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ATTN: Fluffy

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Roan, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. Roan

    Roan Patron with Honors


    Roan has authorized me to speak on his behalf.

    He is currently deep undercover on a project (that may come to light later) and is terribly busy and taxed emotionally by the work he is doing.

    In a nutshell Roan sends this message to you: “You had nothing to worry about.”

    He has learned through comm. lines that you are upset and concerned by some jocular ribbing he was up to on another message board. Apparently you read too much into his words and disregarded the smiley at the end of the post? :confused2: I don’t know, I never saw the post.

    Fluffy, just between you and I... we both know that Roan sometimes does not choose his words carefully and (once in a while) does not fully consider the potential effect of his... musings. He’s overwhelmed and very cranky right now and the sound quality of our chat connection was bad, but I believe I did get him to grunt some words, which sounded something like an apology towards you and regret for any mis-understanding.

    I do know that he thinks highly of you as a person, values the few PM’s you two exchanged in times of better relations and above all wants you to know that whatever happens or is said on a MB is just bantering between critics (of which you two are polar opposites). Having said that, I am pretty sure I can influence him to be more careful and charitable when speaking of you and to you.

    If I can be of any more assistance in this matter Fluffy, do not hesitate to ask.


  2. Pooks


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  3. MissDorfl

    MissDorfl Patron with Honors

    And Roan isn't man enough to post an apology here or over on OCMB? Or is he scared that that would get him banned on Lerma's MB? And to post it there, where Fluffy doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of ever being admitted to, so she can defend herself (not that she needs to do that), is the trademark of a coward.

    I saw that post by Roan, and Pooks is right, it could hardly be called "jocular ribbing". My first thought when I read it, was: who died and made that &%$#$ a moderator over on OCMB?

    If I were Fluffy, I'd say:

    :hand:, Roan

    And if you're in contact with Ladybird as well, tell her that it's a bad idea to diss Fluffy for misspelling Elisabeth Kübler-Ross' name, if she cannot deal with Umlaute herself.

    And BTW, I did not realise that Fluffy needs charity.
  4. Lulu Belle

    Lulu Belle Moonbat

    Let he who is amongst us who hath never posted at work cast the first stone...

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  5. radar

    radar Patron

    Isn't posting from your work place an OVERT ACT?:D
  6. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill


    I get three breaks a day, I type 80 words a minute and I read one thousand words a minute.

    Furthermore, my place of business has a cybercafe.

    So, no, guess it's not an overt act.

    Furthermore, some of the people in that cesspit who've pointed fingers at me have admitted to posting from work themselves.
  7. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    Such weird belligerence.

    I stayed on Beliefnet exclusively for 6 years, and now I'm on here. These are boards that just don't have all that many drive-by turd-flingings like you get elsewhere.

    Since being over on ARS, I have a better understanding of why Fluffy talks about all the weird attacks that keep happening. They are weird, and they do keep happening. And it really doesn't matter what you say or do. You are gonna get these attacks on you.

    Everyone gets humiliated. Everyone has their face rubbed in shit. No matter what.

    I don't get it.
  8. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    Hi, Miss D,

    I find it hilarious to be taken to task for spelling Kubler-Ross'es first name (I don't know if I have an umlaut on my keyboard) incorrectly by someone who cannot even spell raisin.
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  9. Lulu Belle

    Lulu Belle Moonbat

    OK, I am bareing my soul.

    I post at work.

    How else am I going to sit there through those 2 hour phone conference calls that are like watching paint dry?


    Shoot me.
  10. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    Ailill (and, I suppose, by extension, Roan)

    I really felt upon reading your post that the only proper answer is one of my favorite lines from a movie. (barrage of obscenities screamed out a car window in the movie "Citizen Ruth")

    Because it is.

    But I will do you the favor of elucidating since it may be needed.

    Here's the thing: Roan has spent a fair amount of time vilifying me on multiple occasions. There was nothing jocular about that post. He meant every word. He's a nasty piece of work.

    This post was not a one off.

    At all.

    If you go into OCMB and search-- fluff or fluffy or claire and put in Roan's name as post-er, you will find many many posts where he slimes me, calling me a liar, and all sorts of things. This has been going on a long time.

    And there's also the one that is still remaining on LermaNUT wherein I'm described as a sociopath that Roan wrote.

    I bet you a CLAM dinner that he will write more in the future.

    So, no. I do not believe him and I do not believe you. Roan is just backpedaling now because he went too far.

    As long as Ladybird posts about me, Roan will be there to back her up.

    By the way,the post I wrote they were cunting and whining about? It's a post from this forum.Ladybird and Roan don't even post here. That means they had to go to the trouble of pulling up a forum to which they don't post, looking up my posts, and then cut and paste to yet another forum- one that I don't post to.

    This is what I wrote that got their panties in a bunch

    The concept of death as a discarding of the body is in Scn and has been long before any LRH death event video. That's where those lying assholes got the term to begin with...

    It's already part of Scn.

    And that is what happens. Body discarded. We are not bodies, we merely have bodies.

    However, I don't know that LRH went on to do other work elsewhere and I don't think it was an formal, controlled "I'm doing this my way" type death. He was out of his head the last months or so of his life and there're indications that he did not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.

    His body still got discarded in the end, but it appears to me that there was pain, suffering and bewilderment involved.

    This reminds me just a tiny bit of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross who came up with a brilliant theory about the stages of denial/acceptance and did a lot of work on the subject of dying. When she was dying, she did not do well at all and her ideas did not work for her. And that's not to say they weren't any good-I think they are. But with certain situations, sometimes the person ends up not handling them as easily as he or she had anticipated.

    That's sick, that's obsessive and it's not the first time or even the tenth time Roan has slimed me. And it's far from the first time that Roan (and also his friend ShitBird) have gone over to other forums- not just this one- to find my posts. They object so much to my posting on forums they're on, but oh look...they have a problem with my posting on forums they aren't on. Wow. Maybe they could build me a niiiice little cage.

    This behavior is ironic in someone who points fingers at Scientologists and women being oppressed and taken advantage of...

    Roan is pond scum and a predator.

    And you make excuses for him.

    Have a nice fucking day.
  11. alex

    alex Gold Meritorious Patron

    While I see Fluffy as "mostly harmless", which is damning with faint praise, she hardly lacks a soul, as implicated by one poster on that thread.

    What a vicious place Mr Lerma's has become....

    Illegitimi non carborundum, Claire.

  12. Lulu Belle

    Lulu Belle Moonbat

    Doesn't anybody care about my confession?

    I'm hurt.

  13. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    Well, that puts you in good company. Ltricha, one of Scumbird's friends said he posted from work. So've many others...

    I like to post on my breaks...I check my emails and I post sometimes, do a little shopping...Our cybercafe is in our breakroom.

    I work very hard. Sometimes I don't take a full lunch. I often stay past five, working. I sometimes come in early.

    I also post before work and after work, sometimes. That can make a lot of times a day- and it seems to be getting noticed by the hypocrite brigade.

    I hear ya about the conference calls. They can be awful. When we have ours, I'm usually in an office or conference room with lots of others and so multitasking or straying is sorta out.

    Thank god for coffee and lunch breaks.
  14. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    Thank you, Alex.


  15. Nec_V20

    Nec_V20 Patron Meritorious

    On behalf of Fluffy to Roan et al

  16. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    So Roan's cranky and under pressure or whatnot right now...ah...I know how that is. It can be very tough. I've been going through that, myself, for a while. I can empathize. It's hard but I'm super nice to our staff at work and to my husband and friends. I make everybody laugh and that eases the pressure. (might be a good example to follow!)

    I wonder what Roan's excuse was the other couple dozen times in the last couple years when he slammed me. And when he slammed other people.

    Kind of a long streak...

    Just sayin'.
  17. alex

    alex Gold Meritorious Patron

    :) :) :)
  18. radar

    radar Patron

    one reason I moved on to this board is that everyone seems ok, though I think sometimes I'm a bit out of my depth posting here.
    fights amongst ex cult members you see all the the time on ex JWs forums. I guess its part of the recovery process. It's ironic that people of cult organisations that promise a future cleansed Earth, peace etc whether it be COS or JWs and so on, end up fighting each other in some manner on forums. For scientology I guess you would say this would be the reactive mind at work
    to Jws it would be sin getting the master of the individual. makes you wonder what all those years of mental programming were really doing to us?
    Merry Christmas
  19. MissDorfl

    MissDorfl Patron with Honors


    don't defend yourself. You're falling into the trap. It's not anyone's business, when and where and how often you post - unless you'd choose to make it a topic. It only shows that "they" :eyeroll: have no arguments, a classical "Ad hominem".

    The trick to "handle" annoying letters that your keyboard doesn't provide, like Umlaute or those French or Scandinavian or Spanish ones is, go to a word processor programme and c&p them into the post.
  20. radar

    radar Patron

    Yes, God
    Confession is good for the soul my son.

    I spend at least 2 hrs of work time a day overtly on my computer......there, I confess and feel better all ready:yes: