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Candy Swanson about Hubbard.

Discussion in 'Scientology-related Videos' started by Sharone Stainforth, Feb 27, 2011.

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  1. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on

    Yeah a new level to OT

    It's kinda like glowing OT I promo, insofar as it "....removes the final barrier to OT II". :biggrin:

    I remember OT 1. You go out and walk around noticing things. This is a pretty advanced level. But, altogether appropriate considering that the ability attained is "noticing things", is an ability the Pre-OT obviously never demonstrated before--or they would not be doing Scientology in the first place.
  2. Smilla

    Smilla Ordinary Human

    New levels of dishonesty and misrepresentation. That's Scientology, alright. If they said something like "We have put together something which we think is pretty good", instead of the ridiculous mispresentations, they would be doing themselves a favour. Selah.
  3. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    Thanks for the nice critique, your summary and the references! I'm in full agreement with everything you say. You've have added some new slants for me and increased my understanding. Thanks again!
  4. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    This is really interesting. I did OT 1 as well and basically it is just what you said. The same exact drill exists in Scn as an assist, correct me if I am wrong. It is called a "Locational". For example, If someone was getting foggy on study, the Course Supervisor might ask their twin to take the student outside and give them a locational. Once outside the twin or coach directed the person to notice things and then walk over and touch them. The only difference between that and OT 1 is that OT 1 is done Solo without someone else giving the commands.

    I just Googled the cost and "abilities gained" for OT 1 - The cost is $2,000 which is small change in today's C of S - The claimed gains are "A fresh causative OT viewpoint of the MEST universe and other beings.
  5. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    No. OT1 used to be 13 objective drills, all different, like "Look at people one by one and see if they have pimples on their nose." Well, not exactly like that, but they might as well have been. The differences were just to make it interesting to do the drills. Yes, they are locationals, but the details — the exact commands — are nowhere else than on OT1.

    Around 1982 it changed and no longer consisted of objective drills like that. Since then, for 30 years (wow), New OT1 has been something that looks like it belong on OT Preps, where the solo auditor addresses antago peeps and things in his life with problems processes. I've written it up here a few times.

    30 years. Ahem. Get with the program. :)

  6. Claire Swazey

    Claire Swazey Spokeshole, fence sitter

    Mark, I really don't care. He wrote a nice friendly post here and it is what it is, and he gets a ration of shit for it. And I know full well that if he'd gotten snarky or lost his temper, that Smilla would have found fault with that.

    So whether he does this or that is not the issue, at all. He wrote a nice post and it got misrepresented by someone with a nice shiny axe to grind, someone who'd have been pissed off if he'd been less than nice.
  7. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on

    $ 2,000 to go outside and notice some things. OMGGGGGG.

    And the ability attained is positively stunning: "A fresh causative OT viewpoint of the MEST universe and other beings." This is the entire problem with Scientology...the attempted word alchemy where ordinary, everyday things are hyperbolically tortured into transcendence.

    This could be a marvelous thread unto itself. Might do it.

    Thread'S HYPERBOLIC HOAX. (if I do it, hehe)

    The idea is to give the hysterical hyperbole and then its translation. Let's try it and see how hard it is to come up with one...

    ABILITY ATTAINED: Total Certainty about one's 6th dynamic havingness and the rehabilitated ability as a being to change locations in space.

    BUT REALLY: A drill where people try to remember where they put their car keys until they can find them without their twin telling them. ​

    That one would probably only be $1100 but it could be completed usually (if the person had the 6th Dyanmic Havingness RD setups) in a few hours.

    One of the more mysterious aspects of the Rundown is that the pc somehow found his keys to drive to the org before he had the rundown. Oh well, that was probably a machine or automaticity, not the actual being actually finding their actual keys a being.

    It is important to repeat often phrases like "as a being" or "on this planet" to give the hyperbolic hoax promo the right sense of epic gravitas.
  8. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    I did mine in 1975 and it was more like what Helluva was talking about, just doing a few locationals on yourself. There wasn't much to it but then, they didn't charge much, maybe $400 or so. I spent at most 2-3 hours on it before attesting. It was supposed to take a brand new "clear" and have him/her take a new fresh look at the physical universe as a "clear"; it was considered an orientation step new Clears. Of course this is just historical info and I was only responding to Helluva's post. Apparently he also did it before '82.

    Maybe there was more to it than that but I doubt it. I don't remember it now but I'm depending on the fact that since the mid 70's, whenever asked about the old OT levels, I always made it a point to say that there wasn't much to OT I but all the other OT levels had much more meat on them.

    It's nice to know that it was expanded after 1982 but I'm not surprised. What we were given was way too weak to constitute an entire OT level. I did all of my old OT levels in 1975 and 1976 and did NOTS on and off from 1979 to 1993. Since then I've had no auditing except a few sessions early this year which Candy gave me. Those were mainly to clean up some upsets I was having. I was public and we weren't allowed to talk to others about their OT levels so I would have had no way to know of any changes made to the lower OT levels.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2012
  9. Smilla

    Smilla Ordinary Human

    I did the 'notice stuff about people' version which I don't remember in detail, but I do remember having to count people, notice big and small people, etc. I actually quite enjoyed it at the time. Wogs have their own version, which involves sitting outside a nice cafe in the sunshine, drinking coffee and eating cake.
  10. Claire Swazey

    Claire Swazey Spokeshole, fence sitter

    I don't think those are the same, though. Hear me out- I'm not talking about the differences or equivalence of Scn to IRL doings, exactly.

    I'll give you an example.

    I used to not notice much of what went on around me. I was brought up kind of ivory tower and my folks were like that, and I kind of was, too.
    When I first married John, he'd have me notice things. And I do NOT mean like he was running an Objective process or anything. He'd just point stuff out to me. Like a LOT. Turns out I was missng a lot of things.

    I did something like that- with myself- when my Mom came to visit and she was like, what what, what was THAT?

    So that wasn't a Scn process and it was very different from sitting in a cafe eating cake- not that there's one goldarn thing wrong with sitting in a cafe. I love doing that!!!!

    So I would relate or compare a practice with a practice. Not a practice with a very helpful and lovely IRL thing that is really nice, but, still, not the same.
  11. lkwdblds

    lkwdblds Crusader

    I misled you a bit. $2,000 is today's price and the EP given is off a new Grade Chart. It seems to me that it was $400 back in 1975 when I did it. Also the EP was simpler, just stating that it was to orient the new "Clear" to the physical universe from his exciting new viewpoint as a "Clear", a person with no reactive mind on his first dynamic.

    I'm sure that by now you have seen Paul's post, just above, which sets the record straight on OT I and he also points out that after '82 it was significantly expanded.

    There's some food for your humor mill. We "clears" are supposed to have no reactive mind on our first dynamics and yet many if not most of us, myself included, are nuttier than a fruit cake. Maybe our OT I is out, maybe most of us quickied that and that is why we still have reactive minds on our first dynamic!
  12. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    The very firstest OT1 was 10x through the Clearing Course platens if you hadn't already done all 10 "runs." OT2 was in place. Not sure if OT3 was in place. Then Hubbard decided it would be most expedient to dump that 10x CC platens one, so he had to stick something in its place. Renaming the other levels downwards wasn't an option, I suppose.

    According to another issue, fresh CC completions benefitted from sitting on the grass bank overlooking the drive at SH after being declared Clear. So I guess he solved his problem by tossing off his little collection of new objective processes and slotting it in to fill the gap before OT2.

    It seemed to me at the time that the antago-peeps handling of New OT1 back in 1982 was done to address the problem of quickie attests to Dianetic Clear and peeps with little auditing somehow getting onto the OT levels. It is an OT Preps-type action, not an "OT" type action (referring to OT2 and OT3 as "OT" actions), but it might have invalidated the poor little things to "go back down the grade chart" now that they were "ready for OT levels." Plus "violate the Non-Interference Area." As it happened, people tended to love it and got big gains from it, most running it for 10-15 hours roughly, and really getting their teeth into problematic relationships they had. When I read it as it first came out, I thought it looked so-so, but I was wrong. It was hot stuff.

    The Sunshine RD replaced the 13 objective drills with 1 process, I think, and it's not bad if you've just attested to Clear (Dianetic Clear) but it's a waste of time if you attested yesterday or last year and are only now getting onto the Sun RD as life has already run enough objectives on you by that time.

    It seems to be that OT1 has been a gap-filler ever since 1966 or whenever Hubbard dropped the 10x-through-the-CC madness. The current one was pretty good when I was involved with it back around 1984. Now I dunno — if OT Preps is much more thorough and people have already addressed this stuff, then it would be superfluous. Maybe some more recent exes can fill us in.

  13. Smilla

    Smilla Ordinary Human

    There's an old saying that goes something like "If you're going to be a fool, be your own fool, not somebody else's."

    I'd subscribe to that.
  14. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    May I add....

    OT 1 = Go out and notice things. If you see reality out there, take a good look, we are going to work on you until you won't be able to see it ever again.
  15. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    I see it as a vocabulary/language issue.

    Really "OT levels" is a marketing term.

    IMO one may get "OT" gains anywhere on the bridge.
    And having seen many of your earlier success stories Your
    various Robots have achieved miracles. Not sure how often.

    A grade 0 release is possibly unlimited.

    If one has a GPM tech that is workable, per Scn tech and LRH statements this could be quite validly considered an "OT" level.

    As an aside, anything which leads to more freedom[ or any other substitute] may be considered an " OT" level.

    For example a new ability to talk to girls when one didn't have one previously. :)
  16. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on

    Yeah, it seems that the other major OT Levels are also locationals.

    OT III: Locate some aliens.

    OT IV: Locate some stoned aliens.

    OT V: Locate some sleeping aliens.

    OT VII: Locate some more sleeping aliens that you failed to locate on OT V.

    OT VIII - OT XVI: Locate the reg office so you can locate any unliquidated assets or credit lines.
  17. Smilla

    Smilla Ordinary Human

    Anything can be considered an OT level - including being brain-dead and artificially ventilated in a hospital, people who think they can talk to Ron, people who have been bitten by bats, old ladies pushing shopping trolleys and drunken old men dozing and snoring in the sun. I know a guy who went OT by eating a sandwich! We've come so far since Manson's day. That's the wonderful thing about Scientology - it's so inclusive, so certain! Anything - literally anything can be an OT level!

  18. PirateAndBum

    PirateAndBum Gold Meritorious Patron

    I agree, if you develop something that handles own GPMs you've done more than old Ronny boy was ever able to do. In that genre you certainly could name it OT.

    Anything which leads to more delusion may be considered an " OT" level.
    Anything which leads to more enslavement may be considered an " OT" level.


    Maybe OT = Out There, would be a better def?

    Of course you know I am being mean Terrill. But you left yourself open. :biggrin:
  19. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on


    Wait just a minute!!!!!!

    Is this where Ron is getting his "research" for the OT Levels?

    PDC: Blowing considerations about going OT ("Doc")

    OT III: Blowing enturbulated aliens. ("Grumpy")

    OT IV: Blowing stoned aliens. ("Dopey")

    OT V: Blowing dormant aliens. ("Sleepy")

    OT VII: Blowing the remaining hiding aliens: ("Bashful")

    Hmmmm, there are still 2 remaining ones, unaccounted for. Oh yeah, I forgot--there are still 2 more unreleased OT Levels.

    OT IX: Blowing your nose after losing all your money. ("Sneezy")

    OT X: Blowing your remaining analytical concerns about Scientology. ("Happy")

  20. purple haze

    purple haze Patron with Honors

    Of course I was joking, tongue in cheek etc. It loses something in the explaining.:ohmy:
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