COSMOD Staff from 1973-85

Discussion in 'Reconnecting with Old Friends' started by excosmodgrrl, Aug 3, 2009.

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    It gets worse

    We've checked out the mission. it's advertised hours of operation? Wednesday and Friday, 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm-that's right, 5 hours a week. HIP-HIP (last) HURRAH!

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    I liked Jeff personally, but he was a bit disdainful of anything
    that didn't fit in to our universe (COSMOD SAC) at that time.
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    I always liked Jeff ... big long-haired hippie guy who wore his red hair in a single braid. But I only knew him when he was the Comm Course supervisor in the original garage that COSMOD occupied in Davis. Sorry to hear that Jeff turned into a prick as he progressed up the org chart, but, considering the organization, it's entirely believable.
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    Is sf San Francisco?
    If so, I was Staff there for about a month, and then went to Alan Walter's Dallas Mission. 1967. There was an Org in SFO as early as that, so are you talking about Missions only?
    My daughter was Public at SFO Org for years thru the 70s.
    She has disconnected from me, so I haven't any more data on her journey there.

    I think that ESMB is pretty safe. The only reason that you would not want OSA to know that you are posting here is that they MIGHT declare you, but not until you refused their "handle". The only reason that you should give a rat's behind if OSA knows who you are would be if you have family who would disconnect from you.
    Post all you feel good about.
    Don't post anything that you don't feel good about.
    You can always PM a person here, if it comes to that.

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    Stopped by the old garage this weekend with a friend that was public there years ago.....

    It has been upgraded and painted and now consists of 3 suites of offices. And, the suites are for lease.

    The former HGC building a few blocks away is now a Chinese restaurant.

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    I haven't seen xcosmodgrrrl here for a long time - but she is talking about the mission that was started by Cosmod in '78 - or oerhaps 79. It was on the corner of Stockton & Sutter. The ED opening the mission was Reggie Caldwell, ex-wife of Jeff Cota. I was there for a few months helping get it going.

    I was on training at SFO in '74 - I wonder if i knew your daughter.

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    She didn't graduate from Tamalpais High until 1975. She then attended College of Marin, and then over to the Oakland College of Fine Arts, where she got her degree.
    I think that she was in and out of COSMOD during those years. She said that everyone in Martin Samuel's Missions applauded when Martin was declared. Sad sad sad.

    I hear that she is currently "on course". I saw her name last week on the list of peeps who were helping on the Pasadena org's bldg project.

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    Ah, yes, parents and students did complain from time to time... but not about quantity. From 1977 on there was always plenty of food. Sometimes it was even pretty good :) The bread was always great - baked in our own bakery.

    Speaking of Midrats... I think I recall Kenji... but I have better recollection of one guy we called "Bucky." And later, a guy named Rick Mears. Anyone recall them? They cooked midrats. I was in good with both of them :)

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    Re: COSMOD Davis ED

    A couple of people already answered, yes it was Alan Larson. He had a PhD in Math from Stanford.

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    Re: Hi There

    Alan didn't run Delphi at all, but his stepsons were students there, and his wife Janet was on staff. Martin was very hands-on when Delphi started - he was one of the guys who conceived the whole idea. Martin was there at least until 1981. I don't recall the year he was disappeared (declared) but it was sometime after 1981 I'm pretty sure.

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    Did you work with Genevieve in the bakery? I'm pretty sure I remember you! I recall hanging around in that little snack bar off the scullery. Anyway, the bread there was always really good. That was early on... '77 or so.

    (not my real name, just my exscn name, PM me if you like)
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    I was staff at the Portland Org from 1972-1979. I was the Body Reg or the Dissem Sec all that time. I would often go to the Portland Mission and sometimes down to Delphi to sell HASI memberships, HSDC interneships and Academy packages.

    Laird Caruthers was a very good friend, and I admired many many people from the mish.

    Later on, in '82, right before the mission holder bustaramma, I was posted as ASHO staff, regging in the bay area. I reconnected with some old Cosmoders there and also made a couple new friends.

    I have not read through any of your replies. But I imagine I know a lot of you posting here.
  14. Have you been declared yet?
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    I'm just getting up the nerve to post here. Was at COSMOD Portland during this time period. Really wonder what's happened to many people I knew then.
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    Another ED was Lynn Irons. As for the Cota's they're both still in the Church. Same with Rohn Walker. I'm new to this board and very excited to be a part of this group. I was on staff at COSMOD Sac from 1976 to 1980. Left the church in 2010. I'd LOVE to find out what happened to the staff and public during the time I was on staff. I think about Jim Chetwood, Remitz, Benny Houston and others. I know pretty much who is still in the Church such as Lynn Irons, Reggie Caldwell, Jeff Cota, Christi & Greg Losh. Whatever happened to Peggy Weller? So many people I'd love to hook up with.
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    I was on staff at COSMOD Sac from 1976 to 1980. Wasn't there for there in '74. Would love to connect up with former guys from COSMOD Sac. I think about them sometimes. Left the church in 2010. How about you?
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    Maybe we've run into each other at Delphi. I was COSMOD Sac staff from 1976 to 1980. During that time I spent a year at Dephi being the communicator for Diana Samuels. Think that was in 1978, maybe 1977. I worked as a supe and a letter reg under Kathy ?? (don't recall her last name). I recall Martin's house being built down the hill.
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    Thanks for the heads up. I don't even know how to private message you. Brand new to this board. I don't really care who sees my posts. I now live in the middle of nowhere and all my past friends have disconnected from me. Have no one else to lose if you know what I mean. When on staff I mostly worked as the receptionist. Awhhh Reggie. My favorite person to hate. :) I worked as Reggie's communicator for awhile. You must have been one OT chick to have worked for her and made it without getting sliced and diced.
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    If you click on the user's name, that will bring down a list of options, one of which is "Private Message".

    If you then click on that one, a "private message" page appears
    with a text window in the middle which you can type your message into. When you've finished, click on "Submit Message".