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Casey Kasem

Discussion in 'Breaking and Major News about Scientology' started by Leland, Nov 20, 2018.

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    Yahoo News

    Police investigating Casey Kasem's death 4 years later: Inside the twisted family drama
    [Yahoo Celebrity]
    Taryn Ryder Yahoo Celebrity November 28, 2018
    When he arrived at the hospital, Kasem reportedly had a urinary tract infection and a stage III ulcer on his back. Doctors would also diagnose septic shock, respiratory failure, a lung infection and a host of other ailments. In June, a judge ordered Kasem could return home with Jean, but he never made it. Doctors refused to release him due to his pain, and he died in the hospital.
    In 2015, Kasem’s adult children received around $2 million from their father’s life insurance policy. Jean believes certain members of the Church of Scientology assisted in the children’s plot to kill their father in order to get ahold of that money, along with his estimated $80 million fortune.
    “It was preplanned,” Jean told Radar Online. “It’s very clear and it’s very convincing that they wanted to seek physical control of Casey, human traffic him and trap him in a hospital, chemically restrain him and kill him.”
    She added that “immediately” after Kasem’s death, members of the church and his kids began “harassing the funeral home and vital records in order to get a death certificate so they could file for a $2.1 million dollar life insurance policy.”
    “I’m not accusing the Church of Scientology of anything,” she continued. “I am accusing these members.” Jean claims to have “email evidence” and “text messages” to prove there are co-conspirators within Scientology.
    Julie Kasem slammed Jean and those accusations, while admitting her sister Kerri is a Scientologist. However, Julie told TMZ no money she or her siblings received went to the church.
    A judge could rule on the case next spring and the outcome could affect who inherits Kasem’s fortune.