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Carly Crutchfield is on "Secret Millionaire" 9:30pm Monday on channel 9

Discussion in 'Controversial Scientologists' started by Feral, Aug 22, 2010.

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  1. Feral

    Feral Rogue male

    Sorry but this is an Aussie network.

    Carly is the daughter of the Commanding Officer at AOSH ANZO and left the SO herself after a traumatic experience.

    She went to work for the "Princeton Group" property developement company owned by Len Collins before emerging a few years ago as a developer herself, she is 29.

    A bit more here.

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  2. Kutta

    Kutta Silver Meritorious Patron

    If someone could get a video of this up on ESMB, it would be great.
  3. Good twin

    Good twin Floater

    Oh God. What kind of charitable act is she going to perform? Maybe she'll make a donation to social reform group that is very effective at saving lives of the helpless and hopeless.
  4. Human Again

    Human Again Silver Meritorious Patron

    Sorry to hear another "born into the SO left to carry the sins of the father/mother. Hope Carly finds her way all the way out."
    But now to my real post...


    Kerry Crutchfield, self confessd LSD coinnosseur, is CO AOSH ANZO?

    I shouldn't be surprised, the internal application of their own policies was never a priority was it?

    As I was when I found of Cathy Grist, who couldn't "hack" the EPF and left crying in 1982 was CO ANZO.

    Will I never ceace to be amazed? :eyeroll:

    Oh, yeah, it must be case gain... :duh: :laugh:

    Anyone know if Liz Kleitch got out? Liz?? R u here? Or is she ED Int now?
  5. Sir Facer

    Sir Facer Patron with Honors

    Carly Crutchfield

    Heres Ms Carly Crutchfield:
  6. Happy Days

    Happy Days Silver Meritorious Patron

    Not too sure about Liz but her daughter, Roselie was sentence to death by Garrison Mission to ACT Org with Nick Broadhurst and Eric Kleitch was fitness boarded out of the SO.. so he would be on the pension somewhere and trying to survive no doubt...
  7. xseaorguk

    xseaorguk Patron Meritorious

    Millionaire show

    I thought you meant the quiz programme "who wants to be a Millionaire"
    I was gonna say, the Million dollar question may be.:happydance:

    "According to the Science fiction Ron Hubbard, what was the name of the evil overlord who set hydrogen bombs around volcanoes 75 Million years ago":omg:
  8. Sir Facer

    Sir Facer Patron with Honors

    The actual show is Monday night................

    The actual show is "Secret Millionaire" & it airs tomorrow night & its a show about "Millionaires" who donate money to causes for people in need, this is just a video of her delivering a conference about property so you get the mass on who she is, the actual program is Monday night.
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  9. Kutta

    Kutta Silver Meritorious Patron

    Report on the programme please.
  10. Sir Facer

    Sir Facer Patron with Honors

    Good on Carly!

    Heres a snipet of the show, and I think its great shes doing what shes doing for the community, shes doing more than Scientology Sydney has ever done so hats off to ya Carly :hattip: , atleast her money is going to real charity instead of the PR machine called the I.A.S. or DM's back pocket!

    I personally know Carly and shes always been straight up & I think she is one of the rare few that are actually out there donating to other charities so good on her! Her hearts in the right place here folks.
  11. A-non-non-anon

    A-non-non-anon Patron with Honors

    If she uses the show to push Clam front groups, we riot (or, at least, man the harpoons)
  12. Feral

    Feral Rogue male

    The show just finished.

    I don't know what to say, the cognitive dissonance is deafening to me.

    Carly came across as very real and human, that is for someone who is filthy rich and owns 450 pairs of shoes, there was no mention of Scio, but even stranger to me there was no hint in her actions that she had ever been inducted into the cult.

    She was compassionate and made a lot of comments during the hour long show that showed she had a sense of great humanity, this is wildly at odds with the aloof and sterile Scn attitude toward misfortune and suffering.

    She was sent to Melbourne where she had to live on $20 per day and stay in a fleabag motel.

    She worked as a volunteer in a free diner for the homeless, met a team of ladies who were fighting breast cancer together who were dragon boat enthusiasts.

    She also met with a family who had a disabled daughter of 4 years old, this was tough for me as Vicky and I were pretty well treated like social outcasts by the Cof$ when Courtney, our daughter was in need of full time therapy.

    At the end of the show she gave away $120K to these three worthy causes.

    I distinctly remember a friend of mine at Flag being sent to ethics for giving a homeless man some money. He was rewarding a downstat he was dealt with pretty harshly too. So I can see some trouble for Carly in the cult now as the IAS, Ideal org and other reges that are under enormous pressure for stats attack her for her actions. This is an attack that she will only be able to stave off with cash donations and once those desperate reges work out that worked then Carly will be pushed under with the ongoing demand.

    I know of several Scio businessmen that have been kept on the edge of bankruptcy for years through these tactics. I see there is going to be a whole lot of indignation that this girl hasn't given all she can to the Cof$.
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  13. Zhent

    Zhent Leakus Maximus

    Much better then I imagined.
    She didn't thank Scientology/LRH for her success, didn't use silly Scientology jargon, or even try to 'solve it with scientology'.

    Before it aired I was concerned it would be (in part) a puff piece for Scientology, however I am quite pleased about this now.
    I really hope a lot of Australian Scientologists were watching this, as this shows a Scientologist doing REAL charity, and properly puts IAS efforts to shame. I further hope Carly got a lot out of this, and further distances herself from the corrupt and abusive church.

    Is there any need to get the video online soon? I'm currently out of Vimeo upload quota because I recently uploaded a video of Julia Gillard buying a coffee, so I won't be able to upload till Friday, unless I use another account.

    Here is my MPEG2Repair summary;

    File Size Processed: 4.22 GB, Play Time: 00h:44m:59s
    1440 x 1080, 25.00 fps, 14.50 Mbps (11.84 Mbps Average).
    Average Video Quality: 56.65 KB/Frame, 0.30 Bits/Pixel.
    AC3 Audio: 2/0 Channels (L, R), 48.0 kHz, 448 kbps.
    Dialog Normalization: -29.0 dB
    242 of 68868 video frames found with errors.
    5 of 84367 audio frames found with errors.
    3722075 corrupted video bytes in file.
    959.360011 seconds of video timestamp gaps.
    1014.016011 seconds of audio timestamp gaps.

    Unfortunately not perfect quality due to imperfect weather, still a decent cap though, ignore the timestamp gaps as they are irrelevant.

    Theres also a website about the show:

    BTW, the soundtrack was REALLY irritating.
  14. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    So is she in or out?
    There was no slip into the jargon, no sign that she is in and saving the planet...

    Good on her for what she did to help those lovely people!
  15. Lurker5

    Lurker5 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Thank you

    Thank you,Feral, for this review - for those of us who have not seen it yet.
  16. Kutta

    Kutta Silver Meritorious Patron

    Hi Zhent! Don't rush, and actually one hour would take up a lot of my broadband quota, so an edit would be welcome to me.

    BTW, you uploaded Juilia Gillard buying a coffee! Yikes. What was that for? And what do you Aussies think about the election result so far?
  17. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    I watched a bit of this last night and my wife watched all of it - hard to believe that this girl was once CMO and a right pain in the behind.

    Last I heard she was still "in" and had donated a lot of time and money to various cult causes. She certainly came across as a very nice human being last night.
  18. cantsay

    cantsay Patron Meritorious

    I watched the first half of it, and had no idea that she was in any way connected to the Church.

    Even thought she may get in eithics for rewarding downstats, this will be used to the hilt to recruit people into the Church "did you see that lovely successful lady giving money to charity? She is one of US! You could be like her too!".

    I did have a cringe moment when she was talking about the family with the disabled child - she decribed how they have to live with such a burden (ie the kid). I thought that was a bit strange at the time, not an entirely positive way to describe the situation. Now, it makes sense how she would see it that way.
  19. Zhent

    Zhent Leakus Maximus

    The video is now uploading, here is the link :

    You will be able to watch it in about 3-4 hours.

    Check out my recording of Julia Gillard getting a coffee if you're bored and can't wait. I found the event very amusing, watching a poor local coffee shop getting devoured by the press scrum.

    I also have closed caption subtitles for the video... I case anyone would want that...
  20. Zhent

    Zhent Leakus Maximus

    Ok disregard that last post, after I woke up this morning I found the upload had failed.

    Here is the finished reupload, ready for watching :


    BTW, can a mod add the video link/update to the OP, or do you not do that on ESMB?

    I will also try to post this on WWP... if it ever comes online again.