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Australians in Scientology

Discussion in 'Reconnecting with Old Friends' started by haiqu, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. mysterysandwich

    mysterysandwich Patron with Honors

    Sydney faces circa 1973 Zimmatore Brothers

    First Photo: Me, Peter Zimmatore, William Holman and Mike Zimmatore

    Second photo: Mike Zimmatore and Eoin MacCauley

    Second photo was taken at the bustop right across the street from the Org on Lee St before the area was developed. This was even before the pedestrian tunnel was built to the train station. It all looks different there now.

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  2. mysterysandwich

    mysterysandwich Patron with Honors

    Shared house in Clovelly

    I've posted this pic before. It's the shared house we had for years down by the beach in Clovelly. It looked a lot better in the '70's though. This shot was taken from Google Earth Streetview not too long ago.

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  3. mysterysandwich

    mysterysandwich Patron with Honors

    Sydney Faces circa 1976 Harry Mason

    Harry Mason again. This shot is interesting as it is the only one I have of Jono and Jenny Gellie. There, at the back sitting next to my sister, Joan.

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  4. mysterysandwich

    mysterysandwich Patron with Honors

    Sydney Faces circa 1976

    First Photo Left to Right: Me, Elena Inta, Trudy Eckhardt (Waltraud Koenig), Peter Shead, my sister Joan.

    Photo was taken in the revolving restaurant at the top of Australia Square. Jan Hill was with us but I think she was the one taking the photo.

    Second Photo: Elena Inta

    Elena was over from NZ doing XDN and went back to Auckland as staff member. Trudy later became staff member in Munich.

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  5. mysterysandwich

    mysterysandwich Patron with Honors

    Sydney Faces circa 1977 Jan Schobel (nee Matthews)

    That's me with Trudy Eckhardt on the left and Jan Matthews (red hair) on the right.
    This was before Jan married Paul Schobel. Photo taken beside the Org at Lee St after the pedestrian tunnel under the railway lines was completed .

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  6. mysterysandwich

    mysterysandwich Patron with Honors

    Sydney Faces circa 1973 William Holman/Orlando Bloom

    William Holman was the best course supervisor in the world. Looked like Orlando Bloom. I need to do a tribute to him. He was that good. Flag pretty much destroyed him. He wound up offloaded and nearly dying from peritonitis in England. Saw him just once a couple years after he got back to Australia and it was so sad. They really did a number on him. I'll write the story sometime.

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  7. mysterysandwich

    mysterysandwich Patron with Honors

    Sydney Faces circa 1973-76

    First Photo: Me in my auditing room when it was still on the first floor at Lee St.

    Second Photo: Me at XDN event attended by 2000 people. It was there I realized I knew every one of the people there, and two years before when I first arrived in Sydney I had known nobody in Australia at all. The picture behind me was painted by Jon Martinsen and donated to the org. I wonder if they still have it.

    Third Photo: Me with Natasha Cramey and Allen Wright

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  8. mysterysandwich

    mysterysandwich Patron with Honors

    Me too. I was around then as well.

  9. mysterysandwich

    mysterysandwich Patron with Honors

    Re: Sydney faces circa 1973

    Tye Hartall-friend of Kevin's from the US, and Tye's girlfriend Debbie.


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  10. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader

    Wowser! John . . . you're looking young and fit there my man . . .

    Umm, what date these . . . must be 30+ years ago?

    The names mentioned reminded me of names that are probably the parents I remember of those in those pics . . . all except one: the famous Harry (the gold digger/geologist) Mason :p

    Thanks for the effort of putting up the pics.

    PS: good to see you surface again:biggrin:

  11. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader


    If he's in the US, I am willing to what I can. I'm in NYC.

  12. mysterysandwich

    mysterysandwich Patron with Honors

    Hi Rog,
    The black and white are about 1973. Peter and Mike Zimmatore arrived from NZ to do the XDN Course early that year, if I remember correctly. I had completed Level IV just in time to start the new course. The 3 of us were the only students. Jan Hill (nee Maunder, later Mullane) had just arrived from Flag and was there to introduce and supervise that course. She was a Kiwi. She ended up staying on and became the girlfriend of Steve Stevens. Or for at least awhile. He dumped her for Flo (can't remember her maiden name) from NZ. But Jan became the Senior CS and remained so until I left at the end of 1978.

    The colour photos are from a year or two or three later. I might be wrong on a few of them but not by more than a couple of years. Certainly none are later than 1978.
    I have a few more pics floating around.....somewhere.... that I hope I can dig up and post.

  13. mysterysandwich

    mysterysandwich Patron with Honors

    Well that's me before and after Scio.
    Photo 1: High School
    Photo 2: 1984
    Photo 3: 1991
    Photo 4: 2002 Getting older:(

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  14. Petey C

    Petey C Silver Meritorious Patron

    Awwwww -- you cutie! I had no idea Sydney org staff could have so much fun eating at restaurants and going to parties! (Unlike us poor old SO members.) Great to see the pics of Martin and Joan and the others I'd almost forgotten. Mind you, that pic of Phyll looking like a basilisk did bring me a little shudder.

    I'm going to dig up some old pics too soon. Any day now.
  15. woke up

    woke up Patron

    more photos as soon as I can upload.....

  16. X-Member-Hooray

    X-Member-Hooray Patron with Honors

    I remember some of thsoe guys. Brings back memories.
  17. wigee1

    wigee1 Patron with Honors

    I remember most of you guys at LEE ST , I,ve got some good stories , around 76-79
    I got on really well with Phyll,Don,t know why ,as i was always off policy, and very hard to handle, but she backed me up all the way, i,d say i,d be shot,these days, But the staff were a fantastic bunch of guys, It could be the period too, but ill leave you guessing, until i,m fully on ,This is the first time i,ve looked into SCN since 80,s
  18. Outethicsofficer

    Outethicsofficer Silver Meritorious Patron

    Re: Sydney Faces circa 1973-1980's

    I was in the SO from 1985 and met both Joan and Mark there. Joan was just a lovely lady and I have only fond memories of her and Mark. Then after a while they went up lines.
  19. wigee1

    wigee1 Patron with Honors

    John , Thread #259 Joans man at that time was Graham Barret (think the spellings wrong) he was E/FDn or D/ED Had a Office next to mine,Nice guy, I Got stuck piggy in the middle with Joan and Graham, Joan Audited me on NED ,after Phyll Stevens awarded me 25 Hours of NED , could have been more ,Ah! love at first bite,It was fun
    ,Not the Ethics trip,though ,
    I also flatted with wigzel and Noel Mullane at Clovelly a real hoot ,wigz making her Date loaf, which she sold to staff the following day, and Noel making Irish whisky by the flagon, which quickly got drunk that night, How those two became power auditors ,ceases to amaze me.
    It certainly was a boom time for the org, It had a momentium, that was unstopable
  20. jsana

    jsana New Member

    Any Idea what or where the safra's are? I knew Elizabeth Safra a longtime ago. any update would be nice, thank you all :)