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Church of Almighty God/Eastern Lightning

Discussion in 'Cults in General' started by Cultwatcher, Feb 12, 2019.

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  1. Cultwatcher

    Cultwatcher New Member

    The Church of Almighty God, also known as Eastern Lightning, was formed in China in 1991 by either Zhao Weishan, currently the administrative leader of the Church of Almighty God, or Yang Xiangbin, the woman the cult identifies as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

    They are heavily persecuted in China, they've been accused of murdering people who want to leave, and they are known for scamming translators using many different names for their churches, names like Christian Holy City Church/Church of New Hymn/The Church Before The Seat of Christ/The God Loving Church/The Overcoming Church, all in the US alone. A link proving the scamming is:

    They use tactics such as flirting to recruit new followers, and they spam Reddit using many different accounts - one time I came across a thread that was just them commenting on a video produced by the cult. Additionally, they are likely working with Scientology because of the persecution in China -, a human rights association created by the cult, follows Eric Roux, a member of OSA.
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  2. J. Warbler

    J. Warbler Patron

    Gotta be some way I can take advantage of this ;)
  3. Donald Kean

    Donald Kean Patron

    I watched a movie on Eastern lightning and how they were persecuted in China. It didn’t seem very good insofar as acting, it will win no Oscars, but they showed the most advanced techniques for getting people in that I have ever seen. They repeat what is commonly taught, Jesus as savior and all that, but there is a physical person in charge of the ‘holy spirit’ on earth, but there isn’t, but there is. He is alive and lives! If you don’t understand that then you are not one of them.

    Apparently if the congregation collectively agree that what they heard is ‘the truth’ then the ‘holy spirit’ has directly talked to them and stands before them in the flesh. Whoah, heavy! They seemed such lovely people though, very polite and agreeable with an extended family manner. The ‘bad people’ are those who deny the spirit is among them. Need I go on with what you could do with that sort of thinking?