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Curious - how many Scientologists are "sanctioned" to see the DOC & SNL spoofs?

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by whoisxenu, Apr 8, 2015.

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  1. whoisxenu

    whoisxenu Patron with Honors

    Just curious how many actual bodies (not BTs) in the church (not Lawyers, etc.) would be allowed or ordered to view either the Gibney doc or the SNL spoof etc. because of their post, etc.? :goodorbad:

    I mean viewing can't just be restricted to DM, can it? (also - would he actually view either of them in its entirety or not, do you think?):unsure:
  2. Northern Shewolf

    Northern Shewolf Patron Meritorious

    The lawyers, for sure. Thanks for this query. :yes:
  3. WildKat

    WildKat Gold Meritorious Patron

    Some PR people and some OSA (maybe all of them?)
  4. oneonewasaracecar

    oneonewasaracecar Gold Meritorious Patron

    Your best indication is the number of people responding to the Saturday Night Live youtube clip.

    They have 300 people voting it down on YouTube, and some of those would be sock accounts so that one person could vote several times.

    My guess in they have less than 100 people voting it down. My guess is even they are told not to watch it, but to turn off the sound, and avert their eyes while they vote it down.

    The number of people who were allowed to watch it would, I would guess be a much smaller number. Miscavige would probably have a smaller group of people looking for entheta and making a list and then pass that onto the voting down team.

    I think they would likely only need to watch enough to know it was entheta and catalog it. Too much more and they'd risk a sec check.

    Maybe some of them look at the content to figure out who is informing, what they have said and who their anonymous sources must be. My guess is only a handful have this level of access.

    The important question is how many of the OSA people watched more than they needed to because they were curious?

    How many public watched it? Their is so much press on this it would be difficult to ignore.
  5. chipgallo

    chipgallo Patron Meritorious

    Enough staff need to look at it to catalog the "entheta" (lies) and develop a D/A Pack (D/A = Dead Agent, a way to discredit the person or assertion). People who do this kind of work get frequent metered interviews to "clean them up" from any residual upset caused by exposure to the entheta. Same goes for staff who go to court and hear testimony. They use people of a high case level when said entheta contains upper level material that could be "restimulative;" a phenomena they believe happens when lower case levels (lower on the Grade Chart) are exposed to OT materials above their attained grade. In other words, they might send an OTVIII to handle another OTVIII who had gone "off the reservation" so to speak and was talking about their personal auditing and what a waste of time it all was.
  6. hummingbird

    hummingbird Patron with Honors

    Don't know why, but the application of this phrase to this scenario really has me chuckling...

    "Quick! Catch him! He's going off the rez!!!"
  7. imSPecial

    imSPecial Patron with Honors

    When the Richard Behar article came out - including the xenu bits - and the DA pack prep was a big project all of OSAI was not allowed to read it. Exposure to Going Clear will be on a need to know basis and worker bees working on DA packs will be given piecemeal bits of the documentary to work on. Probably out of context. The line given will be something like "to protect your case". Then again there have been so many exposes it's probably somewhat of a cut and paste at this point.
  8. HollywoodGuy

    HollywoodGuy Patron with Honors

    My family member was planning on watching the doc, and she still plans to, but she didn't have permission to watch it while in the middle of an auditing cycle.

    Years ago, when I was in Ethics at ASHO, I asked the MAA if it was bad to go on the Internet. He answered, "Well, it depends. Did you go into agreement with anything? Did you tell any other Scientologists about what you read?" Certainly, if you heard anything entheta, Ethics would want to know what you've heard. While I wasn't familiar with the Xenu story at the time, I knew that Xenu existed as a term, and my younger sister had a cartoon on her desktop of LRH molesting a little girl and saying, "Come on, let Uncle Ron examine your body thetans." I didn't know what Xenu or body thetans were, but I told the MAA that I had seen this.

    Months later, I did have to do lower conditions, but I think it was a result of being uncooperative, refusing to write down all the times I had nattered or spread entheta about the Church (I didn't even understand at the time what they meant by spreading "entheta", I thought they were just talking about petty natter, but I guess they were more concerned about if I had been spreading the Xenu story or other controversial things).
  9. chipgallo

    chipgallo Patron Meritorious

    It is going to be like playing wack-a-mole to keep from seeing things like this in the media. Info-tainment shows, Ellen, The Voice, late nite, SNL, HBO, Youtube, Vimeo ... nowhere is safe for the delicate but all powerful but unwilling to look but compelled to look corporate Scientologists. The worst risk? Going to the latest Tom Cruise film and being forced to watch advertisements for Going Clear before the feature starts.
  10. La La Lou Lou

    La La Lou Lou Crusader

    If someone is a good member of the public they will be too busy even to go and watch a TC film. If they are staff likewise. It's the ones not actually on lines at the moment who are in danger of hearing whispers, and rumours of whispers.

    Mind you, outer org div6 staff are really on the front line, they talk to members of the public, they will hear lots of enemy lines every day.
  11. Outethicsofficer

    Outethicsofficer Silver Meritorious Patron

    OSA types and their select public scios spys...the ones who are up to task...may be asked to view it.
  12. eldritch cuckoo

    eldritch cuckoo brainslugged reptilian

    The OP question is fascinating to me. How many public, and staff, are watching, and reading? However, here are my thoughts as to who does the "professional" work, the silent internet surveillance:
    I suppose non-Scientologists could do that as well. Like, lawyers or PIs. They might have offered or suggested the "necessity" of such activities to DM themselves. Even if he isn't aware of some of the dynamics or the importance of the internet, non-Scientologist lawyers and PIs do know these things. I suppose he is, at last to some degree, ready to listen to their "professional opinions", no matter how megalomaniacal and arrogant he is and to which degree he believes in the "tech". If any of these people meets him personally or they have a phone talk or screen conference or even just write him a letter, I suppose they know how to flatter him to get him to listen. There's money there, after all.

    And there's that: no matter how deeply (or superficially) entrenched he is in the "tech" and in the sense of his own grandiosity, but he knows his supply of minions (deeply indoctrinated and professional enough for him) isn't endless. That's one of the reasons for "The Hole". He's a kind of boss who "burns people", but, consider this: he wants to burn them for his personal joy and hissyfits, not because he loses one after another to the "entheta" of the internet and the press. He wants to play with the whales and obviously likes to focus on certain things, which also means he has to have some people who do all the stuff he's not interested in, whichever it is. And he knows that internet activities put people at risk. He doesn't have to have Scientologists doing internet surveillance.

    Yes, we're seeing people commenting on articles or videos all the time, who might be real Scientologists from various orgs, doing "amendments" of some sort, or - I couldn't ever recognize it - they are OSA doing their "putting out theta messages" or disruption/deflection job, but the amount of these activities is actually realistically low, even considering numerous sock puppets and fresh accounts.
    Sure, non-Scientologists could write that stuff as well, after some reading, and if there would be considerably more of it than there is, we would have reason to assume that this is the case, but as things are, their overwhelm in terms of numbers is palpable by now. After all, this is a degree of professionality, and "outsourcing", I don't trust Co$, and DM, to apply. :coolwink: I'd trust any big concern or intelligence agency to try to (subliminally) manipulate opinions, I'd say they do that, but there are the visible attempts of Co$ to do just that - their "theta messages" and the harassment of critics and the "it's all just innuendo" posts - and if that is their ideal of how to do this job effectively (and Hubbard's "tech" tells just that), well, then they are lost.

    It has been told there is a "chain of command", from the lawyers down. Lawyers hide PIs, PIs hide other PIs, all to hide DM's involvement and to protect the Cherch. People are watched and harassed by Co$ all the time. They have PIs (and wannabe-PIs) regularly doing the most despicable and even illegal things for them. Generally spoken, money (and connections) can buy everything, from people to carry your furniture, to the kids in the neighborhood for throwing eggs at someone's house, to contract killers. (I'm not saying Co$ actually did this but I'd say this is the most despicable and outrageous thing to buy with money, aside from biological weapons maybe, and so it's my example for the unlucky fact that everything (bad) can be bought by money.) Seriously, if money can buy immoral PIs or even a professional killer, and if money can buy forged product reviews, then it can buy internet "agents" (watchers) and even trolls as well, aye?? No, I don't expect DM to have ordered this personally but instead someone down the chain (although "Semioldguard" smelled of Pow Pow).
    The thing is, if something embarrassing or "threatening" for the cult is mentioned in a new Youtube spoof or wherever, they (well, DM) has to bring it to the lawyers anyways, to write some letters or whatever is done. IMO, there is no reason not to involve the lawyers in these activities from the beginning. Co$ always has had non-Scientologist "allies"; just like celebrities have agents who don't need to be fans of them to do their work, sort it all out, scan the news and celebrity magazines, and bring good and bad PR to their client's attention, or to publicly parrot ridiculous lies and dementis for them.

    So in the case of Co$, why not ordering non-Scientologists to (order someone to) look out for that kind of stuff, instead of risking to lose minions to "entheta"? DM might not care about what happens to some distant org, but what about the staff around him? Serious question - am I not getting something? As a never-in, I'm always afraid that's the case since I'll never have a feeling for the inner workings and the "habits" of the cult (and DM) and get it wrong.

    Slight derail (a hapless although nicely patterned bud that hopefully doesn't bloom into a flesh-eating orchid, some things considered): Co$ is a cult that follows self-destructive "management tech" and especially its leader is behaving illogical and is mentally disturbed. As we have seen, they are not aware of the dynamics and influence of the internet, or of the unspoken rules of Twitter, etc. At the utmost, their lawyers are. These lawyers can order goons to do stuff goons do, but it's more than unlikely that they - or DM - hire state-of-the-art professionals of undue influence and subliminal mind control. If there are any such professionals/talents, they simply work in the advertise industry and try to do their best (worst) there, or they work for governments. Whether some of them are sociopaths or not. That's what people don't get, if they approach the question - what might Co$ do in terms of PR control or (hidden) internet tricks - while just thinking of alllll that money they have available. There are many highly effective and feasible dirty tricks, from open (advertise, PR in the classical sense) to sneaky ones, but the money of Co$ actually is only available to David Miscavige.
    Questions like "if I were OSA" lead to nowhere if the person doing that mindgame is comparatively :coolwink: sane - and decidedly more intelligent and creative than DM, or Pow, and even Mr. Immoral "Immajusttakeyourmoney" Lawyer.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2015