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  1. uniquemand

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    I thought that the use of a specific process as mentioned by Jachsss99 as Black Dianetics was bollocks.

    I believe there is useful information in the subject of Dianetics and Scientology, and I think that intention determines outcome, so it could be used for "Black" effects.

    I also believe in "the Mind's Protection", but I'm aware that a virus can get past the best firewalls.
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    Thank you Jach for this thread and thank you Hat for your comments here.
  3. SchwimmelPuckel

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    Crikey!!! - I find that completely incomprehensible! - But I'm not surprized if Hubbard mixed his imaginary shit up and issued this same 'process' as scaremongering and breakthrough tech both... How many instances of this can we find?

    In fact I think it's codswollop.. Directing attention at your own body does nothing...

    Erh.. Sorry.. It does.. I just SHC'ed when I felt the aliveness of my right foot. I recalled stepping in a pit of molten lava at Pompeii.. Shit! That foot came alive! - It came all the way up from the lava and my leg pointing straight up. The foot came loose and flew away trailing a pretty arch of fire through the morning air.. I was now missing one foot and lost my balance. I fell intirely into the lava where I burned up in untold agony!


    This idiot, Hubbard, is telling us that it's DANGEROUS to put attention on our own bodies. We need a qualified Scientologist at our side, and we need to have pay'd the donation for the service in full!

  4. SchwimmelPuckel

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    Oh, this is rich! - Hubbard on the loose!

    Thank's so much for telling us Ron! - We all believed that 'Any auditing is better than no auditing' and that amateurs could experiment to their hearts content.. You told us that in your Dianetics book! (Gawd, what an idiot!)

    WUT? :screwy:

    I'm SO impressed that Ron really did write this disclaimer! - It was an evil publisher who deleted it.. Ron really did want to put in this disclaimer! - But apparently he's changed his mind when he himself, or his 'church', became the publisher. He didn't put the disclaimer back in...

  5. Jachs

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    yes good point the new publisher didnt put the disclaimer in.
  6. FoTi

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    Gee.....this gives DM the opportunity to reprint the book again and blame the new typist for this most recent left out data and then he can order everyone to buy the book again and donate to have all of the books replaced in all the libraries all over the world.
  7. Jachs

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    your right , should not give him ideas.
  8. Helena Handbasket

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    I'd much rather call this subject Reverse Dianetics (or NOTs or whatever). "Black" Dianetics sounds racist.

  9. FoTi

    FoTi Crusader the word "Black" now a no-no? :unsure:
  10. Sharone Stainforth

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    It seems being politically correct means you have to be extremely guarded in even opening your mouth these days. I read this little gem on the way up to London yesterday.

    The jungle drums zealot: by Paul Bracchi;

  11. Jachs

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    You can call it whatever you like, its got no pride, it wont be offended.
  12. Ogsonofgroo

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    In order to keep this thread politically correct the following terms shall be amended~ Black Dianetics will now be called 'Un-White dianetics'.
    'White' Dianetics shall be termed 'Utter-crap Oggie-Boogy-LRon Magic'

    Tahnk you for your consideration of those less fortunate than you.

  13. Helena Handbasket

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    Well, EXCUUUUSE ME for having an opinion!

  14. Jachs

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    Dont be offended Helena, you are definitely entitled to your own opinion.
  15. Jachs

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    (Ron's Journal 67, Black Dianetics, censoring, L. Ron ‘Nibs’ Hubbard Jr)

    Sums up reverse, Black, Dianetics/Scientology.

    give freedom, invite whats true for you is true for you, and the enforce doctrine and inhibit stop you leaving with threats and duress.

    One of the ways of going about false data, for instance:
    The fellow wants to get out of the woods and there are two trails.
    And one trail lies much deeper into the woods and the other trail goes out on to the plain.
    And all you have to do is put up a sign at the crossroads and point to that trail which goes
    deeper into the woods and say, “This way lies freedom,” you see, and you've promptly trapped a lot of people.

    Thanks to Michael Snoeck of wiseoldgoat fame
  16. Jachs

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    Interesting quotes from

    Concentrating on Your Body in Self Hypnosis.

    Stay in a place where you will be undisturbed. Self-hypnosis requires your focus and complete attention. It is important that your venue should be quiet (if not absolutely quiet, then at least with low noise levels) and should not give you a lot of distraction. You can play soothing and calming music in the background—but keep the volume low enough. You are not focusing on the music; instead, you are merely using the background music as an aid to help you relax further.

    Bring your mental focus to different body areas. You can begin from the head moving down, or from your feet moving up. As you inhale, visualize the tension and stress buildup in the particular body area you are focusing on. As you exhale, visualize the tension and stress slowly being expelled from your body with your breath. With each outward breath, visualize the toxins being flushed out of that specific body area. Focus on a body area as long as you like or until you feel that the particular area is completely relieved of stress.


    Hypnosis involves entering an altered state of consciousness in which all concentration is focused on a single objective or image,
    with all other stimuli blocked out.
    Many people think that hypnosis is something that a hypnotist imposes on his or her subject, or they confuse it with a sleeplike state.

    Others think they cannot be hypnotized. Anyone who can lose him or herself totally in an engrossing book or movie or become so absorbed in a task that they are oblivious to their surroundings is actually practicing a form of self-hypnosis.

    Once a person learns self-hypnosis, he or she can use it to relieve tension and feelings of stress or anxiety.

    .Black Dianetics.

    The moment an individual wholly concentrates his attention elsewhere these old
    areas may exert their force again.
    Feel the aliveness or full sense of being of each one of the following.
    Feel wholly alive only in the member of your body named:
    Black Magik Hypnotism from the master...

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    Yes he is a smart cookie our Haiqu.

    Exquisitely Elite.

    Im suprised he didnt put a :whistling: after it...
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