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David Gaiman has died

Discussion in 'Controversial Scientologists' started by thetanic, Mar 8, 2009.

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  1. Mick Wenlock

    Mick Wenlock Admin Emeritus (retired)

    Now that is a curious - your last two paragraphs.

    Not believing he was evil or heartless - hmm. He tried to destroy people, he tried to destroy their reputations and their livelihood in all the name of supporting Hubbards insanity.

    How is this NOT evil AND heartless?

    This sounds like the "I was just a bureaucrat following really nasty and awful orders " defense used by Eichmann among others.

    I am intrigued - perhaps Gaiman's BEST PR "Op" was convincing a lot of people that he was not an asshole.

    Seriously - he did nasty and brutish things to deliberately hurt people. He was obviously OK with having done it because he remained a committed scientologist until the very end.

    Why do you give him a "pass" on his behavior?
  2. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    Because I felt like it.
  3. RolandRB

    RolandRB Rest in Peace

  4. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    'Display books with symbols around them in view of the reporters. Symbols have command value'


    Ooooo, I'm soooo scared of the eight-pointed cross and the big, bad S in double triangles! :nervous: :hide: :nervous::runaway: :p :laugh:
  5. michaelangelo

    michaelangelo Gold Meritorious Patron

    To me all the sybolism is bullshit but I'm sure some of the symbolism is a form of brainwashing, but I think it it is mostly aimed at souls that have been programmed. Before they are "born again".
  6. anonymous1312

    anonymous1312 Patron with Honors

    David Gaiman did indeed have a good nature and showed this side to many but he was also a ruthless business man and well adapted to abusing others within the cult; he made a fair bit of money from cult members. He also actively engaged in and even orchestrated activities aimed at removing opposition to the cult.

    David Gaimen wasn't deluded like so many others, sure he believed scientology worked for him but it really did, it provided him with the framework in which he thrived as an ruthless and unethical business man to his own gain. He was out of favour for a while but managed to get back in again because that was where he felt most comfortable.

    As to his more personable attributes, well even Hitler was liked by family members and had many friends, far more than David Miscavige, so it doesn't surprise me there are those who have fond memories of him. The sum of his actions though was brought way down by his business and scientology practices though.
  7. NonScio

    NonScio Patron Meritorious

    I noticed from the bio at the site linked in the first post on this
    thread that the family chose to give this man "A Jewish funeral
    service in Brighton". So much for scientology's "religious tones";
    it doesent say much about the family's view of the "church",
    in the end, they turned back to an actual religion for the
    last rites.
  8. I told you I was trouble

    I told you I was trouble Suspended animation

    Very good points ... it's hard to disagree.

    That is amazing ... I doubt many knew about that ... I certainly didn't.
  9. anonymous1312

    anonymous1312 Patron with Honors

    Erm, the whole Pitmaston deal was signed and sealed before members were reg'd to collect the money to "purchase" it. Two scilon front companies registered in the Isle of Man currently own the building and a plot of land.

    David Gaiman's involvement was as director of the primary purchasing company along with his daughter. His company purchased the whole plot of land, sub-divided it and sold it ALL off on the same day for just over 0.7 million pounds profit; David Gaiman and his wife later got the ball rolling on fund raising for the building by contributing 1/4 million pounds.

    For those interested in the whole story of these shady shenanigans see here:

    This kind of thing David Gaiman got up to in the organisation calling itself The Church of Scientology. It was only thanks to some Anonymous investigation that this (his last major deal) was revealed.
  10. Lord Xenu

    Lord Xenu Patron Meritorious

    Sorry to respond so late to an old thread, but although David may have appeared very personable to a lot of people in reality he was a sly,malicious,evil bastard.

    I found him gracious. By coincidence this time of my leaving my ARCX auditor was his, or one of his daughters. Claire? She was so sweet and spent time answering questions very honestly out of session.

    Like I and many of us he was looking for spiritual enhancement. Like
    most of us I expect he did some wrong actions. I know little about them in fact.

    Regardless he has my forgiveness.[/QUOTE]
  11. Lord Xenu

    Lord Xenu Patron Meritorious

    It was a 'reform' funeral, not an orthodox one and he was cremated,which is against orthodox Jewish teachings. This was a PR move by the family as are most of the visible things that they do. There was a service held at Saint Hill a week or so later where all the brainwashed minions paid their respects.