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Another youtube video

Discussion in 'Scientology-related Videos' started by Lee_from_phx, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Lee_from_phx

    Lee_from_phx Patron with Honors

    I've got a question that maybe some of you not-so-old timers can answer. Was PAC repainted a darker shade of blue not too long ago? Back when I was there it was a sort of sky blue color, but now it looks darker.

    Is the canteen still easily accessible to someone walking on the street? I think it would be fun to go in and buy one of those Hansen's sodas from the canteen, just because I can.

    I'm going to have to take a trip out there sometime, just to see how much the place has changed.
  2. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    It is painted a darker blue. The paint is actually a stain (I know this is useless information...). It is made to not fade (supposedly) as much as regular paint. They started it about 2002? I guess. Not for sure. AO, ASHO, Main Building, Leb Hall are all done. The old Bridge building? (Up on Catalina) I cant remember.


    Yes, the canteen is still accessible from the street. I dont think they carry Hanens anymore, but you can try. Its on L Ron Hubbard Way, right there by the ASHO bridge - walk right in, down the steps and it will be right in front of you.

    They have all kinds of stuff in there now - even hygeine supplies to keep the Sea org members locked on the base.
  3. Lee_from_phx

    Lee_from_phx Patron with Honors

    Is there still a long wooden bench outside? When I was there that was where people would sit and smoke, especially younger people.

    I know the bridge you're talking about. When I was there the ceiling was painted weird colors.

    One of the things I distinctly remember from my time there was right after the Northridge earthquake. It was the day after the earthquake. Someone within the church hierarchy decided that it would be good to give out free food to the people who lived in the area, and so they set up tables outside. Sure enough the people who lived in the apartment building on the south side of Fountain showed up for the free grub. I was walking up that bridge and looking out the window at them. One of the guys from the LA org was standing nearby in this suit next to a display with books. He looked a little grim and no one was interested in talking to him or looking at the books. I kind of felt embarrassed for him because I knew how our neighbors saw us.

    Was anyone else there for the Northridge earthquake?
  4. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    1988? or 1994? I was there for both.
  5. wolfright

    wolfright Patron

    1994. I was 13.
    Bridge was still pink last time I saw it.
    I wonder if they started work on the promised berthing remodel we saw a powerpoint for years ago... so logo blankets on all bunks, lrh on the wall, nice wooden furniture, carpet instead of concrete. real working showerts and toilets. :mad: ha ha. That was on the INside tho so prob not.
  6. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    they started it. They were doing the rooms by wings, not floors (has to do with putting in the plumbing). They did 1/2 of one wing while I was still in - the side closer to AO (not good with North South directions, sorry).

    When no other urgent projects are gonig on, the RPF is working on it. But iwth the ideal orgs... forget it.
  7. wolfright

    wolfright Patron

    I was on that wing, on the second floor, a nice big room right by the stairwell and facing lrh way (10-13 of us, not just me).

    Did anyone else here get shot at a lot? Our room was the target of a lot of drive-bys in the middle of the night. Broke our windows once. Stupid cholos.

    I always assumed that the supposed remodel was just to shut us up, when the berthing sit got really bad due to overcrowding and such. Remember the poor deaf lady, named Beth I think, who was in charge of berthing? She was so overwhelmed, it just was sad.
  8. Lee_from_phx

    Lee_from_phx Patron with Honors

    Things must have gotten a lot worse from when I was there. Every so often you'd hear a single gunshot when I was there, but I never heard of anything being directed at one of the buildings.

    Actually that reminds me of something. Someone, not sure who, owned a car that had what appeared to be bullet holes in the back of it. There were a good number of them in what appeared to be a pretty reasonable grouping, so I'm pretty sure they were from someone shooting at the car when it was stationary. This was in 93/94.

    The room where I started out was on the 2nd floor right next to the elevator. This room had a big blue spot on the floor and a 2nd door that opened out onto the roof between main and Lebanon hall. We'd go out there to smoke.

    During the time I was there one of the other non-SO guys who lived in that room discovered that you could look out of the door into one of the girl's rooms over in Leb Hall. I think his name was Jeff but I don't remember for sure. He actually had a pair of binoculars with him and was trying to interest me and the other guys there in peeping at the girls. Neither I nor anyone else took him up on the offer. I was raised better than that.

    Well the girls could FEEL that someone was watching them and it wasn't too much longer before word got out that it was him, it may have even been the next day. He came VERY close to getting his ass beat into a pulp by some of the guys whose girlfriends lived in the room he was spying on.

    They came looking for him in the room and found me instead. To their credit they didn't presume that anyone else was involved and believed me when I told them no one was.

    The guy who was tying to peep at them was from one of the local class-V orgs and had REALLY bad acne. He wanted to do the purif in the hope that it would help. What he really needed was Accutane.

    Please forgive my tendency to free associate. It has been a long time since I've thought about any of this and it doesn't all come back to me at once.