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Discussion in 'Leaving Scientology' started by SHUKex, Jun 12, 2018.

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  1. SHUKex

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    Do some replies disappear. I did respond to this but can't seem to see it. Maybe I'm missing some procedure.

    Hmm, good question. I don’t think of that as I used to, which was being on a path making gains on a quest to become more able. Although in a way, it can be seen as that. I understand it now more as it being all inherently within us already and all we need to do is let go of anything that is not truly us. E.g - we adopt so very many beliefs – about everything - which remain with us unless we release them (or we vibrate beyond that vibrational band of reality) no matter when we created/agreed to them. The more we let go and become who we are, the higher the picture of truth we can access.

    Five things.....

    I guess it’s more about reaching a space where we reside beyond the story.

    Where we see the perfection of the universe, its exquisite mathematics and the learning it plays in the evolution of the soul and the ever-expanding universe.

    Where we can operate as much as possible in our intuitive Knowing without blowing ourselves out of the game/universe. So, hang onto some ‘Not Know’ in there!!

    When we allow that inherent quality of spiritual compassion (beyond emotional) and truly feel a deep love and gratitude for all life.

    Where we’ve moved from ‘being responsible.’ We resumed a state where we ‘are’ responsible – which reaches our awareness as a natural state, sitting comfortably within the Self. Moving beyond the lower aspect of ‘responsible,’ often viewed as a weight we carry, taking the joy away in our judgement and condemnation of this cross to bear.

    We are creators and life is fun.
  2. SHUKex

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    Yes, but the manor was full of staff once the family left. And one jag! Its not exactly luxury living. Imelda Marcos did much better!
  3. SHUKex

    SHUKex Patron

    Yes, I well recall that comment. Always felt it was a bit tongue in cheek though. There are a lot easier ways to make money that to give thousands of hours of lectures and write multi thousands of policies and tech bulletins, I reckon.
  4. strativarius

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    You're not going to get much change out of me I'm afraid SHUKex. Although my betters tell me that there's nothing wrong with a full and frank discussion about the pros and cons of scientology, I'm one of the intolerant exe's here, and as far as I'm concerned scientology is an evil and dangerous cult, and anyone who comes here attempting to justify Hubbard's behaviour or praise the tech gets pretty short shrift from me.
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  5. Veda

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    As a "public," who had refused, over the ten or so years that I was a member in good standing, to join staff or the Sea Org - despite efforts to get me to do so - I had purchased books, training and auditing. When I wasn't doing courses or auditing, I was no where near an org, or Scientologists. I did receive Scientology publications such as Advance! magazine and the Auditor newspaper in the mail. I was a "pantie waisted dilettante" and I liked it that way.

    I stayed away from Scientology most of time, and didn't think about it much. All in all, I didn't know very much, and, at the time (the 1970s), there wasn't much information available to know.

    It wasn't until a friend, whom I had introduced to Scientology a few years earlier (when I was an enthusiastic new discoverer of Scientology myself), and had subsequently begun receiving auditing from a Field Auditor (LLoyd Greenberg), contacted me and told me of an organizational upheaval (the 1982 Mission Holders Conference), and sent me the transcript of that Conference and a bunch of other items, that my attention was drawn to Scientology again.

    By that time, I had already quietly backed away from Scientology. The changes in the Grade Chart, the (IMO) idiotic "Way to Happiness" booklet, Hubbard's bizarre LSD writings, and, most of all, the awareness that many (too many) Scientologists appeared to be under Hubbard's hypnotic influence, had created even more distance between Scientology and myself than before - and there was already considerable distance most of the time.

    I became aware that a large number of people who were previously high ranking members in Scientology, or had been Mission Holders, had left the organization. I even had a long list - with phone numbers - of these people. They included David Mayo, and even former notorious 1960s "squirrel" Jack Horner. I ran up a huge telephone bill speaking to all of them on the phone.

    It was a very unusual time, and - briefly - Scientology seemed interesting again. I went to California and met with many of the same people with whom I had spoken earlier on the phone. (Almost everything was in California.) I became associated with a break away mission and - on my own, and not part of any group - used some of their space to (mainly) audit others, which I was interested in doing outside the organization, to see what the results were. That took about a year, after which I began work on a number of other Scientology related projects. Since I was (loosely) now part of a "squirrel" group, and one which was under attack by Scientology, I was being exposed to parts of Scientology which I had previously successfully ignored.

    I visited the secret southern California desert base called "Gold," saw the frightened RPFers behind the tall barbed wire fence, had encounters with Scientology thugs, Private Investigators, and lawyers, was able to access and read large amounts of material including Paulette Cooper's private three binder collection of documents, and thousands of pages of FBI seized Scientology spying&dirty tricks documents. I even became acquainted with Hubbard's oldest son, Nibs, and had many long talks with him.

    So I went from being a very distant (off lines) "public" person who was none the less "in good standing," to a rather well informed "squirrel" and "SP."

    Strange ride.
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  6. Veda

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    Not for Hubbard. He was a writer, barely paying his monthly bills in the late 1940s. He was struggling.

    Hubbard liked writing and talking. Starting his own cult was the natural thing for him to do.

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  7. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    RE bolded question (above). You did reply (see post 24 ... copied below).

  8. J. Warbler

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    Didn't he own three ships? And the crews as well, I might add. I mean, it would cost me a LOT of money to get the sort of obsequious treatment that he routinely received from everybody on board. Or so I've heard.....
  9. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    There was a story just in the past week or so about Hubbard taking some cash for a vacation that would have been equivalent to $100,000 (U.S. dollars) in todays money.

    Sounds like luxury living to me. :whistling:
  10. HelluvaHoax!

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    Just because Hubbard destroyed tens of thousands of peoples' lives whilst attempting to enslave the planet---well that doesn't mean he was a bad person.

    Because, per the tech, Ron was "basically good", aside from being "mankind's greatest friend" and messianic savior of all beings in the universe.

    We should not concern ourselves with all the Mest enturbulation, destruction, criminality & suffering that necessarily was stirred up when Ron began to "put order into the confusion" called life, on this planet. I believe it was Buddha who once said:

    "You need to break some (l)eggs* in order to make an OmeleT.

    * leggs - noun:
    1. (archaic variant) legs
    2. in scientology, the scriptural reference to "pink legs sticking out"; a high-toned euphemism for the win called murder.

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  11. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on

    Au contraire. Ron lived quite frugally.

    By way of example he pinched pennies and spent less than a dollar a day on personal necessities!

    Daily salary of 14 year old personal administrative assistant:. 0.37
    Prorated daily cost of one little portable ash tray:. 0.23
    Prorated daily cost of petite-sized white hot pants:. 0.35

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  12. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    I noticed a LOT of public walking out around the time of the David Mayo purge, and in response to the Int Finance Police reign of terror.
  13. SHUKex

    SHUKex Patron

    I totally understand. We each must go with our own experience of it. I was lucky that among the tough stuff, like sleeping on a concrete floor and not getting paid etc, I also had experiences that, for me, were undeniably life changing and never left me. It helps to balance things out.
  14. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    I very much enjoyed learning this side of you Veda. It sounds like you might qualify for a Founding Squirrel Certificate. I know the raid was in the news at the time but I think for most people Scientology was still not a big subject and the raid wasn’t recognized for the importance it deserved either inside or outside of Scientology.

    Sea Org staff were briefed but on one hand it was almost presented like a joke, belittling the bumbling wrong target suppressive FBI in their attempts to destroy the only workable spiritual technology on the planet, and then on the other presented as a constant state of emergency requiring us to all work that much harder to save Scientology.

    The Complex was still mostly empty. I don’t think any of the service orgs had moved in yet so except for the Manor (Celebrity Centre), most of the local public would have been insulated making sweeping it under the rug that much easier.

    But in retrospect that day would make Scientology what it is today. Ironically, the RPF and RPF’s RPF were probably the largest it would ever be at that point in time. There were probably about 150 - 170 Sea Org members who had been summarily RPFed for a litany of reasons, out-2D, dirty needle and rockslam e-meter reads, asking to route off staff, etc. If the FBI knew what they were seeing they would have been astounded that such a gulag existed right under their noses. Miscavige quickly became LRH’s point man for erasing all evidence of his direct managerial and financial control of the organization. LRH would go into hiding and although he maintained direct control and still issued orders his level of direct control would never be the same and he would increasingly rely upon the CMO for direct management. The GO was in disgrace and this provided an opportunity to dissolve it and reform it under the CMO, conveniently removing Mary Sue and Jane Kember and the whole of the GO as a competing force to the CMO. DM would head this and the process of reorganizing the upper management structure and establishing Author Services and the RTC to funnel massive amounts of money to Hubbards private bugout bag. I’ve seen figures between 50-80 million. We little peon staff were on rice and beans for week after week sometimes getting $3. - $6.00 a week for 80 - 130 hour weeks. Do we think Miscavige ever spoke up on behalf of the crew, asking Hubbard to defer some of his raking to make life easier on us?

    Lots of people blew or routed out and each time we lost someone that meant someone else had to take up the slack. This very disturbing aspect of the Scientology cultural dynamic often gets overlooked in discussion. One of the main motivations and reasons for all the mental manipulation to keep staff from leaving is your co-workers don’t want to get stuck holding your post from above. It’s not just about the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics - it’s raw primitive self preservation.

    Miscavige capitalized on the raid and it’s resulting paranoia and disarray to elevate himself to total control. Hubbards obsession over attacking his perceived enemies precipitated the raid, defined the entirety of Scientology and continues to destroy it to this day.
  15. SHUKex

    SHUKex Patron

    I was just thinking about the staff not getting paid and it brought to mind something I had never told anyone. I was in Disbursements (Treasury) for a while at SH and one of my jobs was to take the cash cheque for staff pay to Herbie Parkhouse to sign. Of course it was always a last minute thing but I always worked hard to get it finished and to his office well in time to get to the bank and get the money to pay the staff. Not every week but often, he would stall and stall until he knew there was no time to get to the bank. I would see him check his watch and when it got close enough to 3pm (bank closing time) he would sign it. It was rarely much pay anyway but it was heart breaking to tell staff there was none. We were threatened by him many times with a CommEv (I just recalled that word - Committe of Evidence) if we ever discussed anything that took place in that dept - he meant him! Yes, we were in fear of him and losing our bridge. But after I left and reviewed it all, attempting to extract value from those sort of experiences, I know there is not a chance in the universe I would ever compromise my integrity again or choose to live in fear.
  16. lotus

    lotus autonomous rebellous

    Uncle Ronnie was never tongue in cheek with money stuff.

    To the opposite of your ''naive'' interpretation, Uncle Ronnie lifetime dedication is a bold statement of his lifetime dedication on making money out of people with creating apseudo-religion ( piling it and hiding it out of IRS reach) .

    There are impressions or interpretation (which belong to you)
    and there is historical fact - which belongs to factual records. (one own written\spoken words and following actions are records that speak about true intention)

    Did you read his ''admissions'' ???
    Do you think they were ''tongue in cheek'' statements ??? :cool:
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  17. SHUKex

    SHUKex Patron

    You guys in the US experienced so much of the insane goings on than we did in the the UK. Bits filtered through, but many of us only realized how bad it was in the US after books were written and people interviewed on TV. UK SO - long hours, pressure, hard work, little time to spend with the children (I always felt sorry for the SO children), living on beans and rice and getting dunked in the lake or with a bucket of water and ending up on the RPF, seemed really tough. But I realized long ago,the UK was a walk in the park compared to what was happening elsewhere. You guys know so much of the really tough stuff and I am sure your understanding of that has helped many others discuss their tough times with people who really understand what they went through.
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  18. SHUKex

    SHUKex Patron

    Yes, possibly a naive view. Lots of money was made and it was certainly kept from the IRS (he's not alone there!) I still think there's easier ways to make money, if that is your true goal.
  19. Bill

    Bill Gold Meritorious Patron

    Read the rest of Ron's Affirmations. He also wanted to control people and, basically, to be worshiped as a god. Getting worshiped requires a lot of work, apparently.
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  20. lotus

    lotus autonomous rebellous

    First time I read a quick history of your passage in $cientology - thank you!

    The way to happiness was also sort of wake-up for me as to realize $cientology could be so stupid.
    My mom , like almost all moms in a developped country, already taught us to brush teeth, to bathe each night and not to lie and so on...

    Seriously, I took it as an insult to human intelligence and competence in raising children and teaching them the very core basics in social life.
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