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Bedtime Story #11 - Disconnection

Discussion in 'David Miscavige and Current Management' started by Free to shine, May 2, 2009.

  1. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    I've added this to the complete Bedtime Stories thread, which was to keep the Bedtime Stories together, yet feel it is important and needs to be discussed as well in it's own thread.

    This is the stuff that is actually happening, and the more people that know about it, the more who can do something about it.

    (Little Dickie Series #11)

  2. Megalomaniac

    Megalomaniac Silver Meritorious Patron

    'scuse me. :confused2:

    I don't understand why so many of us are anonymous. My only explanation is fear. Fear of some sort of harassment. Fear of embarrassment. Fear of having friends and family disconnect or be subject to harsh treatment.

    Tommy Ding Dong and Little Dickie may be lying criminals. But they have the balls to not be anonymous. Well, I don't know that actually. Maybe they are on this board, too.

    Sorry if I'm offensive. If the author cannot be frightened, why can't he/she give his real name? :think: I'll put a lot more faith in these Little Dickie stories when I can trust the source.

  3. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    For those with family disconnection, of course the fear is real. Unless you have experienced it, don't make less of it. I can't tell my whole story, I only wish I could, and I am not alone in this. I know many, many people who cannot speak out for fear of making a bad situation worse. Yes, maybe that has to happen, but it's also something that requires a kind of courage that can be hard to find when your family has been smashed to pieces.

    As for the author - methinks there is a lot in the works that is yet to be revealed, and common sense dictates a roundabout approach at this time.
  4. Megalomaniac

    Megalomaniac Silver Meritorious Patron

    Hi FTS,

    I experienced such a fear for years. When I decided to come out last December, I decided to come OUT. This has caused a hardship for me and my mom, and I knew it would. That's why it took so long. I don't mean to put anyone down for feeling fear. I'm just saying, the author claims that he/she can't be frightened, and I don't buy it.

    Surely there is more to be known. Yes.

    Good luck,
  5. Good twin

    Good twin Floater

    Mac, it's not just fear. There are other reasons for not coming out completely.

    Some of us are still in contact with some who are in. Some of the people I am in contact that are in know I am out and some don't. I know people who are out but still lay low for a variety of reasons. I have contact with several people who have very complicated tentacles into and throughout the cult.

    It's not so bad really. I don't feel I have any obligation regarding the cult. I gave up trying to save the world. Lots of you guys here know who I am. I'm sure OSA does if they care. I don't really care who knows who I am, but there are people who would rather be able to stay in touch with me openly and without consequences. I respect that.

    You know who I am. My story is typical. Someday I'll tell the really creepy parts. They aren't much different than anyone else here has told.

    That is part of the value of the internet. You have the right to remain anonymous. Or not.................
  6. Megalomaniac

    Megalomaniac Silver Meritorious Patron

    I am skeptical. :shrug:

    You are the good :innocent: listener.

    Ok, then. Carry on with the topic. This thread was supposed to be about Tommy Ding Dong offering goody gumdrops for loyal lips. :carryon:
  7. HolyCow

    HolyCow Patron with Honors

    I respectfully submit these possibilities for your consideration: 1) The author is intelligent enough to have a strategy. 2) Little Dickie has a large cache of lawyers, guns and money as well as a sociopathic personality

    The very purpose of class action lawsuits is to garner enough legal armor, war funds, and stockpiles of witnesses and a shield of documentation. David and Goliath is a mythical tale for fools; class action lawsuits are an army of David's.

    True courage includes effectiveness. Hope this helps some.
  8. Megalomaniac

    Megalomaniac Silver Meritorious Patron

    Little Dickie probably knows exactly who they are.

    I still don't get it. :confused2: It's ok. I don't have to.
  9. Zinjifar

    Zinjifar Silver Meritorious Sponsor

    Speaking for myself, I haven't been 'anonymous' for more than a decade; my name is Joe Lynn. At the same time, there are legitimate reasons for people not to want to be 'known', even if it's only in not wanting to be 'known' on google. Also there are plenty of good reasons for people not to choose to get 'actively' into the Stop Scientology 'movement', and, I don't think it's anybody's business what those reasons are.

    In most cases, the 'Church' does know who people are, or, with no more than their usual obsessive paranoia and malice, can find out. Still; how visible or 'active' someone chooses to be is their own decision.

    For the 'anons' the anonymity is a deliberate choice and part of the 'culture'. Anon has its inception in the kinds of 'forums' where literally hundreds of people may be 'chatting' at one time and it's that random and inconprehensible soup of comments and distractions that gives rise to 'viral' thought, where the actual 'case zero' is and *should* be invisible.

    That's why 'face fag' is one of the more serious charges in anon culture. The 'ideal' anon doesn't even remember that *he* interjected the comment that led to the flood :)

  10. Megalomaniac

    Megalomaniac Silver Meritorious Patron

    I understand. People can do what they want, reveal what they want. I think it's worth making the point that, if they want people like me to take what they say seriously, they need to be credible. It's hard to be credible when you're hiding your identity. But do your thing.

    I definitely don't fit in with the anonymous culture. But maybe it's not that much different than real life, where people put on a "face", hiding who they really are inside. I guess that's what I was doing when I was a Scientologist. I guess I still do a little, but it's not a good thing, usually.

    Sorry for being :offtopic:

    Thanks for doing what you do, Zinj. The first time I saw protesters, over 10 years ago, I turned my head. I didn't even want to read their signs or talk to them. No one specifically told me to do this. It was just a reaction, based on a lot of internal propaganda. Anyways, it took some persistence to get through to me. Thanks.

  11. Carmel

    Carmel Crusader

    Another forced disconnection in ANZO this last week

    Some exes certainly have good reason to keep their identity a 'secret'.

    A few weeks back, and an old friend of mine (Peta O'Brien) who I had lost contact with, gave me a call. She was doing the "BIC" at the time, for the 'ideal org' in Brisbane. She was also thinking of starting a WISE academy (or something like that), and was going to ask me for advice.

    I told her where I was at and why. I also gave her links of things to read. After our phone call, she and her husband Aaron spent the whole weekend on the net, finding out all sorts of stuff, and the penny dropped for them bigtime.

    Then on the Monday, she had a 'friend' who was having some 'justice' trouble in Brisbane org. Without thinking of possible repercussions, Peta advised her 'friend' of the latest info she had found out, in an effort to help her.

    Over the next few weeks Peta and Aaron decided to stay under the radar as all their contacts in Brisbane were scios, their employer was a scio, and they were living with scios, and they needed to change their work and living arrangements and speak with family still in, before making it known that they were "out".

    Meanwhile though, the girl Peta had given the data to, had revealed what Peta had said to her and given her, to org terminals.

    To cut a long story short (Which Peta and Aaron can tell you about themselves), pretty well overnight, they had been cut off from the Brisbane field, they lost their jobs and were having to find somewhere to live.

    It's all turned out OK for them, or it soon will be. They packed up all their gear, drove down from Brisbane, via a stop over with Feral and Mrs Pattycake, and are now here on this property here with us, staying in Supra's rellocatable.

    From being 'active' Scios, they had to face 'losing' Scientology, then within a few weeks, they lost their 'friends' their jobs and their home. That's pretty tough when it's 'forced' on you, however, they've turned it to their advantage, and now they will be free of the CofS having any power over them, and will be free to do and say whatever they like to whoever they like without the fear of repercussions. They'll be free now to get on with their lives, but they would have been up shit creek without a paddle, if they didn't have friends to go to - pretty bloody rotten to put people in that position, whichever way you look at it.

    Prior to leaving the SO about a decade ago, Peta was in the SO for some years. She held several posts in Sydney - Cont Landlord, Field Control Sec, and HAS. Aaron (Aaron Judge) was born into the SO, and before leaving a decade ago, he was in 'Security' at the AO, and he was the Security Systems Engineer. Thanks to the work of the CofS, they'll both be free now to tell us their stories, but right now, they're just enjoying a bit of time chilling out. :)
  12. Tim Skog

    Tim Skog Silver Meritorious Patron

    That's a great story Carmel and thank goodness they have you as friend to help their transition. Let them know we are glad they are out and will get much support from this board. :thumbsup:
  13. Illegal Alien

    Illegal Alien Patron with Honors

    Great bed time story:thumbsup:

    I hear you and agree totally.
    Not everyone has the same situation when it comes to disconnection especially if you have children in the SO and that will effect if or when you divulge your real name.
    For me when the time is right and certain situations have played out that benefit my end game I will say who I am, its about timing.
  14. uncle sam

    uncle sam Silver Meritorious Patron

    Hey there Mac..

    weren't you the guy a few weeks ago-who "dimed" out his friends to your own mother [who is very "in"]? And a lot of folks on this board gave you a very easy out! No one slammed you for being a rat fink!
    Now - here you are-not understanding those who do not wish to 'out" themselves--is it because you'll out them and then feel bad? Or -since - you outed them and they forgave you-you think the new "in' thing to do-is for everyone to 'out" themselves because you did to yourself?
    Look - you're a good guy - in my book--but you do not have all the facts regarding anyone else and their situation. What you are doing is advocating a "policy" change for others--and --that reminds me of someone else who loved to write and issue policy that effected lives.
  15. FinallyFree

    FinallyFree Gold Meritorious Patron

    Thank you for posting this here Free to Shine! I love these stories and find them very telling.

    Carmel – you are wonderful for taking those Ex’s in like that!

    Mac – being under the radar myself I can only say that if you are not in our shoes you can’t understand. Unlike Carmel’s friends I was able to get a job, new friends, even a non-scientologist dentist before telling anyone – which I only just came out to my parents and I had been reading the net for about a year before I said anything! Being a former second generation scientologist (my Mom, Step-Dad, step-mom, father, sister, brother ALL in) and having scientology in SO many parts of my life made it difficult for me to just stand up and say “Okay! I am NOT a scientologist anymore! In fact, I think it is a CULT!”

    Any Ex knows what I am saying here. It is harder for some – it just is.
  16. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    :ohmy: WOW! Well, allow me to say :welcome2: to Petra and Aaron! Aren't Carmel and those Aussie exes awesome people? :hug:

    Can't wait to hear their stoooories! :drama:

  17. Megalomaniac

    Megalomaniac Silver Meritorious Patron

    :thumbsup: Sounds like you give good advice.

    Yup. That's me. The rat fink.

    I'm also the guy that, five weeks ago, stood at the front entry of the HGB building and told Bob Adams (OSA International) that I was helping Laura Dieckman sue the Church of Scientology, straight to his face. So, yeah, I advocate coming out and making a stand. I understand not everyone is ready to do this.

    Last edited: Jul 16, 2009
  18. Carmel

    Carmel Crusader

  19. Good twin

    Good twin Floater

    Funny.... I just remembered that the first time I was declared some disconnected and others didn't. I actually didn't even know I was declared and invited a bunch of Scientologists to my wedding. Quite a few showed up but some didn't. Was quite awhile before I figured it out. I always thought the ones who did show up came for the food. It was a really nice spread.
  20. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    Wow, they didn't even show YOU your own goldenrod nor did any of your friends who showed up tell you? :ohmy: