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Discussion in 'Reconnecting with Old Friends' started by haiqu, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. Human Again

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    Yes, Wendell! :thumbsup: They had just got married when I joined Tours. She gained so much kudos from that 2D that she was like the D/CO Tours even though she was a fairly new Reg herself. Mind you, to be fair, she was pretty good at making GI I seem to recall. But she was so much higher ont eh totem pole than long term reges like Sue McClintoch, her hubby, John Dunstan, Michelle etc. It was really clear she used her connection 100% of the time.

    Julie and I never exactly got on, it seems Steve's taste hasn't changed much (ooh, ow, that is so bitchy myself I can't believe it, obviously still got some upset with Julie.) Oh, and I only met Fleur a couple of times and I have no idea if she was a bitch or not.

    And Julie, since you're out now, maybe I should give you the benefit of the doubt and assume it was the environment.
  2. ttamaad

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    Bloody Tours Org... what a hassle they were every Thursday on the Academy in Castleraegh St.

    Every Thursday, they would rip students off course (in their lunch break) and hold them in the "cell" (the tours org office) trying to pry money out of them and then release them after the two oclock deadline.

    Man, it was a battle... the amount of times I'd have a ... let me see... an altercation with that lot isn't worth counting... Then I'd get hit for allowing WIAC policy to be broken or my points would be down due to three students not turning up after lunch on Thursday due to the Tours Org

    and now... aint it great. No more Thursday stats or altercations. Being in is a great reason for being out
  3. Carmel

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    From my recall, Julie was a sweet enough chick. I liked her. She got caught up in the whirl wind, yes, but by the same token, Steve played the game, and he played it well. Julie wasn't the manipulator, in my books.

    Fleur was an ok chick in my books too. I liked both Fleur and Julie - as I did Trish (Steve's next 2D). I liked Steve too - however (whether you are lurking here or not Steve - and I love ya all the same), I reckon Steve has a few things to answer for. Don't blame the girls - when it came to Steve, the girls weren't the one's in control.
  4. Human Again

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    I'm sure she was fine with many people. Especially tech terminals who are the best "tags" for regging.

    She was my immediate senior when I first graduated the EPF and a more traumatic time I cannot imagine. "Rightness of a being?" "ARC?" "Gradients?" None applied to juniors as far as Julie was concerned. She ripped off my face so often, I ended up with velcro to make it easier to get back on.

    And I know Steve was much loved, but again, I cannot say I benefited from my association with him in any way. His laughter following me out the door after Julie had ripped into me for some non-understood violation is all too easy to recall. Shudder.

    Steve and Julie were great at presenting the soft side and I saw it with others of course. But they never felt the need to be that way with me. I also got to see them cajole and laugh with staff and public while they were int he office and then disparage and tear them down when they had left. I watched them plan extact routes of conversation that would help guide someone into a reg cycle, they acted as if they saw affection as a tool to get what they needed. I am sure, if they find their way to this board, they would have nothing but derision and disgust on their face, seeing me here.

    Carmel, I have no no doubt you enjoyed their company and that they were never less than fine with you. It just wasn't that way with me and you know the environment, one could never, ever say anything negative about an "upstat" senior. I was brand new SO and after the first time I went to ethics to complain about how I was treated... well I can tell you I never spoke up about them again.
  5. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    And, of course, dear old Gerry T is still plugging away as a member of the SO crew at AOSHANZO.
    He remains one of my favourite people. :)
  6. ULRC/S

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    I'd like to set the record straight on Steve Stevens (jnr).

    In the early 80's he was prancing around in Armini suits and driving a obscenely expensive Porsche Turbo when the staff that were doing the real work and delivering the tech to the paying public were getting between zip and $2 a week. I used to let my pay build up for 6 weeks or so until I had enough to take some babe to the movies, and that would cover the movie tickets, no dinner and not even coffee afterwards. That had to come from my other income.

    And he was also a crook, my admin is normally abismal but I was smart enough to demand full receipts for all my payments to his Tours Office for my OT Package, which is just as well because when I arrived at AOLA to do the services, not one penny had arrived from Australia, across the two years i had been paying in.

    The guys at AOLA were tops, acting on the "We deliver what we promise" policy,and I got my services all OK, but they were swearing, and mine wasn't the first time this had happened either!

    Regards, Allen

    PS Scooter - we found what were were looking for!
  7. Once bitten

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    I also would like to ack that people might have liked Steve, but I thought he was an egotistical, arrogant dictator. Billy & I worked really hard at our 'wog jobs' and we managed to save up for a stereo. (Which still goes btw, not like this imported crap). When Steve heard that we had bought a stereo Billy was hauled into his office and had his face ripped off because we didn't own a set of books. It was truly horrible. I do remember his suits and his car, and where everyone else was struggling, he acted like a complete bastard poncing around.

    I've told this story before, but there was another fellow down in mimeo who accidentally left his bank book lying around and it was taken up to Steve who called for him and forced him to spend his whole bank balance on books.

    Here's something funny too - Steve was raging one morning during muster, tearing strips off us all for some minor thing that had upset him, and during the rant, he was holding a clip board. His new wife, (Julie? maybe it was Fleur) had written on the back of a piece of paper on his clip board which he had now turned over to face us as he read off the next sheet, she had written 'NICE CUDDLES THIS MORNING XXXXX' in huge writing. Everyone saw. We all stood there trying to use our best TRs so as not to burst into hysterics, but as soon as he left the room everyone just gaffawed all over the floor. That kept us going for days. I don't know if anyone ever told him.

    :hysterical: :hysterical: :hysterical:
  8. ULRC/S

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    Good one Genny. I have another funny story regarding Steve Stevens.

    The deadline to get my OT package paid before the price was to rise some major amount was drawing close very fast. I had raised all I could find and couldn't see the task being achieved, So I decided to sell something I treasured to a collector who had always wanted it. I called him up and said he could have it, but I had to have cash, and I had to have it on or before Thursday morning.

    He said OK, and Thursday morning he arrived with a bundle of notes, and a HUGE bag of 20 cent coins. This guy owned a couple of hamburger stands and each one had several pin ball/video games, so he had raided them to make the amount needed for the deal.

    I got to Steve Steven's Tours office a couple of minutes before 2PM, and poured this huge amount of coins on his desk, saying "It's all there - trust me!"

    It was and I met the deadline, but he was well put out!

    Regards, Allen
  9. Carmel

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    I get it all in regard to Steve and Julie. I saw and know well what you are talking about. In those days I felt like bopping Steve a couple of times myself(but I didn't, I just cursed at him instead). In saying that though, I saw another side too.

    When Steve was out of the SO, he was a very different man. Hopefully when Julie got out, she regained what she was too.....the bright sweet thing who came into the org as a new public.

    It's good for all to face up to unsavoury things that they have done. Rightly or wrongly, I think it's better that any "bashing up" over it, is left to the people themselves, although it's fair enough to state one's stance and I understand the angst in regard to these guys.
  10. ttamaad

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    My take on all this is.... The choice to treat anyone with disrespect is entirely up to each individual.

    Scientology appears to have created a plethora of shouting maniacs who seem to think that they will be obeyed whatever the circumstance.

    The trouble with this is that while it is easy to blame Scn for their outbursts and let the perpetrators themselves off, we all should be reminded that each of us has a choice as to whether we scream and shout or not.

    These people chose to shout, cause upset and jump on people. I saw it happen... It happened to me. Acceptable?... No not under any circumstance, including being in scn

    Maybe they are nice people now...
    They still ripped people up back then....
    ...and some of those people now have the support to talk about what happened... should they be quiet... hell no, quietness allowed scn to become what it is now
  11. ttamaad

    ttamaad Silver Meritorious Patron

    but then again... I just recieved this in an email

    Maybe someone is trying to tell me something....

    Again, it shows that each choice is ours and ours alone

  12. mysterysandwich

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    Phyll Stevens

    Lieutenant Commander Phyll Stevens

    We did not get along at all-though she did at one point grant me Kha Khan status. Not that it did any good in the end.

    I recall our first meeting. At Lee St around 1973 or 74.

    Was talking with the then ED Helen Shelton (later to marry John Parselle) down in her office near reception. She indicated I should go over and meet Phyll, a “top SO exec” who had just arrived in Sydney on a mission.

    So I walked over to introduce myself, offered my hand and she simply looked me up and down rather dismissively, without saying anything. I thought, “Wow. I really do not LIKE this woman.”

    I was struck then by the immediacy and forcefulness of that thought.
    There was little doubt in my mind that I had been viewed, assessed and rejected, so well could she project. Ya didn’t hafta be psychic to feel that wrath.

    That pretty much set the tone for all future interaction between us.

    Though she left me alone for the most part and we had no screaming matches to speak of (was pretty one-sided), I learned early on to be very wary of her.

    Our first confrontation came not long after our first meeting. I was in the exec office trying to deal with some issue I had with Brian Rackham(Tech Sec-and there’s another fine piece of nasty work. See? I can judge harshly too! J) and suddenly Phyll is shouting at me “How dare you come in here and attack my upstat execs!!”.

    Quite stunned, I turned to look at her and she shouts “DON’T TR-0 ME!”

    That pretty much sealed things for me, in my own mind.

    For one thing, I was not attacking at all. For another, Brian Rackham was a total prick and part of my surprise was the sudden realization that Phyll could not even see that! I thought, “holy shit! If she is so blind she can’t even see where that man is coming from, it really is going to be a me- versus-them scenario.”

    And it certainly became that and remained so for the remainder of my time there.

    I just hated being there so much.

    To her credit, I believe Phyll did a lot of good work and was quite instrumental in “making” that org successful. But I hated never knowing from one time to the next what to expect in terms of her moods.

    That’s the org “think”-that it is a positive thing to be able to express one’s current emotions without restraint or concern about repercussions. In other words, if you feel like shitting all over someone, it’s ok to do that. If they can’t deal with it, that’s their problem.

    She could be positively vicious-fanaticism taken to the extreme.

    Writing this, I am amazed at the sheer number of instances of abuse that come to mind. It’s almost like the attitude first exists and thereafter any action, thought, conduct, projection verbalization, etc in alignment with that attitude is somehow deemed “acceptable”. And the prevailing attitude must surely be no less than that of absolute contempt given the nature and prevalence of those abuses. This was/is endemic in the organization.

    How truly bizarre.

    (Pardon me. I wanted this to be a rant and instead, I am philosophizing. J)

    But seriously, I think that to me, Phyll epitomized the sheer idiocy and irony of the situation. I was witness to an organization dedicated to freedom and truth being taken over by a draconian military regime! I didn’t sign up for that.

    Probably Phyll’s greatest disdain was reserved not for those who left but for those even WANTING to leave. (How does that work? You treat them as slaves and when they object and want to leave you are completely indignant! Huh?)

    But it’s true. It became a crime-written in policy- to even SPEAK to anyone about wanting to leave.

    Forget about the terms of your contract.
    You signed up for 5 years but at the end of that time could not leave unless you had a replacement.
    A real catch-22.

    As the only acceptable replacement could be someone with the same amount of training and experience as you, you were limited to those who had been in as long or longer than you.
    You were trapped.

    That happened to Noel O’Donnell. He did his 5 years after which he dared to leave in spite of her objections. His reward for those years of faithful service…? A Committee of Evidence, denial of further OT levels, etc. We slammed him. I know because I was on that Committee. To my everlasting shame, I went along with the findings mostly because I was in fear of the same thing happening to me as my time was also almost up.

    You didn’t cross Phyll.

  13. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    Gawd, mate, I thought you'd leave people like Phyll Stevens until much later in the unburdening process!
    Thanks for the story, I agree with your opinions.
    I think it was Dart who used Pol Pot in an analogy about Phyll elsewhere on the Board.
  14. Leon

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    Interesting stories.

    I knew Helen Shelton, Audrey Devlin and Rudi Eder. But where is the name of my mate Mick Parkee??? What ever happened to him? Please tell.
  15. mysterysandwich

    mysterysandwich Patron with Honors

    Mick Parkee

    Gee....if you knew Rudi you must go back a long ways. He left/blew back in '72 and I never saw him again.
    As far as Mick Parkee goes, I am afraid I don't recall the name. Was he around earlier/later? Possible he was gone when I got in in July of '72.

  16. mysterysandwich

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    Phyll Stevens

    Ha! One always processes what the pc's attention is on. :)
    Seriously, I am having a hard time deciding where and about whom to start with. Also, this could be turning into stories perhaps more appropriate to another thread. But's still "Australians in Scientology" as far as I am concerned. I will probably post here until someone tells me otherwise.

    One funny thing...I am not myself Australian. It's just that my scio time track takes place for the most part down under. And of course, I DO consider OZ to be my home. One of my biggest regrets is not taking out dual citizenship when I could have. That and allowing my permanent residency to expire.

    Interesting to me how writing about all this IS a valid unburdening process. Or is turning out to be.
    Just glad for the opportunity.

  17. mysterysandwich

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    Steve Stevens we have a thread on St Stevens:)
    I didn't have any kind of run-ins with him myself. But did not really interact with him either. It did bother me that the disparity of wealth was so great, the tours guys reaping big commissions and the remaining staff virtually penniless.
    And there were instances of unethical regging that I am aware of. One guy I audited from Western Australia (Geraldton) had been sold 50 hours of XDN with the promise that that would "handle his whole case". Think we spent a lot of time doing word clearing and handling his upset in discovering that he had been sold a load of goods. That really pissed me off.

    One time in a meeting Phyll announced that henceforth it would be policy that all prospects were to be told about how many hours of auditing would be required to get specific results. That is, they were to be told honestly what it would realistically cost them to go up the bridge. I let out a spontaneous yelp of appreciation and she glared at me and abruptly shushed me with a "THANK YOU!" So I could see that this policy was not entirely to her liking. Hmmm..wonder what I missed on her with that one.

  18. Human Again

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    Do you consider my post to be "bashing up" of Julie and Steve?

    Perhaps I need to be more specific with my incident recall.
  19. sallydannce

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    I did not know Julie but I have been told by someone that knew her that she is now married to professional golfer Michael Campbell.

    Perhaps someone would be so kind to let me know if this is the right Julie. "My person" was a bit unsure from these photos as apparently when he knew her she had dark hair.

    Link to Campbell's official site: (has other photos of Julie in gallery)
  20. Human Again

    Human Again Silver Meritorious Patron

    Yes. This is Julie who was Stevens who was Wendell. Her natural hair color is light brown. In this photo she is a little more recognisable to me:

    Julie, Wherever you are, I wish you well. You were a cow to me but I'm over it and hold no grudges, even if memories of you can bring old hurts to the surface.
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