discarnate intelligence wrote 9 word/1 symbol phrase via telekinesis, please share #tellArt

Discussion in 'Scientology Front Groups and Alliances' started by vain_shields217, Aug 11, 2019.

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  1. children's book I grew up: Roger Redhat, Billy Bluehat
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    Oh, I see. They are new to me. Didn't I just read you were done here? They taught us not to evaluate in scientology but you're not very consistent are you?
  3. In terms of the question Blue asked, did I have any new contributions to make.....
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    I'm outta here. Before I even arrived.

    Oh crap.

    I didn't see anything, did I?


    Oops. Dropped this.....

    Nice biblical explanations....
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    My buddy River Raven was a Tibetan Red Hat Buddhist and a student of Crowley
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    Only you...
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    Well I do get around FT...

    You'd be amazed how many killers I know...
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    It's simple enough to see that you wrote them both. It doesn't require a handwriting expert to see it.
  9. simple and incorrect
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    Name them.
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    There is no way to prove what you claim, true or untrue.
  12. there would be the moment I relocate the 'original' (I'll call it that, as it was the process of making copies that partly accounts for it having gone missing). I could get it forensically analysed (forget graphology, I'm talking about nib pressure and paper analysis: FDHI).

    I'll give you a close equivalent:
    M.D. Prodromita << that icon was checked under a microscope and no brush marks could be seen
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    Nice story, who verified it?
  14. there's very little to go on, but the year was 1863 and the iconographer's name is given and somewhere there are details saying it was verified by microscope, but I've not been able to ascertain by whom.

    A lot of Romanian language orthodox websites come up apart from Wikipedia. I guess they don't press too much for the 'science bit' aspect, as traditionally they are a very Christian-steeped land. National Day for it: July 12th
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    I wrote something on some toilet paper today. I'm thinking of starting a religion.