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Another MK RANCH thread..

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by CruzLurk86, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. CruzLurk86

    CruzLurk86 New Member

    Hello All,
    I am new to this forum but stumbled across it trying to regain some clarity surrounding my lost youth in the wild mountains of New Mexico.

    I was shipped off to MK Ranch School in May of 2000 and remember it well as we watched george bush's inauguration on tv in the dining room of the boys dorms. I was sent there for many reasons and refusing to comply with the general wishes of my parents and teachers..nothing out of the ordinary for an average 13-year old right?
    Upon ariving at the ranch, i remember being taken aback by how secluded it was, hidden in the mountains of the gila natl. forest in south west NM. I remember looking around and thinking, "no where to run now.." and thinking about how i would escape back to my home town of Santa Cruz, California.

    They used to call kids who tried to run away "rabbits" and i remember hearing "We got a Rabbit!" constantly across the radio system they had, which also included a coded alphabet for student and staff's names and important information, in case any 3rd parties were "listening in" on the radio frequency..Paranoid much?? lol

    There was a shop attached to the side of the massive barn used as the classroom, and i remember vividly the characters who were hired on as ranch hands or help with all the work to be done across the massive property, which included Paso Fino horses and cattle.
    The massive Hay barn had to be re-stocked frequently and required the labor of nearly 10 boys or girls who were hurling hundreds of massive 80-110lb hay bales for hours on end. The work never seemed to end. Month-Long labor camping trips in the Gila with the Forest Service, laying wire fence for miles and learning to clean dishes with dirt.

    I remember getting yelled at to "Get Back On Decks" and getting sent to the cabin for fighting or out-ethics behavior.
    It must have been helpful to keep kids who have graduated the program on staff, who are underage, who can thereby legally put hands on other kids and beat them and scare them into submission.
    When you tried to tell your parents what was really going on, and how you were really being treated, some maggot named Lance would take the phone and tell them its all lies and dramatizations, and that everything is fine and that you need to finish your program.

    I remember some fat bitch named Jean who worked in treasury who I had to see once a week so they could dish my money out for store-run, and her daughter Jocelyn who everyone hated cause she was a snitch and her mom was staff.

    Randy and Molly baxter i hope ur happy u ruined hundreds of kids lives, forever scarring their minds and forever altering their perception of reality. By the way, I still havent received my refund..LOL!

    Uncle Mike Miller, you were an asshole. And you were NEVER any uncle of mine. You are the reason that the ranch failed. You cant make knives worth anything, which says a lot, beacuse you can tell the quality of a man, by the quality of his work. Go to hell, I hope you're already there.

    Dean, you were RAD! I miss u man, i hope youre still alive brother, I hope you made it! Dean was an older vietnam vet who moved from LA to work at the Ranch in NM, he worked in the shop as well as helping around the grounds with Dominic. He was a recovering alcoholic and was shunned by the rest of the staff, but he was totally awesome!

    Charlie Brand good job bro! Miniature tigers is awesome haha, glad u made it out on the sunnyside bro!

    Some other names and people I remember:

    Sean - Orange County CA - Signed on staff after graduation, known as the shittiest ethics officer ever.

    Trey - Spring, Texas - This dude was like 7ft tall and a total maniac, also kept as staff to help intimidate and force kids thru their program and known to get physically violent.

    Nick G. - Seattle WA - Nick was my homie, we were way into punk and politics with Jake from NYC

    Jake B. - NYC - Jake was the most politically involved person at the ranch, for sure. Punk, Vegan etc

    Jamie - NYC - Jamie was a re-tread and had came back to the ranch after graduating years before, He was known for getting hammered drunk off vodka and getting a DUI on a scooter riding around Reserve..HAhahahahaha

    Roman - Russia? - Roman was tight, he had a Purple Bubble, hahahaha

    Layla - Bay Area CA - Layla was crazy Filipino chick straight lokester

    Josh - Detroit - Detroit Josh was such a pain in the ass, i remember when he got beat up by Bryant lol, I think Sean beat his ass up at the cabin too! I remeber it late one night, you could hear the screams..

    Bryant - Newark, NJ - Bryant was i think the only black dude i saw at the ranch, he was chill

    Leanna W. - Sacramento/Bay Area, CA - Leanna was a little Nortena' chick from the bay area, Hella crazy

    Brooke - LA - Brooke was awesome, she had huge tits haha

    Elliot - Texas - Elliot was chill, we skated all the time and built ramps together on the basketball slab and skated rails all the time. We got caught smoking banana peels in the purif hahaha that dude did so much acid and he was only like 15

    I never graduated the ranch, my parents pulled me out after literally running out of money and watching as the school was falling apart at the seams, I went on to graduate the Narconon program later in life and will always remeber my experiece at the MK. Not many people understand what we went through out there, it was tough to say the least. I can definitely say is has formed my character today and honestly helped prepare me for how screwed up the world really is.

    I think about it a lot and smile, and honestly sometimes i cry too. That place stole something from me i cant ever get back, before i had a chance to know what that was..

    If you saw your name here, reply!

    Long time no see, i wish we could have re-united with everyone and burned that place to the ground!

    All we wanted to do was GO HOME!!!!

    Last edited: Jun 18, 2013
  2. :) Welcome Cruzer...glad that you joined us. Sorry to hear about your incarceration at that "ranch". :no:

    We really should write a book about that place... Somebody? :confused2:
  3. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    Wow, thankyou for having the courage to speak out.
    I can't imagine the horror ... err well yes I can but I don't want to. What happened needs to be heard, and that is a great opening post!

  4. La La Lou Lou

    La La Lou Lou Crusader

    What actually was this school, a boot camp for naughty scientologist children? I'm confused.
  5. Lurker5

    Lurker5 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Hi, Cruzer, :wave: and :welcome2: Keep telling your stories. It helps, not only you, but others, who had similar. :yes: Thanks for speaking/reaching out. Glad to have you here. :drama:
  6. CruzLurk86

    CruzLurk86 New Member

    Yes La La, it was a boarding school formed in the late 80's, in New Mexico especially meant for kids that are having trouble in the "wog" world.
    The roster included kids from all over the world with drug problems, anger issues and some that had been involved in gangs and even prostitution.
    It was closed I believe in 2002, surrounding multiple scandals including allegations of sexual and physical abuse..which I saw occuring on a daily basis.
    I have seen students attack each other, one time specifically when a student smashed another's face in with a huge rock, shattering his cheekbone and jaw. They didn't even take him to the hospital! They just Made him ice his face and both were sent for an ethics handling!
    i saw a lot of other messed up things I can't remember right now,
    I was there for almost 2 years.. A LOT of things happened I wish I could forget.
  7. La La Lou Lou

    La La Lou Lou Crusader

    I've just leaned something new...You can type with your jaw wide open!

    That must have been quite unforgettable. Is that what applied scholastics was? Jesus it sounds like Hell!
  8. CruzLurk86

    CruzLurk86 New Member

    No, applied scholastics is just the associated company that distributes tech materials to schools and other businesses associated with Scientology. They weren't involved with the day to day operations of the ranch, and in fact they ended up pulling the Ranch's license which I'm sure, helped lead to it's closing down.
  9. Lori

    Lori Cheryl E Love

    Were you there when two or three boys :runaway: into town and talk to the press in 2001? They then successfully got all the way into Albuquerque.
    If so, do you remember them? PM me if you do.
  10. Ranch Kid 1450

    Ranch Kid 1450 New Member

    I was there. I remember when they ran. 3 ran and only 2 came back, Parker was 18 and they couldn't force him back.
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  11. Nicho

    Nicho New Member

    Its time for the MK Ranch story book and timeline to get published. I've got stories and I know there are many more out there. Molly and Randy Baxter extracted insane amounts of money in a very harassing way while allowing many youths to be abused. Lance covered up everything and made it seem legit to the parents while threatening that we would never speak with our parents if we told the truth about the place and creepos running it. Miles, Roe, Lance all in on this scam work camp school. Way out there in New Mexico there was violent, mental, physical, emotional and sexual abuse coming from the staff and the students they hired on as their wingmen. I was held and beaten as were others. Sean Hunt and Trey whatever were the ones that did it to me. After that Sean was hired on as the ethics officer. As far as I could tell he was some kind of ex but not really nazi skinhead. He beat on other kids there and scared the crap out of the rest. Molly and Randy along with Uncle Mike and the gang hired violent and abuse criminals like Ron oh gosh i'd love to know his last name. Psycho taxidermist whose wife and daughter cooked at the ranch and always seemed abused. Ron burnt down his own house and fled from his family. He beat people with his full size mag-light as well as his military trained hands. Uncle Mike who seemed to try to portray some kind of ot8 higher plain ethics shit stood by while all this was going on just as he stood by only some years before while school director and Uncle Mike's buddy Wallace (Wally) Hanks was sexually assaulting the girls at the ranch, scrubbing boys with wire brushes and beating them with his belt along with all kinds of other psychological torture. This is proven and caught on audio tape. Wally and Mike seemed to be following right in L Ron's brutal footsteps. L Ron was a sicko pedophile violet torturer and this Mk Ranch played right into his creepy past. Wally is dead but the fuckers that were in charge at this place ought to be publicly exposed. A book should come out, a chronological book of stories. Morgan, Charlie, Will, Jake, Elliott, Rob, Leah, Jeff, Pascal, Danielle, Erika, Rob, Bryant, Rene, Jordan, Tim were some friends while I was there. Hit me up, any of you!!!
  12. Nicho

    Nicho New Member

    This guy owned and operated the Mace Kingsley Ranch when it was based in Palmdale, CA. He was a child molester and child abuser. I personally saw him fondling girls and abusing children. He also gave alchohol to minors and allowed them to stoot loaded guns for fun. One of his favorite things was to paddle kids on their birthday, one hit for each year of age.
    I reported my first hand knowledge to the Police after I left. But at the time, I couldn't find any victims to come forward with me. One girl I knew was going to but changed her mind at the last minute as her parents were still in the Sea Org and she was afraid they'd disconnect if she reported him to the authorities.
    After the abuse came out, he was temporarily kicked out of scientology but never reported to the authorities. Later on I saw he had a scientology web page so obviously they had let him back in. When I made my allegation public, his page was taken down.
    From what I last heard, he was up in Seattle running some kind of boating club for at-risk youth. This was what was posted on his scientology web page. God only knows what else he has done.
    I don't know about statute of limitations for what I witnessed 10+ years ago, but I think with enough people coming forward we could get him investigated and maybe more recent stuff will come to light.
    Please PM me if you have any knowledge or suggestions on what can be done to have legal action taken.
    Please no trying to track him down to physically harrass, etc. we need to take legal channels here. Thanks.