COSMOD Staff from 1973-85

Discussion in 'Reconnecting with Old Friends' started by excosmodgrrl, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. SPsince83

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    I was at Delphi and SF from 75-83. Public in Sac 75. I knew Lynn, Reggie, Jeff & Patti Cota, Christi and Greg Losh and I used to live with Peggy's sister. Welcome aboard. It's fun here especially with all the cool shit happening these days
  2. SPsince83

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    These posts you are answering are kind of old. I've been on the board for about a month and never heard back from anyone on this thread. There are a few ex cosmod who post currently. We were definitely at Delphi at the same time. I was in Qual there at that time. Diana's communicator was a thankless job. I saw a few crash and burn.
  3. ForLease

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    Shermie, welcome!

    Always glad to see new people share their experiences.
  4. Shermie

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    Thank you. I got a msg sent.
  5. Shermie

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    Bob died of a heart attack. He was remarried twice. The third wife he brought her into the Sac Org. She wasn't a Scntologist. Even AFTER she did the levels she didn't want auditing. Don't know if he was still married to her at the time he dropped the body though. Loved Streeter. So funny. I'm in search some of the Div 6ers back then such as Debbie Boen. I know she survived breast cancer.
  6. Shermie

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    Hi Brian - I was on staff COSMOD Sac 76 to 80. I was on lines at Sac Org for awhile also during that time. I do recall a Brian being there but can't recall the last name. Did the HSDC internship at the Sac Org. In fact, my student auditor was named Brian. Uhmmmmmm. Could it be???
  7. Shermie

    Shermie Patron

    I agree with that. But I never held any post where I got validated so it was just another post to me. She had a bitchen office though. :eyeroll: Loved the environment, the trees, the foggy mornings, the people, the 4th floor library. Liked running errands in Portland.

    Were u ever able to get any Bridge?
  8. lilly

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    The D/Ed of Portland was Larry Silver. Alan Hollander took the post after Larry.
  9. TrevAnon

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    Welcome Lilly!
  10. freet43

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    Dear All - Has anyone heard from Shermie? I didn't check my messages for months and by the time I sent her a message, she seems to have disappeared.

    She also shared her FB name and I sent her a FB request....... no answer...

    I hope she is okay...

    Does anyone know what happened?

    Thank you so much..... And hi to the old gang and hello to the new guys also......I have too much going on in my life to keep up with anything here.....


  11. freet43

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    Wow.... I just am reading this..... My uncle went into emergency the day after this post and I never looked on ESMB again for months....

    Please - has anyone heard from Shermie??????????

    And, does anyone know where Martin Samuels is?

    I hope to catch up with both Shermie and Martin.

    PS> Reggies was one of my close friends amongst my many, many close COSMOD friends...... I heard she really got creamed at Flag.....was sorry to hear about that....
  12. TrevAnon

    TrevAnon Big List researcher

    Uhm, no. His/her profile says he/she was only on this board in April 2015 for 8 days.
  13. hummingbird

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    Sorry to do such a late post to this, Shermie. Debbie sadly died several years ago from melanoma. She and her husband had relocated to somewhere in the midwest, Ohio I think. My daughter is close friends with her daughter, Gwen. She was one of my favorite people.
  14. DanLocke

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  15. cakemaker

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    Did you guys do okay with the 'terremoto'?
  16. freet43

    freet43 Patron with Honors

    Hi Hummingbird! Thank you for this post.....I barely knew her as she was not at Davis I don't think....She was actually still alive last year and was reaching out on ESMB and FB.... as late as mid April...

    I was so inundated with trying to keep my uncle alive against ALL odds of elder abuse and such while still working 24/7 and etc. She was already gone I understand when I posted the last post.....

    When she no longer was responding on ESMB and was no longer on FB suddenly, and with my own sensing of what happened, I looked for obits where she had moved to and so forth.

    Didn't locate anything, though I was certain she had passed on.

    I rarely have time for ESMB any more...

    But I like to pop in sometimes and see if anyone else has popped up from those years.

    I left when I did and made my own life. I have no regrets.....THOSE were some of the best years in my life and I still think fondly of the many friends I made.

    We WERE the JEDI and I still am. But, I have taken on bigger and better and more useful games...

    Unfortunately, too many who stayed in longer have died. I am not sure if that is due to the twisted tech or the decades on NOTS>...or the stress or the enforced losses of family and friends - or the decades on the RPF or the RPFS RPF or the hole...

    If not dead, or out, many of our old friends are still drinking the kool aid or at least pretending to so that their family doesn't disconnect.

    It was so much easier back in the hassles no declares no disconnections...

    I hope YOU are well.

  17. freet43

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    Shermie, RIP, was well known to those who knew her.

    I believe she was mostly at COSMOD - Sacramento.....

    I was my whole time at COSMOD -Davis and then for a few months helped start COSMOD-SF on Sutter back in 79....but I may be wrong as I left while she was somewhat new I believe....

    The OTHER missions and Delphi all grew out of Davis... as someone was ready to play a bigger game, usually they were sent for more training and auditing before moving to be an exec at the next mission to be established and to grow...

    I knew the execs at all of the COSMOD missions well as I was Qual Sec/ D/ED second in command for most of my last 4 years at Davis..

    We were booming and therefore my job was cush and I was probably the longest lasting exec on one post ever in Davis.

    Most of the time, Rohn Walker was the ED during those years. His wife, Vikki Walker, was our Snr CS until she started Apple School in Sacramento...

    I was quite close to Martin, and the times when I was in charge of the mission while the ED was away on training or auditing or once on Conditions, met with him regularly for meetings at Delphi with the other EDs...

    When Delphi was opened in '75 (?) Martin flew ALL COSMOD staff from Davis, Sac and wherever they may be on training or auditing, and bussed in EVERYONE from newly opened Portland and Sheridan to a huge gala. That was when All of us were together for the most raucous weekend ever....

    There is a lot of good and fun history back in those days.

    You can read a Piece of Blue Sky to learn a bit more about what happened in '82. Fortunately, I had seen the writing on the wall in 79 and left before then.

    It seemed everyone knew Shermie...and it is sad that she didn't get to hang out and visit with more old friends before she passed on.

    I would love to hear from anyone else who may have known me back in the 70s....

  18. freet43

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    Would you please explain? when and where and/or who was that?
  19. freet43

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    Larry Silver was not my fave...

    I liked most everyone on staff and generally see the good in folks... but for some reason I just didn't find him likeable nor trustworthy.

    I took my first vacation ever while on staff in 79. When I left Rohn Walker was ED and I came back to see that Larry was the NEW ED....

    I thought WTF>.... I had already decided while on vacation that I was going to leave and this clinched it....

    Reggie invited me to help her set up CoSMOD-SF and I decided to help her out while waiting for my readmittance to UCD.

    The day I got that letter, I gave notice, went back home to Davis, got a job at the university the following day and never looked back.

    I liked Allan Hollander a lot better.....

    but I was so fortunate to leave when I did.

    NO REGRETS>... and I truly LEARNED a lot in those years.

    Are you still around here Lily?

    By the later years there were soO many people amongst all the missions that I didn't meet or know many at the other missions...

    And, this was HOW many decades now since we partied to John Travolta and the theme from Star Wars... LOL

  20. cakemaker

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    Dan lives in Ecuador.
    As you've probably read, they just had a major earthquake there.
    Terremoto is Spanish for earthquake. Hope he's ok.