COSMOD Staff from 1973-85

Discussion in 'Reconnecting with Old Friends' started by excosmodgrrl, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. freet43

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    Actually, Roy was Tech Sec then ED of SFO during COSMOD's hey day in the 70s. Many COSMODers trained at SFO before the Sacramento Org opened.
  2. excosmodgrrl

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    i haven't been on for awhile, but i was at the portland mission from 75-78; there was a LOT of turnover of EDs during this time. it went something like alan hollander, ed petty, that girl (i don't remember her name either! she was only on for a few months) and larry silver--he was the last there before i left for a short stint at the sac mission and then to open the sf mission. because delphi was so close, the cosmod management team sometimes took over when an ED was failing or flailing as the case might be (low stats, lower conditions, etc), and they'd replace one poor soul for another. alan and larry were the longest lasting. jeff cota might have run it for a month or two. ed petty was in for about 6 months...that woman was a month or was pretty crazy.
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    Alan Larson. :thumbsup: View attachment 503

    I was a student at Delphi Oregon from 1977-1981 and 1986-1989. I've been back there to visit every October since 1993. Not sure if I'm welcome back this year. :confused2:

    I never went hungry. Always plenty of food. But then, my parents were paying my tuition.

    :wave: Uh, I used to be successful, um, in the world at large. :whistling:

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    Mac, success isnt how fancy your car is, or how long your job title is, but how happy people are to see your face or hear your voice....

    I'd say you're a success.
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    Maybe I'll be more successful tomorrow. :goodnight:
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    Martin is a successful urban developer working in green projects.
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    I think I joined in Sac a little after the "September Game." I think my being regged for staff was a result of that "game." My (now ex) husband and I were booted off in July (?) of 1983. By then there was no COSMOD, it had merged with the Sac Org. I absolutely detested Jeff Cota, thought he was a real know-it-all prick. His wife, Patty, was absolutely cowed by him; she was appointed the Qual Sec even tho she'd never taking an auditing class. I could go on...

    BTW, this is my first post on this board! :D I've been on Clambake for a while now. Very cathartic.
  8. excosmodgrrl

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    hi hummingbird!

    we probably know each other, although i didn't work much at cosmod sac, i did work for all the cosmod missions at one time or another. if you were regged for staff in '74 and didn't leave until '83, i'm sure we knew each other. your description of the cota's is pretty exact :).

    i'm not on this site often, but i do check it now and then, and it's all cathartic to me...nice to hear from you.

  9. hummingbird

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    Didn't feel like starting a new thread for this, but I saw an obituary in the local newspaper last night, that Bob Street had died. He was in charge of Div 6 for a while in the 70's at COSMOD Sac. Was married to Barbara Street, and they had a little girl named Anna. They were offlines when I got booted off staff in 1983, but decided to rejoin so that Bob could redo the Purif. From the obit, it looks like he and Barb divorced, because she wasn't listed as a survivor. No cause was given, but thanks were given to a dialysis unit and donations were to be made to the Heart Transplant Fund at Stanford Hospital. He attested to clear in 1991 and did a Solo Prep class in 1998.
  10. excosmodgrrl

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    hummingbird, i knew barb and bob street well. thanks for posting this, i probably wouldn't have ever known otherwise. best, excosmodgrrl

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    I was at a different COSMOD mission, but knew some of the staff at Portland. I can send you a slide show of that time period. I'm sure you'll recognize some of the people in it. I'll send more info by pm.

  13. paolo

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    I did my student hat at the SF org in 83
  14. ClearedSP

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    It took me a while to think of who that might have been after Jeff Cota... might it possibly have been Sandy (Corbett) Wood?
  15. Veda

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    If anyone wants to see Martin Samuels' views on Hubbard and Scientology, take a look at the 'Reflections' chapter of the book, 'L. Ron Hubbard, Messiah or Madman?'
  16. dexter gelfand

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    Sounds familiar

    I wonder if Sandy Corbett Wood might be any relation to Mary Corbett, who I knew when I was Lead HGC auditor in New York?

    Any ex-COSMODS (or ex-NY area) people who are not antago to Scn itself, and in Northern Cal area, Marina and I would entertain the idea of getting together with you sometime:)

    Best, Dex
  17. Anonycat

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    Yep, I was there in the early part of years you gave.
  18. dexter gelfand

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    Hi Anonykat, care to elaborate, either here or by private message? I'm curious now if we know each other.

    Best, Dex
  19. Anonycat

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    Hi Dex!

    There were so many staff and public then, it was what I perceive to be the peak of the crime syndicate.

    I don't recall your name or face, but considering how many were a part of the COSMOD days, I guess you're one of those I never met.

    It's nice to meet you now, though!

    Feel free to PM me any time! :)
  20. dexter gelfand

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    To clarify..

    Hi Anony,

    Sorry, I wasn't very clear there; my background is east coast- New York Org, Celebrity Center NY, and Miami org. My wife Marina was COSMOD staff. Being that we live in between San Francisco and Sacramento, we are within that visiting range, roughly, for any former COSMOD or NY folks to reconnect. We're long time out of CoS, freezoners ourselves, but not concerned about your or others' present position, assuming ours can be respected. We're all people here:)

    Best, Dex