COSMOD Staff from 1973-85

Discussion in 'Reconnecting with Old Friends' started by excosmodgrrl, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. formercosmod

    formercosmod New Member

    I was on staff Davis 79-85. Actually finished my contract. Almost blew when the "financial police" came from Flag in 82 to "clean us up" but decided to stick with it. (I was a fool. It took a lot for me to finally call myself an ex-scn, but I made it.)
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  2. Shermie

    Shermie Patron

    Hi, we missed each other at COSMOD. I joined in 1976, when you arrived in 1978 I was at Delphi Oregon under Reggie Caldwell and then returned to COSMOD Sac in 1979. I dnt care who reads my posts. I was in the Church until 2012. Went into the field, got training, found a Class VIII C/S and audited Solo NOTs (OT VII). Completed Solo Nots 3 yrs ago. Completed OT VIII this year. A wild ride. I am still a Scientologist, just not a member of the church.
  3. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    yep, I was a little later. Knew Hilda, she audited me on a few grades.

    Lynn Irons still drinking the cool aide although may be UTR just like Mark Schreffler. Lynn his daughter works as DM assistance but who knows now, truely brainwashed. Lynn Irons wife Judy, C/S, died awhile ago, she used to tell stories of how she was in comm with LRH when we were winning the Birthday day game, the staff, or crowd luv'd it, she said we were doing what LRH wanted, she said, the crowd or staff luv'd it. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    R. Reifer up in Oregon, don't know his involvement in present time.

    Lots of staff I knew while on staff I don't have a clue, they seem to be MIA, which is understandable.

    laughing. Where are the god damn clears and OT's? laughing.
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  4. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    regarding lynn irons, he had a stint as being ED of Tampa Org, that didn't work out, he left, LOL Mike Rinder or Tony Oretga made a post about it some time ago.

    But if we look at Lynn's resume on his website, what a useful idiot he is, still following Hubbard's rhetoric of PR. I hope this confuses you OSA people because you won't have a clue what I am talking about.

    Let's examine Lynn Irons website, and truth be known.

    Here's what Lynn says:

    "personal Consulting Organization In 1983 I took over a bankrupt organization
    with 6 staff and $80,000 in debt and failing and turned it around so that
    the turnover in 1986 was over 6 million dollars"

    The bankrupt organization was the SF Mission but only because of the Samuel and finance police and his connections to Sterling Management which was a money machine at the time. LOL

    Lynn in his resume further states:

    "the turnover in 1986 was over 6 million dollars, had over 75 staff and won two international awards as the fastest growing organization of its kind in the world 1986-87 and 1987-88. Sterling Management Systems was co-founded in 1983 with Dr. Greg Hughes to serve the health care field and by 1986 had an annual turnover of over 20 million dollars, over 200 staff with over 2,000 clients throughout the United States. Sterling was on the INC. 500 list (the 'Fortune 500 of privately owned companies) as one of the fastest growing companies in America for 3 years in a row."

    What Lynn fails to mention is that the organization he took over was a SF scientology mission. The 2 international awards are none other but from scientology and because we won the birthday game, hence awards, LOL. And at the same time, the Time Article came out, and his SF Mission went from 75 staff to nothing. I know, I was there, and even blew from staff. All the doc's and Chiro's where asking for refunds. What a hill 10 it was at the time. LOL

    Oh the PR or rhetoric of these true believers that still continue.
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  5. phenomanon

    phenomanon Canyon

    ( snip snip)

    Was Hilda a good Auditor?
    I hear that she lives in Clearwater now.
  6. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    yes and no to answer your question.

    Hilda is a good soul and I consider her a friend no matter what. She never joined staff but was recruited repeatedly. She held her ground. She only audited staff, she wanted to help staff, she never audited public. Those were her terms. I believe she got paid, something like 10 or 20 bucks per hour. You have to understand the mission was bringing in something $20-30K per month. We were selling "clear" packages to the docs for 10-15k each, both husband and wife, with like something like 4-10 docs per month. We hired field auditors to come and audit these docs, they got something like
    $50/hr. A lot of times we had to send field auditors to the doc's home to audit where they become auditor and C/S if Class 8. All expenses paid for the auditor.

    A lot of staff were pissed to all end that field auditors were getting paid big bucks while us contracted staff were getting paid $100-200 per week. Auditors getting $1K - $2K per week. OMG

    So, if you get my dots, Hilda wanted to help staff get up the bridge although she never got paid the big bucks at the time but enough to make a living. Also, the majority of staff were "clear" and above, I was but a handful of non-clears.

    Hilda audited me on Method 1, arc straightwire and grade 0. From a scientology POV she was good, she listened and put up with my very boring life. I mean another auditor, who they all have to eventually FES PC folders, told me, Gib, your life is like mine, very boring, LOL We both never had wild stories to confess in auditing, and we both never went whole track! LOL

    The only reason I say no is because Hilda was applying the tech and from a "what is to be gained" POV, or no the tech no work POV. While I had fun looking up words in Method 1, but I didn't recover my education. ARC straightwire was a lot of fun and I felt that was worthwhile, but I didn't pay for it, it was staff auditing. Grade 0 was fun and I completed the whole thing and never attested, I wanted more to see if I can talk to anybody about anything. Hilda was gone from the scene at that time as the doc's started to refund and no money was allocated for staff auditing. But Hilda and I was a team as far as my "case" was concerned at the time.

    Anyways, after I blew and recovered myself and went back on staff to finish the contract, Why I talked and met with Hilda as she was still around in the area and went to events. She married Dave Swanson I believe and moved to LA and then Clearwater. I think they divorced, I don't know her whereabouts.

    I truely hope she connects with you again and I wish I could do something. It's a sad for me, big time, since I now know her mom. What a small world sometimes.
  7. phenomanon

    phenomanon Canyon

    She was doing that while I was being an Auditor in LA.
    I love Hilda, and I miss her in my life.
    She lives in Clearwater, and has bought a condo there.
    You could Search Facebook for her if you wished to reconnect.
    It might be best if you didn't mention t
    hat you "know me".
    Do I know you? Who are you?
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  8. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    I only know you in the sense of your postings here on ESMB.

    I'm not on facebook or twitter.
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  9. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Squirreling Dervish

  10. phenomanon

    phenomanon Canyon

    She has me blocked from all her sites, but I hear something infrequently. I don't know if she is still 'onlines' or not.
  11. Koot

    Koot Patron with Honors

    I feel silly responding to a 9 yr old post! I was at the (COSMOD) Portland mission as staff around 1980 to about 83 and was recruited to the Portland Org about that time. When Martin Samuels sued LRH I was in the courthouse with many ther staff and public lining the halls of the stairway to the courtroom. it was a group glare . All those eyes saying "fuck you Martin". My 1st wife Pam Currey was recep/phone answerer at Delphi and I was recep at the Ptl Mission. That's how we met, over the phone. She was also Alan Hollander's(ED) nanny. Pretty exciting times back then. Some deprogrammed woman trying to sue, big case, scientologists from all over the globe flown in to march around the courthouse chanting "religious freedom now" with bands and speakers in the courthouse park. The Martin legal action. the "summer of madness " 1982 , black armbands on "pts's" , de-dinging sessions ( group motivator sessions where we all got off our "dings" from the public)at staff meetings, gang tackle reg cycles, The "hunta"(high powered execs) as an elite power structure in the mission. Lots of fun and games. I was pretty robotic myself.
  12. formercosmod

    formercosmod New Member

    My husband and I were married by John Doughty, in the park outside of the mission. 1981.