COSMOD Staff from 1973-85

Discussion in 'Reconnecting with Old Friends' started by excosmodgrrl, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. Zinjifar

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    Alex is a delivery specialist for the Pollyanna Rundown :)

  2. Elapid

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    Do any of you remember Jim Brooks? Public at Davis later staff at Portland and Delphi.
  3. excosmodgrrl

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    that's hilarious m. of i. and e.
  4. excosmodgrrl

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    i remember the name, but don't get a picture of him. sorry.
  5. Tim Skog

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    Welcome to ESMB excosmodgrrl.
  6. excosmodgrrl

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    thanks tim!

    somehow even though i've only been on esmb a few days i went from newbie to patron. wow...that's easier than passing ottro! :)
  7. Elapid

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    COSMOD Davis ED

    I was public at the Davis Mission circa '73-'74 and then went on to the Sac Org when it was still a satellite of the L.A. Org and situated in the COSMOD Sac Mission before the Org moved to "O" street.

    Who was the ED of COSMOD Davis then? He was also the first ED of the Delphian Foundation and former professor in the UC Davis Math department, Dr.???

    Does anyone know what happened to the first ED of the Sac Org and his wife Doug & Linda McCreary? Doug's mother was COSMOD Davis staff and went by McCreary and I believe his dad was Paul Armstrong CL 8 also at COSMOD. I remember getting a notice of Paul's passing.

    Are Steve and Sharon Basio still around some place?

    I will never forget being in a small room with Martin Samuels, Paul Armstrong and Steve Basio at the same time and getting an "ethics" handling from them. It was interesting. Elapid
  8. Welcome!

    Welcome honey, just wander around and read. Lots of good people here who care. Those are the stats for posting!
  9. dexter gelfand

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  10. freet43

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    Hi There

    Hey Elapid,

    I was around then too - I wonder if I knew you?

    Didn't Rohn Walker take over for Martin Samuels? Rohn was ED for a long time. A year or 2 ago, Rohn and Vikki were still in and opened the Santa Monica CoS mission.

    Steve Besio still shows up regularly as a Top FSM at Flag...

    I don't really recall the details of who did what at the other missions back then, but wasn't it an Alan Hollander running Delphi at some point? Wasn't Martin hands on up there when Delphi first started?


  11. excosmodgrrl

    excosmodgrrl Patron

    i did my levels at that l.a. org extension at the sac mission--i'd forgotten about that :). the ED of cosmod davis kept changing...from martin samuels to ron walker to reggie (last name cota at that time)--whoever wasn't in ethics or on the ship. paul armstrong's kids then were very young (none named doug)...he was the c/s at davis and sac, and a bit later, bob lauffer was c/s at sac. basio's are still on and fsm-ing i believe. i understand your anecdote about the "ethics" handling...i had many like that :)
  12. excosmodgrrl

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    elapid--i'm happy to say i just remembered the name of the former ucd professor you referred to, who also was, indeed, the sac mission ed for a few months--his name is alan larson...and he then became the headmaster at delphi for many years. dr. alan larson. this has been driving me crazy since i read your email and couldn't think of his name! now i can go to sleep :)
  13. rebned

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    I used to cook the desserts for those midnight rats! I made 24 loaves of bread for lunch, 12 for dinner, dessert for 150 people cookies for kids snacks and dessert for mid rats. I was 15 at the time and had no help.

    If my memory serves me well. Jim Brooks was at Portland Mission. After his wife Linda had a baby they blew. I was sorry to see them go at the time because they were really nice people.

    Alan Hollander was at Delphi but not running it I think he was doing something in PR. Was it him that moved to running Portland? I can't remember who was running Portland in the mid to late 70's. I have seriously blanked a lot of this stuff out :)
  14. ThisIsIt

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    Portland Mission 70's

    I came on lines at the Portland Mission in 1975. The ED when I first started was Jeff Coda (Cota?). For a time there was a female who held the post also, cannot remember her name, just remember she married a fellow who was about 10 yrs younger than she was.:yes:
  15. rebned

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    I was there 76-78ish and it was a guy running it (Portland) but I am blanking on the name
  16. ThisIsIt

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    Could have been Jeff. A bit later Larry Silver held the post for a while also.:)
  17. Mark A. Baker

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    Roy Selby I believe was an early COSMODer. He's in the freezone now and hangs out on several freezone boards.

    Mark A. Baker
  18. Challenge

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    AAHHH. Maybe you knew my ( public person) daughter, Hilda Wagner, who has been disconnected from me for lo! the last 25 years?
    Hildie told me that there was dancing inthe streets when Martin got declared.

  19. Elapid

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    excosmodgrrl just reminded the ED of Davis after Samuels and the first ED of the Delphian Foundation was Dr. Alan Larsen. Elapid
  20. freet43

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    Oh yeah. It was Alan Larson that ran Delphi. Alan Hollander, if I recall correctly was also a good pal of Martin Samuels and had something to do with getting WISE going.