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Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by tr8theta, Dec 21, 2018.

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  1. tr8theta

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    Hello Everyone and Warmest Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and a Great New Year 2019!
    This post is NOT about SCN or anything related to it good or bad but rather just to wish you well and give you an update about my current life situation. some of you may enjoy it...others may not give a crap. Whatever...

    Haven't visited here in awhile and as some of you know I have a pattern of coming here and leaving and coming back again. (maybe it's the Sea Org saying "We Come Back" that's ingrained in my mind!) LOL Oh well...that's who I am and what I do. My posting here tonight will most likely elicit some comments - perhaps of a derogatory nature from some members. It's okay...whatever you feel like saying...I don't mind.

    I'm just finishing my work for the night - I have a home business which consists of my converting family home movies on tapes (such as VHS) old film reels, color slides to DVD and USB Flash Drive for my customers. I also convert audio cassettes and reel to reel audio tapes to CD. People just love their precious memories on these various media, many of which they haven't seen or heard in many years - even decades.
    My house has been like a Dunkin Donuts in the morning with customers lining up at my door to bring me their stuff! I'm not a famous actor or a neurosurgeon or astronaut but this is the greatest "job" I've ever had because it's my own business (no more working for others like I did for 58 years) and if I were to be remembered for having done something nice for people it's enabling them to 'relive" their happy life events which were captured in their tapes and films etc...Thetans really do love their memories!

    Customer's call me and tell me stories like how their 85 year old grandma (who hadn't seen the old 8mm films that were recorded 50 years ago of her and her children and even pets) cried tears of joy SEEING these films for the very first time! So my making people happy makes me happy and that's my current purpose in life!

    I've had my share of ups and sowns in 2018. My daughter (almost 30) relapsed after 8 years of being clean..and is back being a drug addict, following a disastrous 2D relationship. Thanks to Naranon (our local support group for family who have family who are addicts) my wife and I learned how to best cope by not enabling her and with 'tough love" My son who is 22 is also addicted to marijuana, but his behavior is a hell of a lot more tolerable than our daughter's who can be very nasty and vindictive. She asked my wife for money which my wife refused to give her so she called Animal Control on us saying that our cats and dogs were mistreated, diseased and mal-nourished. So the ASPCA Marshall comes to our house to inspect and his immediate reaction was "Are you kidding me? All your pets look great!" He saw that they have pet beds and cat scratch posts and dog toys and are healthy as can be. Co-incidentally when I told him about my home business he came back with some tapes for me to convert! Touche daughter of mine!

    What inspired me to come here tonight was that as I was converting some tapes I just googled the name of our drummer Charlie Rush (Apollo Stars) on a whim and saw that he has passed away. Then I googled ALL the other band members just to see what's on the internet about them and that made me think of ESMB.

    Some goals for 2019 are: get a newer car, go on a vacation (we haven't been on one for the past 17 years ) We'd love to go to Italy. Move from this "too large and big mortgage house" to our smaller condo. I'm writing a fiction novel about two "hands on" healers -one a farmer in Iowa and the other a winemaker in Italy and certain circumstances that bring them together and also threaten their lives as well as instances where they heal people (who have just suffered a life threatening incident- e.g. an earthquake in Italy) right there on the spot! I've got 40,000 words written so far and am aiming for 60-80,000. There is also some sci-fi stuff which explains how they got their healing powers. (Don't worry I'm not going to try and start a religion after this like you know who!)

    Well...gots to go to take care all!

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  2. I like it. This is kind of a "Christmas letter to your family" adapted to ESMB.

    Personally, I made less money in 2018 than 2017, but I look forward to using my spare time more effectively and enjoying myself more (or finally doing some REAL cleanup around this house, which is not fun, but it needs to be done). The stock market is down recently, but my investments and retirement money (stocks and mutual funds) will "bounce back" if I just wait.

    As a never-in, I look forward to more wild antics from our favorite space opera religion -- they are swirling in the commode as they get flushed into the ashcan of history (a mixed metaphor, I know).
  3. tr8theta

    tr8theta I Love Kitties

    Thank you for the "like" . You WILL have a great year in 2019!
    I purposefully don't spend too much time here at ESMB. There is just way too much controversy about SCN which will last until the end of time...whereas I won't. If the stories told about David Miscarriage are indeed true (that's the name I call him) then I hope that 2019 is the year there is a coup d'é·tat. Nobody but nobody deserves to be mis-treated or abused in such horrific manner. You take care Alex!
    Tom R
  4. Clay Pigeon

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    Man this beats the living piss out of "The Xmas Letter" full of slobbering and boasting; real time people engaged in the challenges and difficulties of life.

    Your daughter turned it around once. Here's a prayer she does it again...
  5. tr8theta

    tr8theta I Love Kitties

    Thank you for your kind words and prayers. Like any other addict she may or may not 'turn things around" and I'm well prepared for either.