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Can the CofS survive without Miscavige?

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Iona, Feb 1, 2019.

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  1. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

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  2. F.Bullbait

    F.Bullbait Oh, a wise guy,eh?

    LRH on these kinds of buildings...

    “...the Christian church did not have enough know-how to keep from snapping into the body. And after it was organized and was all set, it snapped into the body. And although it kept going, its kept-goingness was on a MEST level and so we got it building huge edifices. That's a funny thing for a church to do really and yet we accept that this is one of the primary things a church does: it builds a building...builds a building. What is it doing with all that mass of stone? Huh? So it can interiorize into that too?”

    LRH subsequently warning against indulging in material success when making a church out of Scientology...

    “ '...we're rich!' Oh no they're not! Every single gold piece that rolls into that coffer makes a pauper out of them. Every single building goes and fits itself around their skulls; traps them.”

    from 5510C27 4th London ACC Lecture, Role of a Scientologist
  3. ILove2Lurk

    ILove2Lurk Lisbeth Salander

    . . .
    When DM is dead and gone, they'll need a two-fisted drinker to step
    in and run the show. Quietly waiting in the wings to this day is Norman
    "Captain Morgan" Starkey
    , aide to L. Ron Hubbard and Trustee of the
    LRH Estate. Like DM, he likes to tipple to excess.

    Here's a recent photo of Norman in his executive suite.


  4. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on

    IL2L posted
    Scientology Church (Saint Louis)

    When Miscavige is arrested, blows or the NOI helps him to shed his encumbrance,
    all of the Ideal Orgs will be shrines named Saint Louis (Farrakhan).

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  5. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on

    Agreed, I used "Farrakhan" as a bookmarker meme, because more people know who he is.

    Probably what will ensue is a fight to the death vault between Rizza and "Minister" Tony Muhammed.

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  6. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on

    Years ago I posted a simple plan for COB to retire. I would certainly assume that he reached the identical plan on his own.

    I won't detail it more than this. . .

    He "moves up the line" (whether he blows, is arrested or on the lam in a BlueBird motorhome).

    Up the line is relinquishing (before his imminent demise) all reins of power and corporate liability.

    How he does that is to move over to the shadowy off-shore corporate finance entities (which I would guess number at least 50) and he would simply be a trustee of some unknown entity that "manages" funds for private clients. His clientele would include the entities that warehouse the billions in assets of various cult corporations.

    In other words, he would still CONTROL the money, but in a legally distant corporate way that perfects his absolute absence from any corporate position or authority within the COS. Think of it as legal money laundering for a multibillion inurement scam.

    Only a massive forensic accounting effort spanning many tens of millions of dollars and engaging HUNDREDS of accountants, bookkeepers and tax agencies (across international lines) would be able to evidence the documents that would shed the corporate veils. But only after dozens of lying Sea Org members and bribed bankers/politicians would be so crushed by prosecutorial attacks (against them personally) that they would roll over and drop a dime (or 40 billion dimes in this case) on their benefactor.
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  7. ILove2Lurk

    ILove2Lurk Lisbeth Salander

    Very excellent, savvy rundown. I'll add one more financial instrument
    to the mix: COS Estate Management Services.

    Goes like this. Set up your entire estate planning to be handled by COS
    Trust Services located in an off-shore country. When you die, the entirety
    of your estate passes on to the COS free of any taxes and is held in an
    "advanced services" account for you to use for your Bridge next lifetime
    when you return and your identity is verified by folder inspection.

    In essence, this is an effective and foolproof way of moving all your assets
    from this lifetime into the next. All your services will be paid for when you
    return next lifetime. You'll have no worries at all. You will "make it."

    Why give you money to your kids and greedy relatives, when you could
    secure your eternity. This is your one chance in all of infinity.

    Set up properly, this could be a bigger money maker than the current
    COS business plan. Imagine all the true believers funneling all their now
    healthy estates to the COS when that final day comes. And the COS won't
    have to deliver on those "APs" for at least 20-25 years. Well, maybe never.


    Back office operations of COS
    "Infinite Future Trust Services"

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  8. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on


    One more thing. . .


    Doesn't that bear a strikingly eerie resemblance to ANY ad from ANY copy of Advance! magazine?!

    You know, those many hundreds of glitzy graphics, depicting intergalactic space secrets being accessed by ascending steps & bridges?

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  9. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on

    LOL, but also perfectly on message!

    In order to "deliver what is promised" to Scientologists every single minute of their lives (i.e. to be sure to "secure their eternity") the COS could definitely market what you have devised and Scientologists WOULD ACTUALLY SIGN ONTO IT! No joke.

    They would market is as "SECURE YOUR ETERNITY" (verbatim copywriting of ad campaign that has been implanted for decades).

    Scientologists would LOVE to bank most of their MEST assets in an account that they could access in the next and many future lives until they fully "Made it up the line" to full OT.

    That would literally secure their eternities by having the funds to do the newly discovered rundowns and to enroll on the upper-upper-upper advanced OT levels that Ron is right now researching. And no devT of having to work and save (AGAIN!!!!) to pay for the Bridge.

    Ron promised he will deliver these miraculous new levels back to our sucky slave planet, so we've got that going for us!

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  10. ILove2Lurk

    ILove2Lurk Lisbeth Salander

    I know! :hysterical:
  11. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on



    That was my basic-basic MU.

    I misunderstood it and thought it said:

    "Bring to the surface the COMIC mind within you".

    Thereafter, J&D ensued.

    And that has made all the difference.

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  12. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on

    I know you knew (since you wrote it!) LOL

    But I said it anyways for rhetorical emphasis, to save other beings--on this planet. That's our commodore's command intention.

    Ron rules!

    Ron runs it!

    You go, Ron!

    (wait, that's not right, he already went)

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  13. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on


    Talking about Ron "going". . .

    What are Scientologists actually thinking when they turn, confront and applaud the wall portrait of a mentally ill misfit in a naval costume , who has blown?

    Cue music. . .

    Where have you gone, Joe DImaggio Sector Salvataggio?
    nation congregation turns its lonely blinkless eyes to you.

  14. PirateAndBum

    PirateAndBum Gold Meritorious Patron

    Ron loves your money you more than could know, ho ho ho
  15. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on

    And now a message from the new leader of Scientology. . .


    "On behalf of the COMMODORE
    & COB & myself as POB, we all want you to
    attain miraculously happy OT states like us!"

    POB -noun: 1. The new ecclesiastic leader of Scientology. 2. (abbv.) Pope of Boozeology
  16. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on


    On second thought, it's kinda really cool to be able to salvage one's spiritual eternity by simply following the advice of alcoholic gurus like Hubbard & Miscavige.

    I mean, if a drunk can get Godlike super-powers--how freakin' hard can it be?!!

  17. PirateAndBum

    PirateAndBum Gold Meritorious Patron

    I don't get no respect I tell ya!
  18. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on

    OMG, that looks like him, perfect! LOL!

    And now more comedy from the COS (Church of Schtickology):

    Take my wife. Please!

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  19. PirateAndBum

    PirateAndBum Gold Meritorious Patron

  20. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    I think once DM drops the body, that will be the end.

    I don't think there will be a similar LRH dead event video.

    Unless some lawyer continues the scam.

    It will be a double:

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