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David Mayo, Bill Robertson, Robin Scott -More Truth Revealed and Realities uncovered

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by rockyslammer, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. MostlyLurker

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  2. Terril park

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    Did my first OT 2 and 3 with him.

    Had spectacular and destructive quarrels with him. Destruction on his side.

    He's nevertheless one of the good guys.

    " Let him cast the first stone who is not flawed."
  3. Mark A. Baker

    Mark A. Baker Sponsor

    It was 'necessary' for there to be control. Prior to the creation of the Sea Org there was no effective way to control the entirety of the community of scientologists. The Sea Org made the coercion possible and it did so while carrying out 'command intention' and 'putting ethics in'.

    What's not to like? :whistling:

    Mark A. Baker
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  4. TheSneakster

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    If I falsely defame anybody you'll have something legitimate to complain about.

    Since I am not in the habit of doing that, and since challenging people's bullshit does not constitute "attacking" them, I'm sure I have little to worry about, Ms. Anon.
  5. Mark A. Baker

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    Lovely. :thumbsup:

    A broken tool can serve other uses. :whistling:

    Mark A. Baker
  6. Mark A. Baker

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    He has often posted in a similar vein on the internet. Ralph is also personally responsible for having intentionally destroyed one of the more successful early freezone boards. He had admin authority which he shared with others. Ralph didn't like what was being posted so he wiped out the entire board, irretrievably. Not exactly 'plays well with others'.

    Mark A. Baker
  7. paradox

    paradox ab intra silentio vera

  8. Mark A. Baker

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    Found the following post on MR's blog ....

    Made the following response.

    Mark A. Baker
  9. Mark A. Baker

    Mark A. Baker Sponsor

    Dan Koon posted the following at MR's blog.

    I responded with ....

    I'm beginning to think Emma should charge Marty for advertising. :)

    Mark A. Baker
  10. Jachs

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    Good posts Martin.
  11. Voltaire's Child

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    Right. You don't attack people, Sneaks.

    I do get annoyed with this pot kettle black stuff....I mean, c'mon, Mary. Really.
  12. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    I thought that was the McLaughreys...unless you're talking about yet another other FZ board...
  13. Robin Scott

    Robin Scott Patron

    Setting the record straight

    Dear Friends
    First, my sincere thanks to my good friend Martin Ruston for setting the record straight in so many ways, in describing the events around December 1983 and the NOTs materials, as well as his robust defence of David Mayo's character, which has been shamefully assassinated on a blog where I am not allowed to post!
    There would be little for me to add to Martin's excellent analysis, if it were not for the lies posted by Ralph Hilton, which I must now correct, please:
    (1) Ralph tries to suggest that I was a minor player in the events in Copenhagen, and that the mission was actually master-minded by Jon Atack. Absolutely untrue. The original concept of the plan was discussed between Ron Lawley, Steve Bisbey and myself in a Sussex pub a few months before. The only other person involved was Morag Bellmaine, Steve's 2D at that time. In the end, Ron, Morag and I went on the mission; Steve backed out at the last minute. I drove with Ron and Morag in my Volvo Estate from East Grinstead to Copenhagen. We stayed in a hotel in the city overnight, while we planned our raid.
    Next morning, I visited the AODK under a false name as a prospective client and conducted a reconnaissance. I identified the C/S office, and the back stairs from which a prompt escape could be made. Having composed a plan of attack, I briefed my fellow missionaires, who donned Sea Org officer uniforms and entered the org in the afternoon, while I waited outside in my car with the engine running! Ron and Morag did an outstanding job impersonating high-ranking Flag missionaires and exited the building fifteen minutes later with three sets of NOTs materials! We drove like hell back to East Grinstead.
    Subsequently, I have always felt that Ron and Morag did the really brave bit, by going in to the org in full regalia, and pulling it off so brilliantly. I was merely the getaway driver. But I believe that both Ron and Morag would agree and accept that I was in effect the Mission I/C; I was the brains of the operation, it was my plan that they executed so convincingly, and I took the leadership role throughout. A few weeks later, I was commended by Capt Bill Robertson for this action, and awarded a fine ceremonial sword in recognition of our derring-do.
    I discussed the distribution of the NOTs materials afterwards on the phone with David Mayo in California. We deferred to him as to the appropriate allocation of NOTs copies. I myself only made copies for our own use at the AAC Candacraig. I have no knowledge of any copies being distributed elsewhere. It is my firm belief that David Mayo had no need of the NOTs materials, as he had largely written them himself. Both David Mayo and Martin Ruston have been kind enough to validate me publicly for my moral courage in refusing to implicate them in our actions, even when I was imprisoned in Copenhagen a few months later, and pressured by the Church to perjure myself in this respect.
    As a footnote, I totally understand why David Mayo eventually settled with the Church, after all the criminal harassment and intimidation against him orchestrated by Rathbun and Rinder. Unlike Ralph Hilton and Marty Rathbun, most of us have outgrown the limiting paradigm of the Scientology OT levels.
    (2) Hilton goes on to make the astonishing claim that I made half a million by growing cannabis in the 1990s. All I can say is: I wish I had! My family and I made no money out of growing cannabis, although we did grow the best medicinal marijuana ever recorded in the UK. Once again, I like to think that we struck another blow for freedom. Ralph Hilton dreams up these entheta lies about me, presumably out of petty jealousy. In our experience, medicinal use of cannabis is highly therapeutic in helping individuals recover from the emotional and psychological damage caused by cult indoctrination.
    As for Marty Rathbun's constant character assassination of David Mayo, Bill Robertson and myself, I will leave it to ESMB members to draw their own conclusions. The overt doth speak loudest in accusation, as LRH once said. Sadly, Capt Bill is no longer with us, and David has taken his well-earned rest. I'm proud to be the earliest independent still standing, and would welcome any questions readers may like to ask me.
    Love & respect, Robin & Adrienne Scott
  14. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    :welcome: Hey Robin, Welcome to ESMB and thanks for the above post. :thumbsup:
  15. rhill

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    Just for completion purpose, Special Magistrate James G. Kolts was character assassinated as well in Marty Rathbun's post.
  16. AnonKat

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    meeting again

    Welcome Robin Scott who conveyed the Info that Hubbard invented OT3 high on pills in 1966 in morroco on Marty's blog.

    We meet again welcome Robin, Cat Daddy here ;)

    Jeeze Your post could be a Thread Starter.

  17. afaceinthecrowd

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    Hey Robin, great to have you here with all of Us! :thumbsup::yes:

    Marty has a little problem in that there are enough of "Old Guard" left around that know the score and are gonna have their say.:yes:

    And, Marty has an even bigger problem in that some of those "OG" were either there or were ones that put it in the net when the score was made.:thumbsup:

    Hope you stick around...luv to hear about what you've been up to and your "take" on all this jazz.:yes:

  18. CarmeloOrchards

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    Welcome and thank you for posting and your great public service of long ago. Please stay for awhile. Kick your boots off, grab a cup a joe.
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  19. Alanzo

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    Welcome to ESMB, Robin.

    Good to see you here. :)
  20. Dulloldfart

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    Hi Robin,

    Welcome. :)