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Child Abuse for Jesus: Remnant Fellowship Church

Discussion in 'Cults in General' started by tamaritha, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. tamaritha

    tamaritha Patron

    Why does Tamaritha have a cynical view of Christianity? Probably because there are so many cults based on Christianity to a greater or lesser extent. There are the Moonies (Unitarians), the Heaven's Gate, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons (Latter-Day Saints), the Children of God, Opus Dei (of Da Vinci Code fame), our God Hates Fags picketers (Westboro Baptist Church), and even bloody Jonestown (People's Temple) was a Christian cult.

    Most people respond to this by saying that they aren't really real Christians, and it's because they aren't really real Christians, they shouldn't be considered as Christian cults. Tamaritha, as a result, is highly amused - this is probably because those cultists will turn around and say the other people are heretics and cultists, effectively resulting in a circular argument.

    Meet the Remnant Fellowship Church, that teaches you to beat up your children to an inch of their lives. Apparently it's somewhere in the Bible. It probably is in their wacky translation of it - and what do you know, apparently this 'Church' only uses the Fire & Brimstone, ye are all SINNERS! REPENT! section of the Bible.

    Former members of the "Church" are trying to speak out, such as this site. Even just reading the material at this one site, it is obvious why this one has the same cultic flavour as all the others.

    Apparently the church recruits its members through a weight-loss program called "Weigh Down" and "Weigh Down Advance" - much like Scientology recruiting through Narconon and Dianetics. I've personally never heard of Weigh Down, and considering this was founded in 1999, technically I should have - but it apparently uses Christian faith based regulations in order to lose weight. Apparently it was hugely popular, like Dianetics at the time.

    Once they are recruited, they are told that the reason for their ballooning weight or whatever, is because their church is fake and worships idols (a loose definition here that roughly translates to "THEM"), then quickly teach their adherents to shun people who question too much about the "Church", and expel anyone who questions too much and does not toe the line, because the "Church" has to remain pure.

    Sooner or later, most adherents of the "Church" ends up doing staff work for them such as manning their phone lines and taking care of their children in poorly managed daycares - yes, the same daycares where all this child abuse goes on. Most of these people are college students who are looking for that elusive Meaning of Life, and end up even dropping out of college in order to support their new religious convictions. They also all eventually end up moving to Nashville.

    Oh, and apparently their "prophet" and the prophet's daughter outlines the congregation's practices instead of actually looking up passages in the Bible for the references!

    Eventually, most members of the congregation aren't concerned with pleasing God, even in their twisted version of the Gospels. What they're concerned with is pleasing Gwen Shamblin, the prophet of this place, and Gwen (and occasionally her daughter) has the last word in everything.

    I don't know about you, but this curiously reminds me of a certain religion, but its name has escaped me for the moment.

    ... Of course, the disclaimer is that this should not be believed in -, where one of these articles are quoted from, is apparently associated with the very same Westboro Baptist Church - for 10 years! Gee, I wonder if they used to believe God hates fags too?

    From all this, it's probably best to be said that if someone starts bitching about how true their Church is instead of all the others, and how they know the key to the Meaning of Life, that Church is probably a fake.
  2. tarbaby

    tarbaby Patron with Honors

    Hey Tamaritha. Very well expressed.

    Fanaticism comes in many flavors. But it's all the same stuff: some PowerTripper's head-game to collect obedient followers. Christianity really is just the curtain the string-puller hides behind.

    It serves as a reminder of that same Quality Inn most cults. Some pretty ugly things happen to kids in cults.

    Yes, and the child abuse in there is the heart of darkness. It leaves a black cloud hanging over the child and the family that takes years to lift.

    Take it from a fool who knows.

  3. Rev Rafael

    Rev Rafael New Member

    Point of Order .. for what it's worth

    As a Christian minister who has sought to serve and assist those battered by abusive and authoritarian sects for over 20 years, I understand more than you can believe why there is such cynicism about Christianity. I am not blind to the hard questions asked for which there are no easy answers. I lament that the essence of the Christian faith - a relationship with God in Christ by His Spirit - is so easily lost in the noise and hubris of those claiming it. I am truly sorry to see that something meant to be uplifting has come to be seen as an irrelevant deadweight that is best forgotten.

    So I must from the bottom of my heart apologize to all of you for the actions of those who, in the name of Chrstianity, have caused you such problems. You who have seen the ideal and then instead felt the sham are understandably critical. I ask, for what it is worth, for your forgiveness of us all .. I cannot repent for the perpetrators who have harmed you, but I can tell you that YES, it truly was not meant to be as you have experienced it all.

    However ..

    Your understandable sentiment can't excuse any misrepresentations of your own doing of those who do practice Christian faith. Perhaps overlooking certain things or being unaware of them may explain a misrepresentation voiced out of incomplete judgment. Either way, though, I felt I had to come on here to point out that this is what this thread apparently has incorporated here and must make our position clear on this.

    I am one of the co-directors of Spiritwatch Ministries and in doing some surfing, I have found a poster here stating that our organization is affiliated with Westboro Baptist Church led by the onerous "Rev." Fred Phelps whose "God Hates Fags" campaign is a loathesome aberrance. That claim is completely without ANY truth whatsoever. How this poster came to believe that our ministry is affiliated with them is beyond our ability to understand. Nowhere on our website and no one in our work has ever had anything to do with the WBC clique and its bottom feeding fanatics. I'd like to see WHERE this person got their evidence to link us to them.

    As I have said cynicism is no excuse for misrepresentation at all.

    May I say for the record, again, FWIW, that we have absolutely NOTHING to do and have absolutely NO CONNECTION WITH this sick bunch of people. If you have any questions, you may email us to discuss it further .. or pursue it here.


    Rev. Rafael D Martinez
    Spiritwatch Ministries
  4. Vinaire

    Vinaire Sponsor

    Christian religion has been more political than spiritual for some time.

    It swerved away from spirituality when it introduced "conversion" from other faiths.

    Christianity decided it was right and others were wrong (hence conversion).

    "Conversion" has nothing to do with advancement of knowledge and spirituality. It simply has to do with increasing its numbers.

    Christ was a wonderful person. But his thoughts have not guided the Christian movement for some time. So, when a movement moves away from its original purpose all kind of rottenness sets in.

    That is what you are seeing in Christianity today.


  5. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    You seem vehemently focused on Christianity and its overts of the past, Vinaire. Specifically their abuses in India and other parts of Asia. You can't seem to let those go and just move on.

    Are you focusing your criticisms on the overts of Christianity with the well-being of others in mind?

    Do you think it is possible to expose this abuse by Christianity so others are warned and don't get harmed by it?

    Can you see that it may be possible - in just the same way - with others' criticism of the Church of Scientology?

    Why or why not?
  6. agathoszoe

    agathoszoe New Member

    You stated,
    "Most people respond to this by saying that they aren't really real Christians, and it's because they aren't really real Christians, they shouldn't be considered as Christian cults. Tamaritha, as a result, is highly amused - this is probably because those cultists will turn around and say the other people are heretics and cultists, effectively resulting in a circular argument."

    This is not circular - it just stating mutual exclusivity. If a Jehovah's Witness (JW) says that
    Westboro Baptist (WB) teaches heresy on some belief system and a person from Westboro Baptist says that the Jehovah's Witnesses teach heresy on the same belief - where the stated beliefs do in deed differ then, one of the following is absolutely true:
    a. JW is right and WB is wrong.
    b. JW is wrong and WB is right.
    c. Both JW and WB are wrong
    Thus, it is not circular. However, the problem is this: What standard is used to determine if JW or WB is correct?
  7. Which ever one happens to be speaking at the time

  8. Loohan

    Loohan Am I Mettaya?

    Re: Point of Order .. for what it's worth

    Hello Rev.
    I am a psychic who routinely helps people with black magic issues. In checking out
    i am struck by the fact that all of you seem like good people who are submerged in demons. The demons are sent by Satanists. You should get some relief soon (though some people never recognize such attacks nor relief therefrom).

    Gwen Shamblin is CIA, and this is yet another CIA cult.
    Virtually ALL "Christian" churches and many alternate paths are controlled by Jesuit Satanist pederasts. Martin Luther was a Satanist Rosicrucian Jesuit agent, and all Protestant churches have always been controlled by the Vatican.
    The very concept of a church institution is suspect, although there are a few decent people in such.

    (My views don't represent others' on this forum.)
  9. TruthMother

    TruthMother New Member

    I have personally been affected by this Remnant Fellowship. It is a cult. I am scared for my children's lives. As their father was drug in by his step mother who had been whispering in his ear for a while before we finally split. And when I finally figured out this wasn't a church and it was a cult of some kind, my ex husband totally disowned me. My daughter had been to one of these cults with the said family member and came home saying and doing weird things. I took her to be evaluated, where a medical doctor checked her for being sexually abused and made a referral to those who specialize in sexual abuse and molestation. I researched REmnant and printed out what I found and that they want my daughter to be seen by specialists. My husband was having none of it and totally disowned me.That was the end of our marriage. I was thrown out to the wolves and crazy for my findings. I've been fighting ever since. Against money and a cult and mentally unstable people. His step mother left her church in NC and moved to be with the church. This is one of the final things they ask you to do to be truly saved. They live in sister homes. Meaning more than one family lives together in "Gwenville", which is located within a mile of the church. They prey on people who are low self esteem or going through vulnerable situations. Like separation and divorce, misguided teens, elderly, people who are overweight and those that want to "Belong." They have camps all summer long for children and they brainwash them starting very young. And everything their is like Hollywood, kinda a "Grandeur" . Perfect for people who already have this as a mental issue. They don't believe in medication. And even more when it comes to mental health or psychiatric issues. Because they don't want you sane or thinking clearly. My daughter has told me you have to be good or people of the church will discipline you. They have praying telling. Never heard of that all my years in church. It's were they pray and tell you to do something and you do it. Must be God speaking through them. As they are to believe that they are the only true remnant of God's people and that all other churches are counterfeit. I could write so much here to get the truth out about them. The more I research, the more I find. Fast forward, my ex abandoned me, used his family's power and money to take my kids, moved his pregnant girlfriend in, had a total of 2 kids with her before our divorce, now as 6 kids in the home, lives off government, his family's money, and funded by this cult in part. My kids are now telling me how they don't get enough to eat and when they are with me they are constantly eating. They ask me to get them food as soon as I pick them up and before I take them home. But leave their food in the backseat as they are not allowed to have food or bring food in to the home. THey have got in trouble for being at my ex's sister house because she was feeding them. not once, but a few times. My ex uses fear and threat to control them and his girlfriend. And manipulation. Fear and manipulation. Both my children are now failing in school. My daughter so bad that she will be put in special classes. But it was never like this until he got custody and we split. I have seen our lives ripped apart. My kids are being abused daily. I seen my daughter go from happy little girl to very withdrawn and scared. And the abuse that is still ongoing. When will someone listen? Because it hasn't gotten physical or should I say since it is not visible, it's ok? I will continued to spread my story and my truth behind this evil and how it destroys families. I will let anyone know I can. WE need help from anyone who has experience in this.
  10. freedomfromcult

    freedomfromcult New Member

    I have lived in Franklin my entire life, and, as a small child, knew that something was wrong.
    I did some research on Gwen Samblin's background, and here is what I found: in addition to their unpublished use of "speakerphones" because she has recruited tech savvy gang members who also are able to hide most negative information about her cult, it is quite difficult to find much tangible information on her, only furthering my suspicions of found play.

    so here we go: Gwen originally got her degree at the university of Tennessee, the same years that my dad studied there, a well as his best friend who played football and later joined him in Medical school. She then taught in Memphis at Memphis University, the same city that I was born in. She was involved in public health systems, claimed to want to "be in the basement of a hospital serving food" and started weigh down industries literally the year of my birth. I have reasons to believe they may have been using families that were patients at local Baptist Hospitals, me and my siblings all being born at Baptist East, My father being born at Baptist in Nashville, and his brother, who described immense suffering that also resembled her influence. It seems as though Vanderbilt and Baptist hospital conduct joint studies on patients, and with Vanderbilts new "metabolic and endocrine" studies, mostly unpublished, uninformed patients would make perfect candidates. To further support this claim, my youngest brother was diagnosed with a pituitary deficit at a young age and had to take growth hormones. I suspect all members of my family have endocrine issues, but rather than those be revealed, have been using the detrimental effects to lead to unnecessary surgeries such ad weight loss surgery, endless diet products, etc.
    That Weigh Down Industries and I have both ended up here in Franklin is terrifying. I have endured nothing short of pure hell.
    I been fat shamed and bullied my entire life, I have been in domestic violence relationships that emerge out of perfect, happy relationships, I have endured human trafficking, I have been through forced pregnancy, forced drug abuse, false imprisonment, and countless other jaw-dropping crimes that continue to go unnoticed. I have written to entities like the Oprah Winfrey Show, who later are and did a segment on my dad in relation to "miracles" for a patient he had operated on, completely ignoring my fears that I had written about. I have been through 8 top-dollar treatment facilities, I believe almost as a form of harassment.
    I saw her daughter stalk my mother and I out of the court room a few years ago when they set me up for DUIs multiple times, then had it published all over the news.She stared us down from the parking garage, and their family has showed up at numerous "family gatherings" at public restaurants "coincidentally."
    I have been sexually assaulted on school property, and the police did nothing to help me, I have had police in Boston called on a boyfriend who was physically beating me, from whom I had to escape, and later read the police reports that protected him completely, I was beaten by a boyfriend three years ago who had never been abusive, and one night snapped, and I am constantly harassed not to take prescriptions and forced to eat a regiment that they approve of. I visited their church once, and quickly, shortly after losing all of my close friends, they love bombed me and started texting me endlessly. One member "accidentally" sent a text message to me, intended for someone else, claiming that our "brief" conversation in line at Walgreens was likely an "Attempt for me to get drugs." Wanna know the sad part? I simply asked her how she was, and mentioned that she said her husband worked at Vanderbilt, and asked how he was after their recent "trip to the beach." It literally had nothing to do with drugs. At all. I intend to sue for libel and slander. I prayed to God to reveal if I were in the wrong place when I entered their church, and very quickly I felt uncomfortable. I feel as though they are closer to a muslim-esque Barbaric faith, though I am not well taught in Islam, but the way they acknowledge "one god" and turn around and bend down to pray was very strange. It was nothing resemblant of my well explored faith rooted in Christian principles.
    I personally believe that they attack my family. I believe they are able to manipulated and take advantage of people through social engineering, creating psychological difficulties that people go through, and, with Gwen's father being a doctor, and her having background in nutrition, I personally believe her cult is more similar to Scientology than anything. She has been around the medical field for some time, which also lends agreement with the above statement relating her to the CIA, which is the governing body responsible for HIPPAA. They try to separate you from your mother, and I, being the middle of five, have struggled with my mother my entire life. She is, in reality, the most caring, sweetest, loving mother. She was literally deemed Ms. High School (not posting the name for privacy reasons) and voted the heart of gold award in her teenage years, and my father, a successful physician, also was the happiest man until all of this insanity started. I personally believe that I am being discredited and quieted, and while I can't say with absolution that Gwen is the reason that these things are happening, I can confirm that her daughter stalked me, that the constant harassment is aligned with her doctrine, that my mail is tampered with, that I find dead animals in my yard, that I am constantly being surrounded by drug dealers and dangerous people, and I have been isolated from all of my "good" friends. It started literally in the 8th grade, when I was captain of the cheerleading squad and class president, mind you, as soon as I had lost 40 lbs and weighed 105 entering the 8th grade. Prior to that, I was always top of my class, but dealt with severe fat shaming, both in public and at home. Hence, I have suffered from Bulimia for most of my life. I realized that there were certain tones and frequencies that were increasing my stress and drastically affecting my weight, making it almost impossible to lose without practicing starvation. I believe this is contributing to the weight gain and obesity epidemic rising in the state of tenensee and she is using it as a means to recruit more people to "purchase" her weight loss bullshit. I am angry. They are manipulating people into "praying" while they are lying and cheating 8in terms of business- there business is fake, and 8it should be called out by institutions and regulatory organizations- to target homes using unknown methods such as sound frequencies, manipulation of cravings
    (I noticed that veery time I would go to a fast food restaurant, before they would post calories, I had no idea that I was literally ALWAYS ingesting the items with the highest caloric/carbohydrate amounts. It made me furious to realize it) and when I traveled to Arizona and was in treatment, I lost weigh rapidly, as if there were nothing wrong with me. It infuriates me).
    Someone please help me.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2018