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Carly Crutchfield is on "Secret Millionaire" 9:30pm Monday on channel 9

Discussion in 'Controversial Scientologists' started by Feral, Aug 22, 2010.

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    You can edit your posts yourself, since Emma graciously provided you an EDIT button in the lower right corner of your posts. Also look at the advanced options of the edit window, where you can change post title etc.
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    I meant the OP of the thread.

    On WWP the mods will update the first post to reflect updates such as videos uploaded, so people don't have to search the thread for useful content.
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    Here is another upload if anyone still cares:

    Someone *coughcough* took offense to the last one and had my account flagged for illegal content, as well they had my secondary account deleted.
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    This is an urgent call for help by someone victimized by scientology style harassment.

    I am not a scientologist nor have I ever been. However through my unfortunate entanglement with Carly Crutchfield I have been caught in a web of financial hell for some time now. Carly Crutchfield is a prominent scinetologist in Australia and she has been targeting people with money in a
    property investment/development company called "CCorp" which is exploiting and deceiving people on many levels of their life savings. Carly is an IAS patron Meritorious, is
    Ex Sea Organization from something called the "CMO" and her mother Kerry Crutchfield is the "Captain AOSH ANZO" so therefore is a source of cash for the church. My self and a few other victims were posting our negative experiences with Carly on some sites and this attracted the attention of a national current affairs program which is about to run a story on them. Carly responded by threatening to sue the TV network for defamation and mysteriously on the same
    day all of our comments about Carly and scientology disappeared from the Internet. We have most of these comments backed up and I am wondering
    if anyone can help me to repost these or point me in a direction that will get this message out and warn new investors that C Corp seems to be a front group for scientology and therefore is suspect.

    This whole experience has made life hell for me and I am certain there are others here who have similar experiences with Carly. I would like to talk to anyone URGENTLY who feels they can help OR have also had a negative experience with her. Please email me on with any suggestions.
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    Wait, did you just spam?
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    Have read the comments about Carly Crutchfield coming across as a decent giving human being, and also the comments by Protest (Hi Protest and Welcome) about Carly Crutchfield using her GetRichQuick to lure folks into the CO$.

    IMHO How very very clever of the church. Actually do good. . . .?

    1. Yes, of course they would USE someone who comes across as a wonderful human being as a recruiting tool for the Church. And never mention the Church until the recruits are hooked. I have observed this myself in my own experience with COS. It only costs the church $120K or so in lost donation (this TV program), but if Carly brings in many upstat rich folk, the COS makes their investment back in spades.

    2. Folks can do "good" - give - think they are improving their lives - ACTUALLY improve their lives -- all looks great now -- and not realize until many years down the road that all freedom of thought and action is gone. Happens so slowly that you don't even realize it. Result: Church has made its investment back in spades.

    3. Am I just paranoid? Bullshit. I looked at the stats, my own personal and all the larger stats. Thanks to the CO$ I now no longer trust ANYONE - not even members of my own family still in.
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    Its all in the genes !

    Correct me please if I am wrong , but I believe Carly's grandmother is Nola Vains -looooong time scientologist and multi award winning saleslady - Is Nola still around ? She was a mate of Phyll Stevens , I have'nt heard anything about her for years .... ( mind you , its pretty ancient time track I am calling attention to here ! ) :blush:
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    Nola was in the SO and we saw her a few years ago on the Flag Tour. So would be quite elderly now...
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    Sadly I think she will still be redging until that bucket gets kicked. :no:
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    Yes, she is getting on (just like all of us) but she's still alive and kicking and as Nola as ever.
    She's still one of my favourite people, a wonderful Human Being.

    PS: FTS, I'm sure she probably is still Reg'ing, she's always been one hell of a salesman.
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    carly crutchfield exposed

    Crap! :grouch: charity is a tax way out. :happydance: Have a look at Carly Crutchfield, Steve Fagan (from the Princeton Development) now Carly owns the company, Len Collins well who knows where he is? Oh yes and Yza Canja all Scientologist, ripping peopel off. Go to :thumbsup:
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    carly crutchfield exposed

    Crap! :grouch: charity is a tax way out. :happydance: Have a look at Carly Crutchfield, Steve Fagan (from the Princeton Development) now Carly owns the company, Len Collins well who knows where he is? Oh yes and Yza Canja all Scientologist, ripping people off. Go to :thumbsup:
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    That's funny...made me smile :)
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    I LOL'd:thumbsup: