbish. I urge you to take a SERIOUS look into what Scientology is TRULY about, the BASIS it was created upon, and the overall GOAL of your apparent deity.

    The most potent quote I have seen yet is one which has been cited from SEVERAL highly credible people very close to LRH: "If you want to get seriously rich, you start a religion".

    Now John, if you EVER read this message, I simply ask one thing of you: RESPOND. Give us your personal thoughts, your personal outlook, your experiences, ANYTHING. Take 5 minutes, sit down with a webcam and give us a YouTube video explaining your personal position on this matter. I do not mean do this right now, but rather after you've taken some time to read the HEAPS of information, accounts of ex-members, etc. It is all READILY available and EASILY accessible. Take 7 minutes and watch this unbelievably shocking video which exposes SO much:

    A few other informative sites are or Look at EITHER ONE of those, READ them with a NEAUTRAL eye without allowing your mind to focus on whatever brainwashing you've had. Seriously! How can you still support this group, be one of its celebrity faces, only ENCOURAGING this destruction?

    As I said, I beg that you give us a response. You might forget that this association you so proudly have may very well be the demise of your career--should you choose to go down with this sinking ship. And trust me, there is no WAY you're going to stop all 5,000+ of us from vigorously spreading the truth about this corrupt cult you so zealously support. Trust me, we will not stop any time soon.

    We all also understand that there are many innocent people involved in this, and we do not hate you, them, or your religion at all. We have nothing against anyone who wants to better themselves, find their spiritual peace, help other people, etc. That's all very great, and is honestly halfway tempting to explore! Our problem lies in its tactics with kidnapping, the whole internal kangaroo court system, the mock prisons they have, etc. It would not surprise me a bit for all of this information to be completely new and shocking to you. I demand you to look into this cult a little farther, as they've probably even fooled you AND Tom. You are both idolized by America and you should be VERY careful with your support!! People may very well look at either of you and think, man, I want to be successful too, maybe THAT'S the trick?? That is atrocious! I do not understand how you could educate yourself on the truth and continue to support them.

    Also know this, there is absolutely NO motivation for Anonymous to do this. NONE! We are not going to get paid, we are not going to get famous, we are not going to turn into some profitable cult awareness site or anything like that. Our SOLE motivation, as hard as it may be to believe or not; is for the overall benefit of man-kind on a WORLD WIDE BASIS.

    You MUST keep in mind, if you ever find one of our sites, amongst the many humorous jokes and funny images you will see a small mix of gore, tortured and mangled bodies, dead babies, all kinds of just blatantly sick crap. Not because we're sick people, but because we enjoy getting a shock factor out of people (maybe that makes us sick in your eyes, understandably). But it is entertaining to us, and we all enjoy laughing at other peoples pure DISMAY. And as I said, this how it all started out--solely as a JOKE. Until one by one, we all became very educated and this knowledge spread like a wildfire. We could NOT ignore what we learned about! It is simply THAT shocking and appalling! Now again, keep in mind, *THAT* is the audience who is COMPLETELY outraged by this cult, its actions, its motivation and its amazingly fucked up history. THAT IN ITSELF should tell you something John. If this does not motivate you to at LEAST do some independent research, my friend, you REALLY must have had every ounce of rationality completely erased. This is very similar to the KKK coming to you complaining about racism!! Does this make sense? Ruining peoples lives or taking them entirely is no joking matter to any of us.

    I really hope this message does in fact get to you and hits the right cords in your brain.

    With utmost respect and sincerity,

    I am Anonymous

    P.S. Should Scientology run your website, which is likely, and they care to try and track down my IP address (good luck) so they can come to my house to threaten me, badger me, hound me in anyway, or employ any one of their terrorist tactics, they can go right ahead. Trust that every single human being in my life knows my involvement in this cause, should ANYTHING happen to me. I understand the power they yield. I'll gladly be the FINAL martyr who once and for all brings this corrupt establishment the proper awareness it needs. My favorite quote sums it up quite well: The only thing I fear is fear itself.


    A reply is doubtful, but if these words actually pass by his eyes, I really hope it has SOME effect. At best, we hope he will at least make a statement on the Cult's behalf.
  15. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    Definitely worth a try.

    If any Scientology celeb could be reasoned with, I think it is JT.

    He was there in the late 1970's, before Miscavidge.

    So he knows the difference between then and now in Scientology.

    He has always conducted himself is a very open and tolerant way, far different from that Miscavidge clone, TC.
  16. alex

    alex Gold Meritorious Patron

    Purely evil....yet you give no examples. And I would suppose from your self description, that this information about evil you believe to exist, comes from "the internet", where any one can say just about anything they want. If you want to make CREDITABLE assertions, you should back them up, other wise you are engaging in something other than intellectual discussion.

    Probably no scientologist would assert that they were doctored, more likely they would assert that you have misinterpreted them. When one has experienced scientology, had the life changing effects of the study and auditing manifest in ones life, it is less likely that one would interpret the "secret internal documents" as you have. Perhaps anon you would understand if you were able to see scientology as a scientologist does. There is no deity promoted by the philosophy or practice of scientology, and if you refer to Hubbard, you have failed to acquire even a basic understanding of scientology.

    Hubbard may have been quoting Huxley...who said it first.

    Nothing like buttering up the guy......You've just called him a biased, brainwashed destructive shill!

    In scientology there is a theory that human relations have 3 main components, affinity, reality and communication. You are attempting to communicate with a seeming lack of affinity, something which will probably not be very real to someone who is probably not terribly interested.

    Perhaps a better tactic would be to find ways to communcate at the level of the reality of the person and with perhaps a little less animostiy? Sure you can assert you are "right", but if your goal is to successfully comminicate, perhaps some concessions to effectiveness will be necessary.

    While this letter is very effective in communicating how the anon feels, it is not something that will "tug at the heartstrings" of a scientologist. It seems to be a regurgitation of the one sided characterizations rife on the internet about scientology, mostly written by people who failed at it.

    Assertions of murder and kidnapping with no evidence, accusations of brainwashing, characterizations of evil......from someone who demonstrates little understanding of the fuller picture of what the philosphy of scientology is, or of the actual activities of the church that believes it owns the philosphy.

    Yea I doubt Travolta will see this too. He probably has people to screen the "psycho rants". Not that you are psycho, just that your approach denies the party you are trying to communicate with, the comfortable access to you viewpoint.


  17. alex

    alex Gold Meritorious Patron

    Ah reason.....

    But first he must choose to engage.

    And that is what must be accomplished first, opening of dialog, start of the process of reason.

  18. TheSneakster

    TheSneakster Guest

    not important
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  19. johnAnchovie

    johnAnchovie Still raging

    Respect to Anon

    Since the Anonymous campaign began my respect toward the individuals prosecuting the action has grown by the day.

    On the flip side, my reading of the negative attacks by both Alex and the sneakster seeking to denigrate the Anon campaign, and often, any positive comments posted here in support by people like myself, have caused my earlier respect for them to diminish. They both remind me of OSA and security personnel I used to work very closely with. I get the same sense of impotent rage I used to get during the all too common ‘metered investigations’ myself and my junior were subjected to on a regular basis. You were assumed guilty, and if the meter read, you were. It made it very hard to get work done, and because it was an RTC or CMO investigation, you were utterly powerless to state your case; that would be reasonable,

    I see a valiant effort to expose the hidden actions of the Sea Org, the oppressive power behind the cult, by a group of people willing to look, willing to honour the memory of victims like Lisa Mc Phearson. I applaud it, and I hope that it serves a secondary purpose of exposing OSA trolls on this and other forums.

    In describing the Suppressive Person, the ten traits, Hubbard described what he had become, he also described what the management of the cult has become. Even though I do not subscribe to any Scn tech, philosophy or viewpoints; I respect those that wish to. But I do not respect those that support or forward the corporate management, the Sea Org or the extensive legal, policing, intimidation and intelligence branch that falls loosely under the heading of OSA Int.

    I am sorry if this riles you, Alex and sneakster, I can only react to what I have observed in your postings regarding the Anon phenomena. I was under the cult's suppression for 20 years, and there is no F**King way I that I will allow my own sense of self to be crushed like that again. I know what you are doing, I know who you are defending, wheather you know it or not.

    I wish you both well, I know what pressure you are under. But I wish Anon even more; success and a sense of achievement in exposing the cult, that, even though they may not achieve obliteration, a least they will have done positive some good, that may just be empowering people like myself, but here are a lot of us. I hope the campaign may lead them all onto a very positive future.
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  20. Alan

    Alan Gold Meritorious Patron

    alex - you into predicting futures?

    How do you know this letter will not get to JT?

    For all you know JT might love to google his name - he'll will see this letter - because a friend will tell him about it.

    There are now 100,000's of copies of this letter floating around!