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COS + TECH = Money

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by radar, Feb 1, 2008.

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  1. radar

    radar Patron

    COS + TECH = Money= power ..Thats the message I keep getting from COS .
    Wy not reserve you place at OAK GROVE. (if you have the money!)

    Dear Scientologist,

    With the luxurious new Oak Cove open, our delivery has been streamlined. Take a look at these wins from one of our latest completions at the Oak Cove:

    “I just completed the Profession Intensive!

    “I came all the way from Sydney, Australia to do several Flag Only rundowns and this one is truly amazing.

    “I have several businesses and in each business I wear a lot of hats. Like in areas of promotion, finance, being the ED, public speaking and the list goes on and on. But this rundown handled a hat I did not know I had, or more importantly, a hat that I did NOT want to wear.

    “It was the hat of a Writer!

    “You know the Tech it so simple and yet so POWERFUL!

    “As I did this rundown I once again became willing to BE a writer. And you know the interesting thing … I have already written 3 books in Australia. These are business type books and they sell more than the likes of Richard Branson and Donald Trump in Australia. Yet writing these took a lot of effort! I mean A LOT. I would wait until the last possible moment to sit down and write. I would avoid it in every possible way until, because of sheer necessity level, I HAD to do it.

    “Well, during the Profession Intensive I discovered all the reasons why I did not want to be a writer, why I found it so hard and why I would brush people off who ever paid me a complement regarding my books. Well all of this got handled; all the reasons NOT to be a writer are gone!

    “When you look at this and look at all the EFFORT it took to write the books that I have; imagine what I can do now that I KNOW I am a writer and I can’t wait to write the next book!

    “There is also another important aspect to this hat of a Writer. I have always been able to boom a business and increase the stats, but I would be the one everybody called to handle the problems. Basically I was stuck in POWER, yet not able to write up my hats (because I hated writing so much) I would write a lousy hat, if one at all. Now I have already started writing up the hats of my business so that when I get back I’ll be able to hand this over.

    “I’d like to thank all the wonderful Flag crew here for such amazing speed and ARC. I’d also like to acknowledge all those who have worked tirelessly to create the new Oak Cove. Staying there while doing my services made it, not just faster, but a memorable experience.

    “I’d also like to thank my wonderful auditor, C/S and the smiling Board I/C at HGC 4!

    “Lastly thank you RTC for keeping the TECH pure and to our friend LRH.” —T. M.

    For more information, call 1-800-POSTULATE

    or e-mail us at:

    For accomodations reservations e-mail us at:

    or call 011-727-445-4300