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Discussion in 'Controversial Scientologists' started by protest, Nov 22, 2010.

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  1. protest

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    This is an urgent call for help by someone victimized by scientology style harassment.

    I am not a scientologist nor have I ever been. However through my unfortunate entanglement with Carly Crutchfield I have been caught in a web of financial hell for some time now. Carly Crutchfield is a prominent scinetologist in Sydney Australia and she has been targeting people with money in a property investment/development company called "CCorp" which is exploiting and deceiving people on many levels of their life savings. Carly is an IAS patron Meritorious, is Ex Sea Organization from something called the "CMO" and her mother Kerry Crutchfield is the "Captain AOSH ANZO" so therefore is a source of cash for the church.

    My self and a few other victims were posting our negative experiences with Carly on some sites and this attracted the attention of a national current affairs program which is about to run a story on them. Carly responded by threatening to sue the TV network for defamation and mysteriously on the same day all of our comments about Carly and scientology disappeared from the Internet. We have most of these comments backed up and I am wondering if anyone can help me to repost these or point me in a direction that will get this message out and warn new investors that C Corp seems to be a front group for scientology and therefore is suspect.

    This whole experience has made life hell for me and I am certain there are others here who have similar experiences with Carly. I would like to talk to anyone URGENTLY who feels they can help OR have also had a negative experience with her. Please email me on with any suggestions.
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    Welcome to ESMB.

    I don't know Carly Crutchfield. But you've probably come to the right place for this.

    Lots of resources here for this kind of stuff.

    Good luck.
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    Keep checking back, the Aussies tend to come on later in the afternoon/evening.
  4. Mystic

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    Hi protest, welcome to ESMB. This time of my day (I'm in Oregon, USA) there usually are not many Aussies around as they are out stealing all the warm air from the northern hemisphere (running joke). But they'll be here.

    Oh, looky here, a thread on Carly:

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    I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for here. Mostly because you're talking about your financial difficulties, but, those are apparently your bone of contention with Carly, whom I do now know, much less whether she is as Scientology involved as you say, or whether the particular financial dispute you have with her is Scientology related.

    ESMB will *not* be able to 'make you whole' if you've been ripped off. That's something you need to do with the courts. If you had media involved, that's good; if they backed off, that's bad, but, it's not something to worry about.

    Thanks to the internet, you can publish any information you have. You can tell your story and make your case whether the 'media' help you or not.

    Did you need help setting up a free blog where you could document your claims and dispute? I'm sure somebody can help you.

    But, what exactly is it you think we can and should do for you?

  6. protest

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    Thanks for your comments.

    It is a business deal but Carly Crutchfield from CCORP has grossly misrepresented herself to me and others and I am hoping to connect with others that know the truth about her background, experience, and history.

    She has told so many versions of her 'life story' and there are many discrepancies.

    The story will be going to air and the reporter is Bryan Seymour from Channel Seven. This will expose Carly Crutchfield's lack of integrity, deception and exploitation.

    I guess the main reason I am on this site is that I have realized that this is no ordinary business deal and the ruthless mindgames and strategies Carly has been subjecting me to stem from her training as a scientologist.
  7. protest

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    OOps posted too soon.....

    Help to set up a blog would be good, I am determined to warn others about her and am not sure how to get the Blog to come up when they look up her name or company on the internet? I am not computer savvy, so any help is welcome.

    I have an excellent legal team and will pursue legal action against her but also want everyone out there to be forewarned as I know her business practices are very questionable and many people are being exploited.

    I have had considerable help from a person who is now ex scientology and grew up with Carly Crutchfield, and the insights gained have been helpful. However this person lost touch with her some time ago.

    Any info on her would be helpful!
  8. Wasn't Carly in the CMO? What was her post and why did she leave?
  9. Cherished

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  10. Doom

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    One Word : Amateur.
  11. protest

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    Sorry, I don't know why she left i'd have to ask my informant! I just read she left after a "traumatic incident" . Do you know Carly Crutchfield?
  12. protest

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    Sorry inspector general, I don't know why she left i'd have to ask my informant! I just read she left after a "traumatic incident" . Do you know Carly Crutchfield?
  13. Sindy

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    Please don't take this badly and I am not trying to brush you off but, can you tell me, do you think this girl hypnotized you or something?

    There are all sorts of business moguls in this world, good, bad, ethical, criminal, mediocre, stellar, Catholic, Jewish, and yes, even members of cults. She doesn't have any secret powers or any ability to bend your mind any better than anyone else.

    You have to be careful when you get involved in business. You have to do your due diligence. You have to read the fine print and exercise your 3 day writ of rescission and use that time to learn everything you can.

    If this woman has broken the law, you should contact the authorities but, don't be afraid that she put some spell on you or something. Use your head.
  14. protest

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  16. Doom

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    Grew up with her and if you did you would have stayed well clear.

    Targeting one person is not how it is done, if you have grievances,
    take them to the police or the ombudsman.

    If she lied, cheated or otherwise stung you that is a matter for the police.

    Just because you reckon she is a scumbag and she should never be dealt with,
    does not mean the dirt will be dished.

    Just so you know the bullshit detectors around here are (by the sounds of things) better than yours.:whistling:
  17. Outethicsofficer

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    Hi Doom,

    I don't know that our bullshit meters were 'always better' if they'd been so well tuned then we all of us X's wouldn't have been caught up in the first place. You are right on the points you raised in relation to taking any information 'protest' has to the relevant authorities, by the sounds of it that is what 'protest' is going to do. We have had to take our blinkers off in regard the church otherwise we'd have been slaughtered I see that 'protest' has got a harpoon and it can been shot indirectly into the church's side, we can help 'protest' do that I am sure.
  18. Doom

    Doom Lurking.

    I'm all for harpoons OEO.
  19. protest

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    Interesting comments everyone...Thanks for your wisdom and support James.

    Of course I intend to refer evidence to the appropriate authorities, get my legal team to pursue my legal options.....and gather as much evidence as I can from anyone that is willing and able to provide it. That's why i'm here.

    I'm stunned by some of the comments which seem to suggest I am somehow at retrospect the only thing I failed to do is hook her up to a lie detector test before believing a word she said.....but that's not standard business practice, is it? Oh except for scientologists... next time I'll ask!

    Doom, apart from the relevant authorities I think her deceit is of public interest and I intend to expose her unethical business practices to anyone smart enough to listen and stay away from her...because I care about others and don't want to see them exploited. I also have considerable, indisputable evidence already of the fact that she is deceiving and exploiting hundreds of people.

    If you had the misfortune of growing up with her you'll know more than me but just look her up on the internet then tell me she's for real.

    So if anyone has any information about Carly Crutchfield let me know.
  20. Zinjifar

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    ESMB is not a court of law, so, it's not set up to 'convict' anyone.

    A court of law would take an accusation and the evidence. And, there would be rules of evidence, and rights for the accused.

    I don't know Carly, but, whatever is going on, ESMB is not her court.

    I don't know who you are, but, what you *could* do is tell *your* story. Not accuse someone else, who is not here. If part of your story includes her, well, that's *your* story.