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Australians in Scientology

Discussion in 'Reconnecting with Old Friends' started by haiqu, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. mysterysandwich

    mysterysandwich Patron with Honors

    more on Linnah

    Linnah and I co-audited up the grades and to Dianetic Completion. Or rather Expanded Dianetic Completion. This was about 1976 or so but certainly before the data about Dianetic Clear came out. Had it been after, we would not have been running any Dianetics at all.

    You run Dianetics on Clear and it doesn’t run right.
    We sure found that out.
    Interestingly, in my case at least, the phenomena was classic. I had had huge wins in early Dianetics and things ran like a dream. Not so later on and especially not so when we tackled XDN.

    Bizarre as it seems, it got to the point where, upon hearing the very first words of the first command (“Locate an incident….), I would promptly and rapidly begin going unconscious. My head would droop, and, while I could hear and be aware of what was being said, I would nevertheless become and remain completely unresponsive. And that condition persisted until Linnah would pull out the ole L3RD correction list and start assessing. The instant she got to Line 6 (“...was an implant restimulated?”), I would immediately “come to”.
    And the same thing happened for every flow, for every item.
    Truly bizarre.

    But that was part of the problem too. The items.
    Basically they were uncharged.

    You see, generally the first the main process on XDN consisted of running Evil Purposes. Someone would cull all your folders for all the times when you voiced some that you had and they would be put on a list to be run later.
    Problem was you were kind of at the mercy of whoever it was who did the culling. And whichever auditor it was who recorded your utterances.
    A lot of times infinitive phrases were mistaken for stated intentions, auditors would misread or fail to note reads or simply misduplicate the wordings. In other words, you could later be asked to run EvPurps that weren’t even purposes, or that weren’t yours, or that were simply uncharged (never read in the first place).

    As with Drug Items, EvPurps were not checked for interest before running. Normally, if an item is uncharged, one is not interested in running it. So failing to check for interest meant that a lot of items were taken up that the pc had no interest in at all. Made for hard slogging.

    And in my case, the same situation persisted into the grades. I would hear the command and start going inconscious.

    Of course, it all seems simple and logical in retrospect, but at the time, it must have been very frustrating for Linnah.

    In fact I had this sorted out and confirmed later, in subsequent auditing.

    So Linnah…..wherever you are…..I want you to know….this was NOT YOUR FAULT!!
  2. mysterysandwich

    mysterysandwich Patron with Honors

    some more on Linnah

    There was some magazine that came out in the 60’s in the US modeled on Mad Magazine, and in one issue they had a really funny article about made-up names, many with sexual innuendoes. You know…. like the old joke about book titles (“I Fell Off Mt Everest by Eileen Dover), but with a sexual twist.
    Harry P. Ness
    Hugh G. Reckshun
    Zeke Steenine
    Wilma Fingerdu
    Mike Hunt
    Connie Lingus
    Phil Attio
    Omar Balzache
    Dick Gozinya
    Bob Dwyer
    Rufus Leakey
    Bertha de Blues
    Stu Pendasdork
    Peter Gozupya

    You get the picture.:eyeroll:
    Kevin and I discovered we had read the same article in our respective countries some years before and had both found it to be hilarious. So we would bring these names up every now and again and have our chuckles.

    Well, one time I was auditing Linnah, assessing a list of terminals (probably a Grade Zero Process), and somehow, some way, I made a Freudian slip and blurted out a name that was not even on the list: “Mike Hunt” (!) :duh:

    The name just came out of my mouth.

    It was a terminal definitely NOT on the list and I have NO idea why I said it aloud (apart from the obvious, above), and it was NOT deliberate.

    Of course Linnah erupted into surprised laughter and I was stunned at what I had just done! :duh:
    There we were. Her laughing and me trying to “keep my TRs in” (and frankly, knowing what I know now I would have gladly howled right along with her :) ), but I struggled not to.

    To this day I can never recall that moment again without laughing out loud at the thought at the thought of it.:yes:
  3. mysterysandwich

    mysterysandwich Patron with Honors

  4. mysterysandwich

    mysterysandwich Patron with Honors

    Thank you Roger. And yes. You said it well, in a nutshell here.
  5. woke up

    woke up Patron

    best list item ever!

    Omigod, that is HILARIOUS! Wouldn't it have been awesome if auditors had been allowed to be in TOTAL ARC with their PC and just yuck it up for a couple minutes?!
  6. woke up

    woke up Patron

    mystery sandwich clear

    Well that would explain a whole lot! And it is super:happydance: that it got sorted out later.
  7. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader


    This spoke volumes to me and, I suspect, it might to many others on the board. (And I now know why you were so interested in "line-plots" when Alan was last on his "Opening Pandora's Box" thread :yes: )

    The presentation I did in Pasadena might give you an insight or two when it is up. We should talk after you've seen it.

  8. nw2394

    nw2394 Silver Meritorious Patron

    That would be good to see.

  9. mysterysandwich

    mysterysandwich Patron with Honors

    Martin Bentley

    During the Melbourne Inquiry in the '60's when Scientology got banned, a number of people were protesting outside the court house and Martin made the headlines in a major newspaper with a closeup, full frontal photo of his face, glaring at the camera. The headline?

    I have never seen it myself (Martin told me the story). But I can imagine!
    Those dark, baleful, glowering eyes, tidy black bearded chin, thin face and gaunt features....the editor must have LOVED it! :)
  10. mysterysandwich

    mysterysandwich Patron with Honors

    more on Dianetics

    This following may be a topic for a different thread, but it does involve Kevin.
    You see, he was never able to successfully run Dianetics-which is probably significant in his later public disaffection with it that I have yet to write about-but I thought his situation differed from the usual in that he had difficulty from the outset.

    In my experience, most problems in running Dianetics came as a result of people being overrun. That is, being run on Dn after going clear, or certainly after having had major wins. It was unusual for people to never have good luck with it. Well, unless they were overwhelm cases in which they needed a lot of Objectives and lighter processes like ARC Straightwire, recalls, etc.

    But Kevin did not fit this latter category.

    I have found that some people, artists in particular, do not necessarily view time as a linear concept. This was first brought to my attention in NLP Time Line Therapy where they in fact establish first of all how each client DOES view time.

    It could be that Dn ceases to work after Clear simply because, or in part at least , one then gets out of the time stream. As such, Dianetic procedure would no longer parallel the client’s constructs.

    Alan refers to this also, I believe, in his definition of Presence Time. One does not “go back” in time. Everything is here now, in the present, and we access it, or not. And one being fully present simply has a “present time” that expands to include a larger and larger spectrum.

    Just musing.
  11. woke up

    woke up Patron

  12. mysterysandwich

    mysterysandwich Patron with Honors

    Re: Mystery,

    (Trying to attach a file here of the old house)

  13. mysterysandwich

    mysterysandwich Patron with Honors

    Re: Mystery,

    This one?
    22 Melrose Parade.jpg
  14. woke up

    woke up Patron

    Oh yes, the old Clovelly house. As the original tenant, I am appalled at its transformation into a dump. Yuck.
  15. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader


    Good to see you posting again.

    Seeing this thread come up this morning, and seeing I had posted to it earlier on without remembering what, I decided to read through it . . . being an Oz and having been there back when.

    I note in posts #72 and #73, comment about Phyll Stevens :biggrin:

    I knew Phyll in the early '60's ('63-'64).

    At that time she was a rather gracious lady, if somewhat intense. This obviously before she'd been to Flag to get all that "wonderful" training on how to be a $cn Executive and "handle" people :duh::duh:

    It is interesting how the SO Exec thing seems to change people. I've seen it in others :yes:

    It is, it seems, one of those examples of the insanity of the system that is now $cn.

  16. I remember going to that "come in your own valence" party.... if I remember correctly Linnah was wearing an American Indian outfit and had her hair braided... :party:

    All these names are bringing back such memories...

    Love reading all the stories, keep them coming...:thumbsup:
  17. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    She was once "gracious"? Must have been an engram that got audited out. Not meant to be a personal criticism of her...I didn't know her very well...just say'n "gracious"........
  18. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    LOL, is that the one where Martin came as The Devil ?!
  19. OMG:omg: I think your right... he did... I only remember snippets about the party. My kids were real small then and I didn't stay long, I was also rather overwhelmed by the whole thing as I really wasn't part of the "in crowd" but it certainly left an impression on me and I've thought about it over the years... I somehow felt like I was always looking in and wanting more of what they had....:window: remember that song, about having "my nose pressed up against the window pane"....
  20. Petey C

    Petey C Silver Meritorious Patron

    Roger, you clearly never worked for Phyll Stevens! I did, and frankly I'd rather stand on my head in a bucket of shit than do that again. I had more or less the same experiences as Mystery Sanger did. And just the other day I was talking to an ex who is now a highly successful businessman who told me Phyll had said to him that he would NEVER be successful. IMO Phyll was vindictive, arrogant, defensive, very impressed with herself and basically a ball-buster. She had very limited real world experience. She was the sort of "data series evaluator" who came up with a who and a why and then proceeded to write an eval backwards from there. The time I spent working under her (and I use that term advisedly, I still have the boot imprint on my cheek) was sheer bloody hell. I got regularly punished for things I did as well as things I couldn't possibly have done. And yes, it was after her returned from Flag. I suspect she got demoted to ANZO after Flag, though we would never have known it then. And boy she sure made a lot of innocent people pay for that.