David Gaiman has died

Discussion in 'Controversial Scientologists' started by thetanic, Mar 8, 2009.

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  1. thetanic

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  2. dt2000

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    Oh wow, I'm sorry for his family's loss. I was just asking about Neil a couple days ago. I knew Claire (Neil's sister) very well. I hope she is allowed back to the UK for her dad's funeral. She works at the HGB.
  3. thetanic

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    I pray that they'll let her visit. Heck, I'd still love to visit St. Hill. :)
  4. lionheart

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    David was largely responsible for developing Scn PR tech for handling critics and the press, according to LRH's orders and PLs. The same tech that is used against critics and the press today.

    May he now find peace and no longer have the need for shore stories and PR lies. Fare well David.
  5. DartSmohen

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    I was sorry to hear he passed away.

    I have known him for many years and despite his involvement in the nefarious activities of the cult, he always stoog aside from the evil squad that perpetrate many of their crimes.

    David was,basically, a kind, decent man.

  6. Dulloldfart

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    Wow. That's a shock.

    Interesting how people can be considered to be real cunts while alive but as soon as they die one is hesitant to say a harsh word.

    I never spoke to him more than a couple of times. I feel for Claire who I've always thought is decent but not for him or Sheila or the other kids that I had no contact with, any more than others I don't personally know when the family is impacted by death.

  7. DCAnon

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    I agree completely. I'm sorry for Neil who I really admire to lose someone he loved. As for his asshat father who spent his life lying and trying to destroy the lives of people who stood up to abuse, he can rot. I don't have a lot of sympathy in me to begin with, I'll save it for someone who actually deserves it.
  8. ScudMuffin

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    Sorry to hear this. He would of been one of the people I'd of wanted to get out. Shame we'll never see the real David now.

    Course, hopefully he's left BrumAnon a nice present, namely fucking up the cults chance to buy Pitmaston and surrounding plots.
  9. xseaorguk

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    It was people like him in the GO that I 'hated' most, altho I'm not a hateful person.
    He built up a vitamin empire in East Grinstead, all at the cost of others believing in the shite of Elron.

    Its people like him who made the real big bucks from being 'OT' and 'making it go right'.

    He must have known the truth behind the scam, so I would say in their lingo he just

    "pulled this in"
  10. airhead

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    Oh shoot, I knew him and him family. I'm sorry to hear this.
  11. thetanic

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    He sounded like an interesting person from Neil's description. Perhaps some of his family will get out now. Sometimes one person's the anchor.
  12. lionheart

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    He may well have been a decent person, most scientologists are.

    But he was Ron's right-hand henchman when it came to developing the nasty PR tech that is still in use.

    When you watch Tommy Davis performing you should know that David was the man who developed the techniques that Tommy is using today.

    I spoke with David in EG last summer when he was "handling" the pirate protestors. He was still using his PR tech, denying Hubbard's affirmations, while smiling.

    He was also a key person involved in the financial deals behind aquisitions in recent years of CofS properties. He was a named director of companies involved.

    Still carrying out LRH's work to the end. Maybe the "business" meeting he was at when he died was one of his covert CofS property deals.

    He can stop playing Ron's game now. He is free at last! :happydance:
  13. SchwimmelPuckel

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    Sorry to hear this.. All things considered..

    David was the Guardian for PRWW when I joined the GO PR EU.. I spoke with him brifly a couple of times when I was at EG for the PR course. I lived in that old camper he and Sheila had parked outside their house.

    At the time I had great respect for him.. He seemed a nice man..

  14. xseaorguk

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    how old was he by the way?
    Did he have several chldren?
  15. Carmel

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    On the odd occasion I feel somewhat ashamed to be associated with ESMB - right now is one of those occasions.

    Many of us on this board were active in scn and used all that we could and all that we knew, to forward what we considered a good thing. In hindsight, knowing what we now know, we no longer consider that it was such a good thing to forward (but we didn't see it that way at the time).

    Who of us exes didn't contribute to the CofS and its purposes to some or whatever degree? Should we be pardoned from condemnation just because we have been fortunate enough to see and get out, before we leave this life.....and, while at the same time, others who weren't so fortunate and didn't get out, are being condemned? Hardly!

    We all have the right to say and think what we want about anybody, but there's a time and place IMO, and some things are better left unsaid - including what I've said in this post on this particular thread, possibly.


    I didn't know David or any of his family, although I have known of him since I was first in Scn. I am sorry to hear that he didn't get out before he left this life, and I am sorry for those who are hurting over his departure.
  16. I told you I was trouble

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    Far out ... that is a surprise ... I suppose he was about 75 though?

    He was declared at one stage (from memory).

    Very true .... I always think Tricky Tommy looks as though he is 'being' David Gaiman ... he appears to be 'in his valence' (sodding Scio speak) ... he even looks like him.

    Yep ... saw that ... he was exactly the same as always with 'that' smile (slightly wonky and oh so genuine ... cough ... until you look at the eyes and could see that sadly he was being robotic ... to the end).

    Ah well.

    RIP David and condolences to Sheila and family.
  17. chipgallo

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    Yeah, I'll never forget being on a finance course at Flag sometime around 1982, when Gaiman was declared. I think it was for the ubiquitous "financial irregularities." Anyway, all the Board PLs that he authored or co-wrote were canceled, so half my course pack disappeared.
  18. Ladybird

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  19. michaelangelo

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    I saw all the Gaiman family when I was in the S O at Saint Hill during the 70's and 80's. But never had any direct communication with them. I used to buy stuff from his exspensive canteen. The only one I liked was the Grandmother, David's mum (she used to work in the canteen) . The rest of the Gaiman's I found rather arrogant. Though David seemed like a man with a sense of humour. I still order vitimin supplements from G and G and I thought that the Gaiman's were all declared and no longer involved in Scientology. I imagine that David started out with good intentions but then later was influenced a lot by Hubbard to commit overts.
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  20. sp declared

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    My condolences to Claire Edwards of SMI INT.

    SP Declared