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Discussion in 'Controversial Scientologists' started by protest, Nov 22, 2010.

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  1. Carmel

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    Hi protest.

    If Carly has wronged you and wronged others in business, then good on you for taking her (or anyone who would do that) to task on it.

    I've known Carly since she was a child, and I know/knew her family, but from my mind, her personal history or details of a negative experience with her whilst she was CMO crew, has no bearing on what you are about to embark on or on what you are wanting to expose. I have nothing to offer in that area.......I could bitch and moan about what I see, but that wouldn't do anyone any favours.

    All the best with getting relevant info and finding whatever there is to be found..........I don't know that you'd have much luck with that here on ESMB though.

  2. protest

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    Thanks for the great info sent through to me privately and the offers of help.
  3. degraded being

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    Just on the bit where you said she'd given different versions of her history/background......if she was a fulltime scientologist, working for the so-called church or in their Sea Org, for a longish time, then she may not want to divulge that to people's whose trust she needs to be credible in business.
    Scientology has got an extremely shitty reputation these days....a bit of creativity is not surprising when ex sceintologista and current scientologists hand around their CV's :D
  4. A-non-non-anon

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    ITT: Tales of a Scientologist scamming someone

    Coming up on K-ESMB News: Woods, bears and poop; The Truth Revealed.

    But now back to our main headline: Leaked Vatican Documents Confirm Pope Is Catholic.
  5. Panda Termint

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  6. Sindy

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    If you are speaking about my comment, I understand. Don't feel unwanted or dissed here. I did say I stood corrected. Your comments are welcome.

    Sometimes, when someone who has never posted before, without enough information, the post can be suspect. Just keep telling your story. I'm listening. :yes:
  7. Doom

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    Thank you and I'm glad that you are walking that path.:thumbsup:
  8. Rene Descartes

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    "The driving purpose behind this activity is to introduce people to LRH Admin Tech and eventually position LRH tech as THE answer in business."

    With emphasis on "...position LRH tech as THE answer in business."


  9. Lurker5

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    Thumbs up

    Yep, THIS /\ /\ /\ , protest. Expose the behavior and tactics - as I believe there are more 'investment' opportunity businesses & companies out there, that are secret fronts for scno/co$.

    The only way to recognize them (at first) is the BEHAVIOR, the subtle coercion. When you first sense it, run like hell - and spread the word. Can't actually SAY 'scno/co$' as might get sued - BUT sure can tell people your opinion and experience. Be sure to keep it to yours, and don't go telling tales heard elsewhere or you can get into legal troubles - as that avenue will be pursued by anything scno/co$. Big warchest for legal attacks and defense.

    Suggestion - Contact Nick Xenophone. :D Keep going to the media - carefully following your legal advice, of course.

    Stir the pot, protest. :stir::clapping:

    These scnos are fuckers, and they know no bounds . . .
  10. Happy Days

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    The cult will be going into damage control again ... and feeling more boxed in.

    Kerry Crutchfield, Captain AOSH ANZO, will be in a handling too ... let's hope Kerry blows, she's gotta be sick, tired and over all this cult scamming its public and ruining people lives.

    Then there's Tony Melville who will also be dragged into the Church for a handling; Gareth Jekyl will be hauled up from Melbourne... busy busy busy.

    And when the handlings fail, the Church will have a hands off approach and distance themselves and will not take any responsibility. *yawn* same bs just a different day.

    Having said all of the above ... I'm looking forward to the show and have cleared my calendar :yes:
  11. Mike Laws

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    Don't know Carly, but do know and did like (haven't seen them in decades) her family.

    Something you should keep in mind, being that you entered a critic site. Scientology leads its members to believe they are superhuman and can not fail if they follow its principles. Evidence may prove different, but it is a mind fuck. One of the things Scientology can do is make someone a very pesuasive and effective communicator, especially if they were already charming and charismatic, which I have heard Carly is and was.

    I have been on both sides of bad investment deals with Scientologists, I got some involved and I have been suckered in. Those deals I was in failed because we genuinly believed in our invincibility, I never gave investor money to the church, and while one of my partners did, it was minimal.

    Please don't be too surprised if she did not embezzel and fund the church, but rather got herself in over her head. She has been advertising herself as a young millionaire. Having come out of the Sea Org myself, having thought I was all that, it took several crippling failures before I realized how little I knew, how poor a manager I was, and was actually able to start developing some real skills.

    Follow the money, of course, but realize that you and your friends may have been betting on an unstable and unproven horse.

    Sorry for your loss, don't let it define your future though, you can recover and grow beyond it.
  12. Outethicsofficer

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    Nicely stated Mike,

    One of the many lies promulgated by the church, handed down as an edict from Hubbard, has been that all the best answers exit within this paradigm and not elsewhere, realising that this isn't the truth of the matter at all has been to me the most rewarding of realisations i have had in the last 25 years. An unstable and unproven horse indeed:)

  13. nexus100

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    FYI this isn't a "critic site" IMO. It is an ex-Scientologist site, with opinions across the spectrum. Everyone is welcome. If you went to an ex-National Football League Player site you might find a lot of differing ideas about the League, how they treated players, the fun they had or didn't have, mixed feelings, you name it.
    ESMB isn't a place assigned to be critical. It just reflects what is.
  14. whoisseek

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    Hello everyone out there, HELP Needed: Some of us are putting together a time line, of Carly Crutchfield's (current Scientologist in Australia) her real life story so we can post it on The New website, we have created Carly has and is still using the methods of Scientology, to scam and rip people off with her Scientology like education. It is just that Carly has forgotten her own 'real life story',:confused2: and it changes all the time, (when she speaks from the stage) so we would like to get our head around this. When did she live on the streets of the USA as 'homeless'? When and why did she come back to Australia? When she came back here to Australia, she worked for who? Steve Fagan? For how long? What years did she buy property investments, when Carly was in a cleaning business with Libby Selop, and what was the business called? She got sick, sold the lot and gave away all her money and whet on a mission to third world countries? Doing what? When did she come back and start CCorp? I understand she was running this from her garage? By the way where is that first development she did on her own? How many developments has she really done? And any other tip bits you can give. Just give me as much as you have. Contact me through this site, via a private email, so that all your information stays private, it does not matter if you only know eve some small bit of information others may know the rest, and we will start piecing this 'bad boy' together, as we need to get the TRUTH out there. Oh yes, and when and how long did miss Carly stay in the Sea Org? How does the Sea Org play it's part in all this craziness? again write to me please email:
  15. whoisseek

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    Carly Crutchfield Receives Business Award
    (in her dreams)
    Have a look at Carly Crutchfield Exposed - Beware of Carly Crutchfield and CCorp see what Carly is posting on the U-Tube about her self. Now we need to do one in responds, any ideas?:D:D full view is on this site.... Oh dear Carly Grinch quite childish:thumbsup:
  16. Lohan2008

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    Brisbane Times 2009

    Brisbane Times 2009 article:

    Scientologists are using a get-rich-quick seminar at the Gold Coast this weekend to groom potential new members for the controversial church, say former members.

    Carly Crutchfield, the key speaker at a 'Massive Results Bootcamp seminar' at the Hyatt Regency Hotel Sanctuary Cove confirmed that she and two other main speakers are Church of Scientology members.

    TodayTonight catch her out
  17. whoisseek

    whoisseek New Member

    who do yu think you are Carly Crutchfield

    Who does Carly Crutchfield think she is making people APPLY to help as usual wanting to know their personal info???? Notice they have to pay their own way too so she doesn’t use any of her money at all that’s been donated. And of course Carly is doing this for more media and will take the credit for all of the people who turn up and make it look like it is ‘her team’. Oh yeah and Carly's probably donated $2.
    If someone wants to help they don’t need Carly's control over them or Carly taking the credit. Notice for us volunteers already, you and I haven’t gone to the media to brag about what we’ve done to help. What Carly is up to right, well Carly holidaying during the disaster and then wham her publicist says something like “hey Carly get out there, get a team together and we’ll get the camera’s to show them how caring you are”!!!! Will the LIES never end???
    Wish people could know this!!!
    Letter From Carly Crutchfield,
    Hi Average Joe Blow,
    As many of you would have been, I have been madly keeping in touch with friends and family effected by the floods and watching the news in...well horror is sort of the feeling I suppose. The word I keep hearing is “devastating”...I am sitting here thinking “I have to do something”...many of you know that I often do disaster relief, usually it is needed overseas. Now it is our own backyard and I am most definitely going to help. For anyone who wants to help, Cfoundation are gathering volunteers who want to go and help and also donations.
    Read on to find out more...
    These heavy floods in Queensland have left an area, as large as France and Germany combined, affected. It is estimated that 200,000 people have been affected and so far, more than 75% of Queensland has been declared a disaster zone. The first 17 evacuation centres have been set up at various areas around Queensland. The affected areas are expected to be under water for a week. Military forces have been moved in to handle evacuations and the distribution of emergency supplies in the area.
    Many areas of Queensland including Ipswich, Caboolture, Toowoomba and Brisbane have been devastated. Search and rescue efforts continue in Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley searching for people who remain missing following the flash flooding on 10 January 2011.
    Flooding in other towns including Condamine, Dalby, Goondoowindi and Texas is an ongoing issue, with evacuations in Condamine on 11 January 2011.
    We are lucky to live in such a giving nation as thousands of people around Australia pull together to help those in need. Through my charity foundation, Cfoundation, I am currently gathering volunteers including CCORP staff to go into QLD flood effected areas to help assist where needed.
    Please note this will be extremely tough. You will need to commit to at least 7 full days to be able to come. You will likely have horrible sleeping conditions, and very little sleep at that. You will need to cover your own expenses, you will need to have a strong frame of mind and be in a position where it is not about you and the whole purpose of every minute we are there is “how can I help”. We will be doing anything and everything from cleaning, rubbish removal, cooking, handing out food and clothes, admin work, demolition and much more – whatever is needed.
    If you would like to volunteer to help in QLD, please reply to this email and answer the questions at the end of this email - we would love to have your assistance so we can provide as much help as possible.
    If you can not volunteer this week but can maybe volunteer next month or the following month, please still let us know as this will be a long-term project. We want to create rotating calendar of constant volunteers so we can plan into the coming months and really lend a hand.
    According to the Brisbane County Council’s website they have received over 60,000 offers of help and are getting in touch with people as and when needed. We believe that these offers of help are going to die off over the next few weeks but help will still be needed and we want to make sure we can still give it as the devastation will still remain for months to come.
    If you are unable to assist with volunteering but would like to donate to Cfoundation, where all funds donated will go directly to helping those affected by the severe flooding damage, to donate call our office on 02 9371 4799.
    I have already made a big donation but I will personally match every dollar you donate so we can raise double the money!
    Your circumstances
    If you are currently affected by the floods and need assistance, please let us know so that we can help organise volunteers that may be able to help you by emailing
    Any help that you can give is greatly appreciated and you are making a huge difference to the lives of others. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Why do you want to help?
    Have you any experience with disaster relief?
    Are you a paramedic, nurse, doctor or have other medical experience?
    Please explain?
    Do you have first aid certificate?
    How long can you be in Qld helping for?
    Can you handle tough conditions, little sleep and uncertain food?
    Can you cover all your own expenses including getting to qld, supplies, food, accomodation etc?
    Thanks! Once we receive this we will send out the volunteer info pack.
    If you want to Volunteer, then all you have to do is look at the Queensland and Sunday Mail News papers and they will tell you how!
  18. Outethicsofficer

    Outethicsofficer Silver Meritorious Patron

    This could've been written by a Scientology Staff member for the VMs. I am sure she thinks her intentions are good, in fact I am certain of it. The church operates in exactly the same way, to my knowledge it never dips into it's coffers to donate it is always newly obtained money from donor parishoners.

  19. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    Wonder if they're gonna count Carly's "volunteers" as VMs?:whistling:
  20. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    If self interest is good then she might tell herself what she does is good.

    I wonder if she would bother to think how good it is for others if her self interest is at their expense. One thing claimed about her is that she uses other people's money to forward her own interests. Any risk, any failures can be paid for by others. If that is what she is doing then it is not good and believing that her intentions are good is lying to herself as she manipulates others.

    When people are clever enough to organise lots of other people, having conferences, presentations, TV appearances, and make millions of dollars, the naive-goodwill and good intentions defense looks stupid to me, if she is screwing people out of their money or leaving them without their lifetime savings.